How to moisturize effectively

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Posted Date : 21 Aug 2020 06:04 hrs

1, drink more water to the skin water dangdang, everyday will be sure to get into the habit of drinking more water, especially in the autumn, eight glasses of water a day is not too much, first of all, we should clear the purpose of drinking water, and not wait until thirsty to drink water, if the cell is in a state of water shortage, can cause the skin is dry, drink water more can supplement the skin moisture, make skin tender and personal advice adhere to the principle of "more than a few drinks".

2, go out wearing surgical masks, health experts are warning, attention into the autumn, after go out you should form the habit of wearing a mask, wearing masks protect facial ministry skin, not only can prevent the ultraviolet ray direct contact, and can reduce environmental damage to the skin, prevent skin problems, so the girls go out wearing a mask is not due to force, so that more conducive to our skin protect oh, used for colds and deal with dry skin have help!

3. Before going to bed every night, apply some princess night cream to your face properly, which can help to moisturize your skin and keep it away from dry state. It is mainly used with the effect of long-lasting moisturizing and moisturizing, which can help your skin absorb more fully at night and maintain the elastic and moist state of your skin.

4, eat more fruit milk, we all know the benefits of eating fruit is too much, so you know what fruit nutrition moisturizing? Might as well eat A few fruit that contain vitamin C or it is to contain vitamin A more, for example: apple, banana, grapefruit, grape, kiwi is waited A moment, perhaps drink A cup of milk before going to bed every day again, these are helpful for compensatory skin moisture effect, bring you matchless soft skin.

5, warm wash a face, after all the winter should wash a face with what kind of correct way? Actually can alleviate patients' skin water shortage, the method of washing a face don't look down upon us right the effect of technology, in the winter, some people through the easy lazy, can produce directly using different cold water washs a face, but also make better is to choose the warm water wash a face, mix again, gently to facial skin problems to open pores, also won't let the skin of the water lost too much!

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