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What do you think, after spending 6 to 7 hours at school and about 8 to 9 hours sleeping, what teenagers do in the remaining time? Well, if we add dinner, religious activities, and homework, there is still ample time left that can go all waste or all doing some interesting stuff. Now if you are wondering what possibly teenagers can do in this time then the answer lies in "Hobbies". Teenagers and hobbies go hand in hand in giving direction to a young kid. Having a hobby gives any kid a purpose to use all the free time in something that seems interesting and fun to him/ her. And once he/ she develops a liking for some good activity, it becomes a hobby. Having a hobby is essential for both the physical and mental health development of any teenager. It can keep the kid away from a number of deteriorating activities and direct him towards positivity, passion, and success.

?    Importance of having Hobbies for Teenagers?
Hobbies are not just some fun activities that one does in the free time, rather for teenagers some of the hobbies can have a huge impact on their life. Developing such hobbies can help to shape up your personality, your personal life, and your career as well. Let's find out the top benefits of having hobbies for teenagers.
•    Develop New Skills
No one comes in this world knowing everything. We learn new things every day. Hobbies can immensely help teenagers in learning new skills and sharpening them to the professional level with the passage of time. Take Taylor Swift for example. She started writing and singing songs at a very young age, just for fun. And now, she is one of the biggest pop stars on the stage of the world. The same goes for Nikki Minaj. Minaj had a humble start, but she used to rap all the time. The same goes for photography, acting, solving mathematical quizzes, playing with magic cards, playing any sports, constructing small houses, and whatnot. All these cute hobbies can have a giant impact on developing a new skill set. 
•    Widen Their Social Circle
Hobbies can help teenage kids in the broadening of their social circle. When teenagers start taking interest in sports, music, dancing lessons, or sewing classes; they start becoming part of a community. They meet and greet with people with whom they share interests. This helps them socializing, starting a conversation, and building connections. This is also great for making friends. And the connections kids make at this time can go longer in life. Moreover, kids also learn how to connect with people of varying backgrounds. Having a good hobby can help the kid in living in a community in many ways. 
•    Get Away from Distress and Anxiety
Being distressed, or stressed out is becoming a normal thing in our society. No matter where you live, depression has poured into our society as a permanent member and it has certainly spared no one. Teenagers are particularly affected by the harms of depression. One of the best ways to get away from the darkening pit of depression and anxiety is to start developing a help hobby. Doing a fun activity with zeal and interest can distract you amazingly from all the worries and negativities of your life. Some people like to indulge themselves in the art of cooking, while others love to make great compositions. Similarly, some people like to play with clay while others love sketching, painting, coloring, and whatnot. Once you figure out where your interest lies, you will start seeing amazing changes in your life in no time.
•    Learn How to Handle Difficult Situations
When it comes to learning managing difficult situations, teenagers and hobbies go hand in hand. We all have to face gruesome situations in our life. But to survive through such difficult situations require the right kind of attitude, positive approach, and mental ability to pass through. Having a hobby not only makes you disciplined, but also give you certain self-confidence that allow you to handle difficult situations with grace, and utmost mental courage. When a teenager is doing something of his/ her interest, surely not everything will go as smoothly as he/ she must have planned. Uncertainties are part of life and the way you handle such things while doing what you like the most shape up your personality for the future. 
•    Practice Time Management
When talking about teenagers and hobbies, one thing that comes the most fruitful is that kids start learning time management skills. Time management is one of the key factors in progressing in any field of life. Surely, the importance of time management skills is undeniable in a career, but it also is extremely important in leading a happy and peaceful life. Learning to manage life can help you in leading a disciplined life. Moreover, being able to reach everywhere and do every task on time will keep you ahead of the game.
•    Explore Career Choices
The combination of teenagers and hobbies is the recipe for creating a good career opportunity. We all have some hidden talents. But hobbies can let you explore your interests, and your natural skills. Once you start doing what you love the most, your passion goes sky high and you wish to excel in something that gives you pleasure. Choosing the right hobby can define a great career opportunity for teenagers.
•    Adopt Healthy Ways of Living a Happy Life
Hobbies pose a great positive impact on the overall well being of a kid. Hobbies are a great way to distract people from their negative emotional zone. Being able to practice something of interest can have an immense impact on the emotional health of a person. And when it comes to physical health, you can certainly count on a good hobby. Hobbies can be helpful in both promoting the emotional and physical health of a person.
•    Know the Importance of Hard Work
Nothing in life comes easy or without trying hard to get it. It is extremely important to learn this lesson at the early stage of life than to learn later the hard way. Surely, you do not need to do go through hardships in life to achieve good, but to accomplish sustaining achievements in life, it is vital to work hard and remain consistent. Choosing a hobby and trying to be better on it, can teach this lesson to a teenager. When a kid chooses a hobby, he tries to be the best of himself in that. He picks a goal for himself and competes with himself till he reached the set goal. This teaches him hard work, self-belief, and the importance of determination. This type of effort and hard work lays a good foundation to get loads of achievement in the future.
?    Facts Parents Must be Aware of About Extracurricular Activities
So, as you have learned about the positive aspects of hobbies for teenagers, it is exceptionally important to know some of its side effects as well. Here are three of the most important factors that parents should keep in mind about the extracurricular activities of kids.
•    Underage Drinking and Sports: While being an active member of any sports team is a great healthy activity, but at the same time, your kid can dwell on underage drinking. This is not a sure thing but there is a strong likelihood of it happening.
•    Performing Arts and Drugs/ Alcohol: Teenagers who get a chance to participate or get to learn drama, chorus, opera, orchestra, a musical group. have strong chances of engaging in bad behavioral problems and things may lead to dropping from the school, using drugs, smoking, and drinking alcohol.
•    Chances of Binge Drinking: Teenage is a beautiful juxtaposition of tenderness and strength. The will, courage, and physical strength of a teenager are super strong. On the other hand, his ability to make the wise decision and staying away from things which can be harmful to him/ her are weak. Surely, this is not the case with every teenager kid but is true in most cases. And this is the main reason that when teenagers participate in any sort of extracurricular activity, there are strong chances of them dwelling towards wrong habits. Binge drinking and smoking are two of the most common problems that are observed in American teenagers.
Well, we have just started some facts there. There is no need to being worried for no reason at all. But just keep them in mind and do keep a casual check on your teenagers. This is such a beautiful period of their life, and it is better to keep it clean.

?    How Covid-19 Has Affected Life of Teenagers?
Now as we have learned some of the most amazing benefits of teenagers and hobbies, let's take a look at the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on teenagers. And how it has affected their hobbies!
•    Why Coping up with the Concept of Social Distancing is Particularly Difficult for Teenagers?
One of the major precautionary measures to stay safe from the coronavirus is to practice social distancing. And when we talk about hobbies, most of the fun and interactive hobbies are experienced with friends and people with whom kids share their interests. These hobbies may include any type of sports, music learning session, dance lessons, and many others. In comparison with young children, practicing social distancing is particularly difficult because their life revolves around everything they do in school, playgrounds, or anywhere outside. This pandemic has certainly put things upside down for the kids. And now, it has become particularly hard for teenagers to go out and do what they love.
One of the main concerning factors in all this is that teenagers have increased their screen time. Without having the liberty to go outside and mingle with friends. Kids tend to stay attached to their screens. Where this activity gives them the opportunity to stay connected, at the same time, it steals their time to have fun and roam outside.
However, many kids all around the world have started opting for fun online sessions of different activities. These include reading books, learning musical instruments, learning new languages, reading histories, and several other such fun stuff.
•    How Teenagers are Different from Young Kids in Reference to the Psychological Impact of COVID-19?
Commonly, teenagers are considered just like children by their parents. Whereas, in reality, teenagers are pretty different, both emotionally and psychologically. Teenagers have adopted a different kind of routine lifestyle, that falls way apart from what younger kids used to experience. In teenagers, kids start detaching themselves from their parents and commence making their connections. They have their social groups, and activities they lean towards. And all this stuff is quite different from what kids used to do with parents. Surely, they are well aware of the feelings of their parents and keep one ear attentive to what their parents would say. But overall, they are more attracted to the activities they do along with their friends.
Considering all this, it is easy to understand how gruesome this social distancing must have affected teenagers. And being away from their social circle can be a major stressor for teenage kids than younger kids.
In addition to being detached from the fiends, another thing that teenagers would find hard to grasp is the reality of this pandemic; and how can they implement all these rules. There is a lot to take in, and not everyone has the capacity to behave as the plan.
In such circumstances, having a good hobby that a kid can enjoy by him/ herself can be amazingly effective. While talking about teenagers and hobbies, let's find out fun activities teenage kids enjoy the most.

?    Fun Hobbies for Teenagers
For sure, there is a lot to add to teenagers and hobbies category. Here we have listed an enormous list of hobbies that a teenager would love to have an interest in. And most importantly, any of these hobbies will help the kid in bringing the best of his personality and sharpen up the skill set. Let's find out what are these hobbies,
•    Learning a New Language
•    Cooking
•    Hiking
•    Blogging
•    Painting
•    Singing
•    Learning to Play Musical Instruments
•    Designing Memes
•    Learning Calligraphy
•    Starting a Youtube Channel
•    Storytelling
•    Doing Stand-up Comedy
•    Foresting Animals
•    Candle Making
•    Reading Plenty of Books of Favorite Genre
•    Sea Surfing
•    Making Pen Pals
•    BMXing
•    Birdwatching
•    Yoga
•    Creating a Mini Library at your Place
•    Bowling
•    Camping
•    Sketching
•    Playing Online Games
•    Improving Photographic Skills
•    Hairstyling
•    Doodling
•    Belly Dancing
•    Cycling
•    Joining the Cheerleader's 
•    Acting
•    Learning Nail Art
•    Making Icecream
•    Running Race
•    Join a Club
•    Graffiti
•    Dirt Biking
•    Learning Martial Arts Skills
•    Swimming
•    Gardening
•    Carpentry
•    Puppetry
•    Skating
•    Volunteering
•    Journal Writing
•    Learning and Doing Makeup
•    Learning Aerial Dancing
•    Baking
•    Learning Coding
•    Making a Pinterest Page
•    Jewelry Designing
•    Sewing, Knitting, and Quilting
•    DIY Projects
•    Pottery

?    Hobbies that Can Help Teenagers Earn
All of the above-stated hobbies are a great way to lead a happy and healthy life. And when a kid achieves all the necessary expertise in any of these crafts, he/ she can make a living out of it. However, for some older teenagers, start earning money is very important. For those teenagers, we have selected the following hobbies. These fun activities will allow you to explore a number of opportunities and start earning money. Though, you may not get a good reward at the start. But at this stage of life, something is better than nothing. So, without further ado, let's find out what are some of the money-making hobbies for teenagers.
•    Babysitting
•    Filling Online Survey Form
•    Designing Handmade Greeting Cards
•    Dog Walking
•    Tutoring
•    Designing Websites
•    Fashion Styling
•    Start a Nursery and Grow Plants
•    Party Planning
•    Coaching
•    Organizing Garage Sale
•    Pet Sitting

?    Fun Activities with the Whole Family
When we talk about all the free time that young teenage kids have, it is important to note that spending time with the whole family is an important part of that time. Having a family meeting, dinner time, and listening to all day's stories can be a real bonding time. For this to happen, the main responsibility lies on the shoulders of the parents. The parents need to be v8igilant about the feeling of their kids and what is going on in their life. And there is no better way of knowing that then to have continual family meetings. You as a parent can plan a couple of things to have these meetings go successfully. Apart from teenagers and hobbies, good family time is also essential in living a mentally and emotionally healthy life. Here are some cool ideas that parents can cooperate with while planning family dates.

•    Watching a good family-friendly movie. One movie that all will love, have a good laugh while watching, and remember the time because of, is worth watching with your kids. Here are some fun and interesting movies to watch with your kids,
?    Spies in Disguise
?    Little Women
?    Jumanji: The Next Level
?    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
?    Playing with Fire
?    Adam's Family
?    Frozen
?    Frozen 2
?    Emu Runner
?    Last  Christmas
?    Maleficent: Mistress of Evil
?    The Map to Paradise
?    Dora and the Lost City of Gold
?    Ride Like a Girl
?    Downtown Abbey
?    Armstrong
?    The Angry Birds Movie 2
?    Amazing Grace
?    Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw
?    The White Crow
?    Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween
?    Johnny English Strikes Again
?    Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures! The Movie
?    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
?    The Boss Baby
?    Beauty and the Beast
?    The Lion King
?    How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
?    Holmes & Watson
?    Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
?    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
?    The Nutcracker and the Four Realms
•    Another great idea would be to organize a picnic. In normal situations, it is highly recommended to go to a theme park and have fun with your kids. But considering the current world of coronavirus that we are living in, it would be a great idea to have a little teepee in your lounge and get all the picnic stuff. Enjoy some fresh sandwiches, listen t some music and play some board games. You all will love spending this fun little time with each other.
•    Another brilliant thing to do would be to plan a special meal in which you include favorite dishes of all the kids and adults. Everyone will love to have their favorite dish on the dinner table.
•    Go out for a refreshing walk or ride a bike alongside your kid. This will give you ample opportunity to talk about things he/ she is going through in life and if there is something special to talk about. It will be a great time for the kid as well to express her/ his heart out.
There you have it! We do hope that this read about teenagers and hobbies must have been helpful for you. And you would encourage your teenagers to have an interesting hobby. Intriguing hobbies will spark up their passion and you will see a major positive change in the personality of your teenagers. In addition to that, it is also important to keep a check on all your kid's activities, just to be sure that everything is going in the right direction. You know what they say, "Prevention is better than cure".

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