Happiest Countries in the World

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Happiest Countries in the World
Are you excited or rather curious to know which countries have been ranked the happiest ones in the middle of a global pandemic! If the answer is yes, then get ready to know the list of Happiest Countries in the World issued by the United Nations. United Nations releases this report every year on the International Day of Happiness. And this day is celebrated all around the globe on March 20th. This year, the international day of happiness was not quite happy for everyone all around the globe as the coronavirus was at its peak and hundreds and thousands of people were suffering from this deadly and life-threatening disease all over the world. However, it is heartwarming to see kindness and a touch of humanity everywhere around us. This list of happiest countries in the world is one such example. Let's find out which countries have made it to the list this year and which countries have ranked up or down.
The following are the top happiest countries in the world.
1.    Finland
2.    Denmark
3.    Switzerland
4.    Iceland
5.    Norway
6.    Netherlands
7.    Sweden
8.    New Zealand
9.    Austria
10.    Luxembourg
11.    Canada
12.    Australia
13.    United Kingdom
14.    Israel
15.    Costa Rica
16.    Ireland
17.    Germany
18.    United States
19.    Czech Republic
20.    Belgium
Now let's find out the criterion with which these countries are ranked.

•    How the Countries Are Ranked in the List
The happiness report is compiled by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the United Nations. The first-ever report of the world's happiest countries was published in the year 2012. The report takes a look at the 156 countries of the world and ranks these countries according to the world poll and six different factors. These factors encompass the social, economical, and individualistic status of each country. What factors determine the position or ranking of every country is exceptionally important to know. The report considers the following points before making the final list.
?    Levels Of GDP/ Gross domestic product per capita
?    Health and Life Expectancy
?    The generosity of the general population
?    Social Support
?    Freedom of making an individual's own life choices
?    Level of Corruption on an internal and international level
Better the country in each category's stats, the higher will be its ranking or position in the list. This will also help you locate your country's position on the list. And knowing the situation of all these categories in your country will let you know which departments you need improvements to up the number of your country in the list. And if you are Finnish then chill out, sit back and relax as your country is named the happiest one in the world.

1.    Finland
Happiness Score: 7.769
Population: 5,540,720
Finland is ranked as the happiest country in the world as per the data collected. Every Finnish citizen gets maximum support and is living in a good economical situation. Feeling supported is the basis of being happy. If you do not have a system that backs you up financially, in the education sector, and the health sector, then no one can feel supported or happy.
Moreover, the freedom of living the way one wishes to live is overwhelmingly present in Finland. And the freedom of being who you are is one of the most prevalent factors in feeling happy and contented with your life.
The factor of social generosity is not quite overwhelming in the people of Finland which led us to believe that being generous has not much to do with the overall communal happiness.
Moreover, the level of corruption is extremely low in Finland which makes its people happy, prosper, and supported in their living arrangements.
2.    Denmark
Happiness Score: 7.6
Population: 5,792,202
In the second position, Denmark has made its mark with the difference of a few decimals in the happiness score as compared to Finland. Denmark has done amazingly well in all six deciding factors of being on the happiness list and the scores are similar to what Finland has.
One primary difference between the score of Finland and Denmark is of generosity rate. As Denmark is rated a little higher in the calculation of social generosity.
However, Denmark has lost some points as compared to Finland when it comes to the level of corruption. Denmark has a relatively increased rate of corruption than what is seen in Finland. And that is the main deciding factor in Denmark being one point lower than Finland on this list. 
3.    Iceland
Happiness Score: 7.494
Population: 341,243
Iceland has ranked one position higher than where it stood back in 2019. It is now ranked 3rd in the whole world in the list of happiest countries in the world. It is important to note that in the top 5 happiest countries listed here, Iceland has the lowest level of corruption. And that means that Iceland has the lowest corruption rate in the globe. Iceland's social support system is also great.
4.    Norway
Happiness Score: 7.488
Population: 5,421,241
Norway has come down one position than where it stood in the last year's list. Norway is now among the top 5 happiest countries in the world. Norway has an amazingly well level of social generosity in comparison with Denmark and Finland. The category in which Norway lags is social confidence in the level of corruption. Else, Norway leads handsomely in all other categories.
5.    Switzerland
Happiness Score: 7.48
Population: 8,654,622
Switzerland stands at the 5th position in the list of happiest countries. This country has observed steady and consistent growth throughout its history. Switzerland is home to a diverse group of people who speak different languages. It is the social harmony that makes Switzerland among the top 5 happiest countries in the world. Switzerland is surely among the best in all six categories including GDP per capita, social support to the people, health and overall life expectancy, social generosity, and more.
6.    Sweden
Happiness Score: 7.353
Population: 10,099,265
Sweden stands on the 6th position in the list. It's the population has increased since May 2012 by approximately 0.85%. And immigrants have been the main source of population growth. And the total of one-fifth Swiss population has an immigrant background.
Talking about the GDP and economical growth of Sweden, the speed is expected to be slow but declines at a steady rate. However, considering the current projects the growth rate is expected to rise by the year 2045. Still, Sweden is ranked as the 4th most competitive country in the world.
This culturally rich country has a great health system and life expectancy. The quality of life in this country is high. It was ranked in the 9th position in the list of happiest countries in 2018, and with its marvelous reforms, now Sweden has jumped up quite high.
7.    New Zealand
Happiness Score: 7.303
Population: 4,822,233    
Next comes New Zealand. Taking into consideration the economic situation of the country, it is the 53rd strongest economy in the world. Most of its economy relies on trade just like Australia, the United States, China, Japan, South Korea, Canada, and all of the European Union.
New Zealand lags behind the topped countries in this list in its governmental system. There is a democratic system and there is a Royal family. The division of legislative power between the monarchy and the country's democracy makes it a little weak than other top countries on this list. 
8.    Canada
Happiness Score: 7.278
Population: 37,742,154
Next comes Canada on this list. Canada's population is expected to reach 50 million by the year 2070. And with such a steadily rising population, it is important to maintain a steady pace of development in all areas as well. Canada is part of the G7 nations and among these countries, Canada has the fastest population growth rate.
More than 9% of Canadians live outside Canada. About 1 million Canadians live in the United States. It is reported that approximately 4 out of 10 Canadians live abroad than living within Canada.
Talking about the health system, Canada is famous for providing a universal healthcare system for every citizen of Canada. Moreover, Canada's GDP and other economic factors are also moving forward at a steady rate.
9.    Austria
Happiness Score: 7.246
Population: 9,006,398    
Now coming to the 9th position which is occupied by Austria this year. Austria is situated in Central Europe and shares borders with Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Hungary. Austria has very high living standards and is one of the richest countries in the world. With the immigrants coming over the past few years, Austria has become home to several new ethnic groups. This country is a leading example of a good health system, economic growth, and a good welfare system for the people.
10.    Australia
Happiness Score: 7.228
Population: 25,499,884    
In the year 2020, Australia's population has reached up to 25.5 million people and is projected to double this number by the end of 2050. Australia is economically strong and wealthy for ages and is still going strong. In 2018, Australia was the country with the largest average wealth for an adult. Although the economic growth of Australia is great but considering its immensely powerful economic history, economic growth is slow. Australia is home to various ethnicities, thanks to immigrants from all around the globe. This country also has a good health sector, education system, and social support groups.
11.    Costa Rica
Happiness Score: 7.167
Population: 5,109,993
Costa Rica means "the rich coast" in Spanish. Its complete name is the Republic of Costa Rica. It is a central American country with a total area of 19,730 square miles. Costa Rica is ranked 128th in number as per the total land it covered. Costa Rica is famous for its incredible range of plants and animals. More than 25 percent of the country's land is designated to the National Parks. More than 80 percent of the people of Costa Rica live in the metro area near the sea. Honoring Costa Rica's contribution to the sustainability of the environment, UNDP complemented Costa Rica in 2011.
Costa Rica removed the Army completely and forever in 1949. It is one of a few Latin American countries which have extraordinary human development speed. Costa Rica has played an immense role in harboring peace and harmony within the country.
12.    Israel
Happiness Score: 7.139
Population: 8,655,535
Israel is among the topmost happiest countries in the world. And Israel's bombing of Palestine has made Palestine one of the top unhappiest places on earth.
13.    Luxemburg
Happiness Score: 7.09
Population: 629,353
Luxemburg is among the least populated countries in Europe. According to the land area it covers, Luxemburg stands in 167th position and as per the population, it is in the 169th spot. It's neighboring countries include France, Belgium, and Germany. It has a very high-income market economy. And what makes this country among the topmost happiest countries is the stability of its financial growth. The inflation rate and unemployment rate here in Luxemburg are at a low level. The GDP rate is moderate and the market has a high innovation rate.
14.    United Kingdom
Happiness Score: 7.054
Population: 67,886,011    
On the 14thy spot, there is the United Kingdom. It is estimated that the population of the United Kingdom will be more than 75 million by the year 2020. The population rate of the United Kingdom is increasing in the 21st century. And that is because of a moderate natural increase in birth and most importantly because of the immense increase of immigrants in the country. The population of the country may reach up to 77 million by 2050. The United Kingdom is home to four nations, England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Major contributors in the ethnic diversity of the United Kingdom are,
?    Poland (831,000)
?    India (795,000)
?    Pakistan (503,000)
?    Ireland (382,000)
?    Germany (286,000)
The education system of the United Kingdom is great. The literacy rate of the country is 99% among people more than 15 years of age and older than that.
The economic growth of the country is also well maintained but is growing slowly.
15.    Ireland
Happiness Score: 7.021
Population: 4,937,786
Now coming next in Ireland. Ireland is the 3rd largest island in Europe and it encompasses an area of 32,595 miles. With respect to size, Ireland is 122nd in number. The island of Ireland has 32 counties and 2 political jurisdictions. These are, the Republic of Ireland which is commonly known as Ireland, and the other is Northern Ireland. The Republic of Ireland was ratified by the British Government in 1922 with the Anglo-Irish treaty. Talking about the economic stability of Ireland, it has one of the most stable economies in the whole of Europe. The economy of Ireland majorly depends on life sciences, financial services, and high-tech. 
16.    Germany
Happiness Score: 6.985
Population: 83,783,942
Undoubtedly, Germany has one of the strongest economies and one of the highest living standards and these are the two major factors for being happy in the world. However, Germany has been facing a number of issues that have reduced its ranking. These issues include rightly treating the working women having children which are termed as "raven mothers". This issue needs to be addressed and sorted admirably to move forward in a healthy and happy society. The next big issue is immigrants. Germany had welcomed a huge number of immigrants in 2015 and onwards and now the country is facing immense backlash from the native people against the immigrants families settling on their soil. Germany is home to the highest number of immigrants as compared to all the other 2 countries in the European Union. More than 10 million people who are now living in Germany have not been born in Germany. This number makes more than 12% of the total German population. Most of these immigrants have come from Turkey, Poland, Italy, and Russia. And this makes Germany 2nd most popular destination and home for the immigrants. First is the United States.
Well, we have taken you through to the happiest countries of the world on the list. Down below is the rest of the list along with each country's population and happiness score.
17.    Belgium
Happiness Score: 6.923
Population: 11,589,623    
18.    United States
Happiness Score: 6.892
Population: 331,002,651
19.    Czech Republic
Happiness Score: 6.6.852
Population: 10,708,981
20.    United Arab Emirates
Happiness Score: 6.825
Population: 9,890,402    
21.    Malta
Happiness Score: 6.726
Population: 441,543
22.    Mexico
Happiness Score: 6.595
Population: 128,932,753
23.    France
Happiness Score: 6.592
Population: 65,273,511    
24.    Taiwan
Happiness Score: 6.446
Population: 23,816,775    
25.    Chile
Happiness Score: 6.444
Population: 19,116,201    
26.    Guatemala
Happiness Score: 6.436
Population: 17,915,568    
27.    Saudi Arabia
Happiness Score: 6.375
Population: 34,813,871
28.    Qatar
Happiness Score: 6.374
Population: 2,881,053
29.    Spain
Happiness Score: 6.354
Population: 46,754,778
•    World's Unhappiest Countries
In addition to the happiest countries in the world, the UN report has also looked into the world's unhappiest countries as well. In this list, Afghanistan topped the list and this is because of the obvious reason for the decades-long, ongoing Afghan War. Afghanistan is followed by the poor African countries of South Sudan and Zimbabwe.
1.    Afghanistan
2.    South Sudan
3.    Zimbabwe
4.    Rwanda
5.    The central African Republic
6.    Tanzania
7.    Botswana
8.    Yemen
9.    Malawi
10.    India

•    World’s Happiest Cities
After learning about the happiest countries in the world, now let's find out which cities have been named the top happiest ones in the world. In the year 2020, for the first time, the report has enlisted or ranked the top happiest cities as well. Of course, these cities will be from the happiest countries in the world. And the first 10 cities in the list are from the Scandinavian region; and the capital city of Finland, Helsinki, has made it to the top of the list. Here are the names of the top 10 happiest cities in the world.
1.    Helsinki, Finland
2.    Aarhus, Denmark
3.    Wellington, New Zealand
4.    Zurich, Switzerland
5.    Copenhagen, Denmark
6.    Bergen, Norway
7.    Oslo, Norway
8.    Tel Aviv, Israel
9.    Stockholm, Sweden
10.    Brisbane, Australia

•    World’s Unhappiest Cities
Now after covering the happiest countries in the world and the happiest cities of the world; it is important to look at the other end of the spectrum as well. To do that, let's take a look at the world's unhappiest cities. Most of these cities are located in underdeveloped countries or those regions which are suffering from the wreckage of war. The countries majorly affected by the devastating effects of war include Afghanistan, Yemen, and Palestine; and that is why the top three unhappiest cities of the world are Kabul in Afghanistan, Sanaa in Yemen, and Gaza in Palestine. Here, take a look at the top 10 unhappiest cities in the world.
1.    Kabul, Afghanistan
2.    Sanaa, Yemen
3.    Gaza, Palestine
4.    Port-a-Prince, Haiti
5.    Juba, South Sudan
6.    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
7.    Delhi, India
8.    Maseru, Lesotho
9.    Bangui, Central African Republic
10.    Cairo, Egypt

We all must be united in spreading love, kindness, and happiness to eradicate hatred, unhappiness, and anxiety from the world.

There you have it. It must have been interesting and exciting to know the happiest countries in the world at the grim times of the global pandemic. For sure, this is an annual list and caters to a lot of indicators and stats to come up with the ranking. But still, this list and other alike rankings give us hope to see lighting at the end of the tunnel. Surely, we all going through the tough and devastating situation of the coronavirus pandemic together and it is too much to handle. But at the same time, it is our responsibility to see hope, happiness, and content in little things around us, and also do our small yet important part in spreading happiness in the world. With that, let's hope for a bright and better future for everyone in the world.

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