Must-Have Cleaning Products in the World of Corona Virus

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Do you remain conscious about cleaning or sanitizing your place all the time? Well, join the club that has millions of members globally. We all are together in this quest of keeping ourselves protected and safe from the life-threatening harms of the Corona virus. The Director-General of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros has said, “Containment is possible in all countries that are affected. That is why we are saying the comprehensive approach is very, very important." Corona Virus has invaded each and every country and these invisible diseases are nowhere near to going away any time soon. Undoubtedly, living in the time of Covid-19 spread, we all have become more conscious and cautious about our sensitization than ever before. Therefore, it is necessary to know all the must-have cleaning products in the world of the corona virus.
When and Where to Clean Your Home
When we talk about the must-have cleaning products in the world of Corona Virus, it is also important to consider the timing of cleaning your place. Simultaneously, it is not just the home and its products that we need to sanitize, but it is also important to keep ourselves sanitized as well.
•    Do remember to sanitize yourself with a good antiseptic solution spray when coming home after shopping or grocery.
•    Spray sanitizer on the reusable bags as well. And if you are using bags made of cotton fabric, do wash them with anti-toxic washing powder weekly or fortnightly.
•    When your kids go out for a walk or mingle with their friends from the neighborhood, do ask them to wash their hands properly for at least 20 seconds. The use of a good hand wash or a good quality soap at your home is a must in current circumstances.
•    Among the must-have cleaning products in the world of coronavirus, a good soap to wash your hands frequently, and a good sanitizer are among the top priorities.
•    Coronavirus can cause life-threatening health conditions. And it spread easily, widely, and seamlessly. You can never be sure of its absence at your place, as it can invade your home easily. So, in addition to washing your hands every once in a while, it is important to have some microfiber clothe wipes as well.
•    Thoroughly wipe your home's drawers, doorknobs, handles, light switches, and countertops. It is highly recommended to clean those easily forgettable places that you do not clean regularly or very often. Dr. Brian Hedlund, a Ph.D. microbiologist serving at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas said in a statement, "It’s important to look first at high-touch surfaces and how many people are in contact with those surfaces — think of tables and counters, doorknobs and handles, phones, remotes, keyboards, steering wheels, and light switches. The number of high-touch surfaces is greater than people tend to think it is "
We all are well aware of the WHO guidelines about wearing the mask. However, only wearing a mask is not enough. It surely is important, but you have to follow other guidelines as well to be completely safe or out of the danger zone. As in the recent statement issued by the WHO, it is said that, "Masks are not a replacement for physical distancing, hand hygiene, and other public health measures." This means that we all should know about the must-have cleaning products in the world of corona virus so that we would be able to deal with the effects of this deadly disease.
This virus does not see any race, gender, ethnicity, or religion. This virus spread all across all sorts of boundaries and can affect anyone and everyone. There was a misconception in the start that this virus more affects the elderly and the infants as their immune system is not as powerful enough as of a young teenager or a person in his/ her twenties and thirties. However, we have observed this that hundreds of deaths of youngsters, all around the globe, have been reported.
Therefore, whether you are a teenager, a child, or an old person, you need to take care of yourself and everyone around in your surroundings. 
Now let's move on to our main topic and find out a few of the best and must-have cleaning products at our place.
List of Essential Items to Always Keep in Your Home
Here we have compiled a thorough list of must-have cleaning products in the world of corona virus. Do check out which products you already have!
1.    Antiseptic Spray
High-quality sprays are non-staining and are also safe for people, pets, and the environment. In today's world where you do not what can get attached to your skin and ruin your health, it is extremely important to keep a good quality antiseptic spray with you all the time. However, it exceptionally important to pick a hand sanitizer that is not damaging to your skin.
Dr. Suzanne Friedler, who is a certified dermatologist, major in Advanced Dermatology and is a clinical instructor of dermatology at Mt. Sinai Medical Center said that “When using hand sanitizer, try to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer,” We are told to repeatedly wash our hands. But, using hot water and chemically harsh soap to do so can be harmful to your skin.
Friedler said, “Repeatedly washing hands and using hand sanitizer can cause skin irritation and fissures,” Frequent hand washing is good, but you must not become crazy about it. That is why using an antiseptic spray is an incredible option. Spraying your hands, your surroundings, your pets, and your kids frequently is simple, easy, and hassle-free. Plus, it won't damage your skin.
2.    Vacuum Cleaner
Without a shred of doubt, the vacuum cleaner is one of the most essential and must-have cleaning products in the world of the corona virus. When we talk about keeping our homes clean, one obvious thing that comes in our mind is vacuum cleaner. Surely, we all have vacuum cleaners at our place, but to frequently do cleaning, it is advisable to buy some good quality vacuum cleaners that also give you ease of cleaning as well.
3.    Air Purifier
The air purifier is another interesting, efficient, and useful cleaning product. Air purifiers are equipped with HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) filters. These filters are known for filtering the air and removing 99.9 percent of the dirt and germs. Air passes through these air purifiers, the HEPA filters filter most of the germs, dust, dirt, pet dander, and other allergens from the air and throw out comparatively much cleaner and safer air. The air purifier is one of the most common and the safest method to breathe in the clean air. And in the world of the corona, having an air purifier at your place can come very handy.
4.    All-Purpose Cleaner
An all-purpose cleaner is one of the best must-have cleaning products in the world of the corona virus. A multipurpose cleaner is exceptionally effective, efficient, and helpful in keeping your household clean. A multipurpose cleaner is specifically designed and formulated to be easily and efficiently function on various sorts of surfaces and can do various cleaning tasks all around the house. The multipurpose cleaner can serve as a detergent, solvent, and disinfectant.
A Ph.D. Biology, Assistant Professor at Rollins College in Florida, Brendaliz Santiago-Narvaez, said while talking to Healthline, “[Covid-19] is an enveloped virus. This means that the virus has an outer protective lipid coat. Anything that effectively disrupts this outer membrane, in turn, can kill the virus,” Considering Dr. Brendializ advice, one of the most important must-have cleaning products in the world of coronavirus is surely an all-purpose cleaner that is efficient enough to keep all the germs at bay.
There are no specific ingredient ratios of these cleaners. Every brand has its particular formula that they follow. Depending on the balance of the ingredients one multipurpose cleaner may work better than the other. Santiago-Narvaez has given one of the most amazing advice in this regard, as he said, “isopropyl alcohol, minimum 70 percent alcohol. Alcohol disrupts membranes, hence why it can kill the virus. This option is great for touch screens, computer monitors, etc.”. Narvaez has mentioned some of the most important points here. We often forget about how dirty our computer screens and mobile phones are. We never keep our mobiles away as they are always in our hands, even when we are on our beds to go to sleep. And ironically, these cell phone devices are the dirtiest of all.
In this regard, it is highly important to clean these electronic products as well. And for doing that, do remember to check the ratio of alcohol in the cleaner as prescribed by Narvaez to be on the safe side.
One thing that is common in all multipurpose cleaners is that they all contain powerful chemicals that are known for getting rid of dirt, and germs. It is highly recommended to follow the guidelines or prescribed quantity mentioned on the label of the bottle of the multipurpose cleaner for its efficient and maximum usefulness.
5.    Face Mask
In the most recent press conference or the media release, the director general of the World Health Organization has said that "In areas with the widespread transmission, the WHO advises medical masks for all people working in clinical areas of a health facility, not only workers dealing with patients with COVID-19," He carried on by saying, "In areas with community transmission we advise that people aged 60 years or over or those with underlying conditions should wear a medical mask in situations where physical distancing is not possible," Surely, there is no doubt about the importance of using a face mask. However, it is not important to go for the N95 mask. 
The N95 mask is the one that gives you 95 percent safety from all kinds of germs, microbes, and allergens swirling around us and It traps the microscopic particles with electrostatic forces on the fiber. But N95 is not the only option. You can also make your mask made with ordinary cloth.
WHO has said that "WHO advises that governments should encourage the general public to wear masks where there are widespread transmission and physical distancing is difficult, such as on public transport, in shops or other confined or crowded environments." However, when we are wearing masks, it is also important to follow the other guidelines given by the health authorities as well.
The director-general of WHO said, "I cannot say this enough," "Masks alone will not protect you from COVID-19." It is vital to maintain social distancing and frequent washing of hands alongside wearing masks to keep ourselves protected from the life-threatening corona virus. The director general keeps on saying that, "People can infect themselves if they use contaminated hands to adjust a mask or repeatedly take it on or off," Please keep on wearing a mask. And while you are wearing a mask, do follow social distancing as well. And also keep on sanitizing yourself, your surroundings, and your pets as well.
6.    Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Having microfiber cleaning cloths at your place can really make your life hassle-free, simple, and easy. When we talk about frequent cleaning of all things we have at our place, we sure know that it is not an easy task. Frequent cleaning of doorknobs, drawers, countertops, decoration pieces, every single piece of furniture and whatnot, requires a lot of effort and is not a simple and easy task. So, you just need some reliable cleaning products that help you in easing this difficult task of wholesome cleaning. A microfiber cleaning cloth is one such piece of fabric. These are durable and easily washable. Keep these cleaning cloths clean for effective functioning. These microfiber cleaning cloths are hygienic, toxin-free, easy to use, simple to wash, time-saving, and are inexpensive as well. World Health Organization has said that “The use of a mask alone is insufficient to provide an adequate level of protection or source control, and other personal and community level measures should also be adopted to suppress transmission of respiratory viruses,” So, microfiber cleaning cloth can be a real aid in keeping our surrounding and on the whole, overall environment safe, clean and protected by the viral attack.
So what is the difference between an ordinary cleaning cloth and a microfiber cleaning cloth? Well, the answer is right there in the name. The ordinary cleaning cloth is made with cotton or synthetic material such as nylon. On the other hand, microfiber cleaning cloths are made with the material having tiny sized fibers and in enormous quantity. This makes the final product soft and more efficient to be used for cleaning purposes. If you are suffering from any sort of allergy, everything that came in direct contact with you must be clean and safe to use.
The microfibers of the microfiber cleaning cloths are made with 50 percent polyester and 50 percent polyamide And the fibers of these two materials are divided into tiny and minute microfibers which are 10 to 20 times smaller than the fibers of the ordinary cleaning cloth.
There is a wide range of microfiber cleaning cloths available in the market. When you are out on the quest of finding yourself a good quality microfiber cleaning cloth, it is highly recommended to pick from a prestigious brand that has earned good reviews from the customers.
7.    Baking Soda
Well, who does not know the phenomenally beneficial nature of the baking soda; and how it helps you in keeping your place safe and germ-free. Baking soda is available in every household and it is being used as the most proficient cleaning product for like forever. Just a pinch of baking soda mixed with vinegar is the most amazing cleaning product one can think of. Baking soda also removes the odor. Just keep a handful of baking soda in a jar in the fridge and every sort of smell will go away within a day. Baking soda is also an inexpensive ingredient to whiten your laundry. Baking soda is naturally adorned with antimicrobial properties and it helps in fighting against the harmful bacteria, fungus, and in some cases virus. In a nutshell, baking soda can help you in keeping your kitchen, bathroom, and all the nooks and corners of your home clean and germ-free. So, do use it often to be safe from every sort of germs, including bacteria and viruses.
8.    Essential Oils
Essential oils are magically powerful gifts of mother nature. Just a few drops of these exceptionally beneficial oils can do wonders. Generally, it is great to just have some good essential oils at your place. These wondrous products are great to spread unique, soothing, and tranquil aroma all around the place. Essential oils are also great to keep bugs and allergens away from you. Moreover, adding a few drops of the essential oils in the washing machine can impart superb fragrance in your clothes, and this fragrance will also keep the germ s at bay. Now, coming to the best part and that is essential oil's anti-viral properties. Essential oils work efficiently well against the common cold virus and other types of viruses. Using essential oil to get rid of flu and fever is one of the most effective and authentic techniques of all time. A few of the efficiently effective essential oils in this regard are, 
?    Peppermint Oil
?    Star Anise Oil
?    Cinnamon Oil
?    Oregano Oil
?    Melissa Oil
?    Ginger Oil
?    Manuka Oil
?    Thyme Oil
?    Neem Oil
?    Tea Tree Oil
In addition to their use in the aromatherapy, taking just a few drops (or as recommended on the packaging by the manufacturer) in a glass of water on a daily basis can do wonders for your immune system; and can surely keep you safe from any sort of germ attack.
9.    Sinus Irrigator
Nasal irrigation or sinus irrigation is a technique in which a specifically designed instrument or apparatus called a sinus irrigator pushes clean or irrigate your nasal passage using a saltwater solution. This is one of the most commonly used technique to get rid of various allergy symptoms. Moreover, in common cold, one experience nasal congestion and difficulty in breathing commonly. And continuity of cold and such other conditions can make your immune system vulnerable to the corona virus. Therefore, having a good quality sinus irrigator can thoroughly clean your nasal passage and help you in easy breathing.  It can be a good small apparatus to keep at your place, especially in the winter season.

In the opening remarks at the media briefing on Covid-19 held on October 2, 2020, the Director-General of WHO has said, "Every week we’re adding approximately two million COVID-19 cases and we passed the tragic milestone of one million deaths this week. What we’ve learned in every region of the world is that with good leadership and quick responsive action from the general population, it’s never too late to turn the tide." This depicts that the coronavirus is here with us, and its devastating effects are nowhere near to an end.
Along with the organized measures given by the governments, it is our duty to be responsible, cautious, and vigilant about our safety and safety of everyone around us. We hope that the above list of must-have cleaning products in the world of the corona virus proved to be helpful for you in keeping your home and yourself clean and safe from the drastic effects of this terrible virus. Do follow these guidelines yourself and if you meet any person who does not follow these SOPs then urge them to be a part of this cleanliness drive. As the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan has recently said in his address to the United Nations, "No one is safe if everyone is not safe". We all need to keep these golden words in mind and act wisely.

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