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Canada is one of the most fun, romantic, and beautiful countries in the world. Its liberal lifestyle, cultural diversity, natural beauty, and architectural marvel attract tourists from all around the globe. And the breezy, free, and loving atmosphere of this country intrigue people to be there and enjoy must-visit places in Canada. If you are planning a trip to Canada anytime soon, we have got you covered. Here we have compiled the names of some of the most gorgeous, beautiful, fun, and must-see places of Canada. So, without further ado let's dig in.
Places That Your Kids will Love
First thing first, if you are visiting Canada with your children, then you must know all the cool places to enjoy with your children. Canada has no shortage of amazingly interesting, fun-filled, and attractive places for kids. To name a few, we have listed the top 40 great places to visit with your kids. Pick any o these and you and your whole family will have a blast.
1.    Niagara Falls, Ontario
Who doesn't know about Niagara Falls? This spectacularly amazing waterfall has three separate drops it drops down to 50 meters with 2400 m3 second. Here you can go on an exciting journey with ‘Maid of the Mist’which takes you into the turns of the Horseshoe Falls. Horseshoe Falls is the largest among the three drops of the Niagara Falls. Moreover, you can have fun while riding on the ‘Whirlpool Aero Car’ which is 61 meters above the Niagara whirlpool. This place is like a piece of heaven in the land. And surely, all of you have the best time of your life here in this place.
2.    Canadian Children’s Museum Gatineau, Quebec
Canadian Children’s Museum Gatineau is the best spot to have loads of fun for kids of all ages. The highlighting feature of this place is the vibrantly colorful bus from Pakistan called "11 Number". Kids love riding on this bus and they enjoy all the jewels and colored decorations. Similarly, kids can ride on a rickshaw from Thailand as well. Moreover, this museum truly shows off its colors by including a scene from a Mexican market. This museum gives kids an interactive passport to visit different places including India, Japan, Nigeria, Indonesia, and other different international destinations. While roaming around at these places. kids get to experience all the special stuff about these countries, which is not only fun but also educational as well. This is especially fun for kids under the age of 14.
3.    Royal Tyrrell Museum, Drumheller, Alberta
Royal Tyrrell Museum is one of the topmost interesting must-visit places in Canada. This museum has the honor of being the only museum in Canada that is particularly dedicated to ancient life. This place offers a variety of fun and interesting stuff to do. This place is home to more than 130,000 fossils. This museum also features an enormous "Dinosaur Hall" which has more than 40 dinosaur skeletons. Kids under the age of 14, will surely enjoy everything about this museum.
4.    Kids Market, British Columbia
The Kid's Market is one of the most family-friendly destinations in town. This attractive place is loaded with fun activities, colorful shops, and amazing services for kids. Kids can play games at the "Circus Circus" or visit a four-story playground at "The Adventure Zone". And the list goes on and on.
5.    Churchill, Manitoba
We are not talking about the British Prime Minister, rather we are talking about the capital of the world for finding polar bears and beluga whales. This place is home to amazing wildlife. Your whole family can have fun at the adventurous ride of the tundra buggies at the Cape Churchill Wildlife Management Area and have a look at the splendid polar bears. Take photos, and feel the beauty of nature. Moreover, you can hire a boat and spot beluga whales in the Churchill River as well. 
6.    Fundy National Park, New Brunswick
National Parks are always fun to go to, no matter where you live. But this Fundy National Park is even greater for the kids. This park has more than 25 waterfalls, over 100 kilometers of hiking and biking trails, and 3 campgrounds. Moreover, there are picnic spots, beaches, tennis courts, and huge playgrounds. And all of this makes the best place to visit for adventure seekers. Kids of any age will love all the fun activities happening around here. You can enjoy fishing, go camping, hike on the trails, swim along with salmon, or enjoy a quick swim in the saltwater pool, the options are endless. 
7.    Quebec City, Quebec
Quebec City offers numerous fun and interesting things to do for the whole family. The calendar of this place remains filled with interesting and joyous events all year round. This city is one of the most visited and loved places by tourists from all around the globe. And you'll be pleasantly surprised to know that the Old Town of Quebec City is a UNESCO World Heritage site. You can visit Aquarium du Québec if your kids love fish as this place is home to more than 10,000 colorful fishes of several varieties. If you are visiting Quebec City on a hot summer day, then you will love visiting Baie de Beauport, or attend the Saint-Jean Baptiste Celebration. The Saint-Jean Baptiste Celebration lets you enjoy musical performances, bonfire, and fireworks. And if your kids love jumping all around then go to iSaute Quebec and get them on the trampolines.
8.    Toronto Zoo, Toronto, Ontario
Zoos are surely among the most favorite places of kids and they can't get tired of watching their beloved animals with their own eyes out in their natural habitat. Toronto Zoo has more than 5000 animals, belonging to 450 species. This is Canada's largest zoo and it is in operation since 1974. The whole zoo is divided into seven regions. These are,
•    Indo-Malaya
•    Africa
•    The Americas
•    Australasia
•    Eurasia
•    Canadian Domain and 
•    The Tundra Trek
Explore all these different regions of the zoo and check out which region of the world provides the best habitat to live what sort of animals. This is particularly the best place to visit for kids under age 12.
9.    Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland
Canada is enriched with mesmerizing natural beauty. And the presence of numerous national parks certainly reflects the presence of the stunning natural beauty of Canada. One such splendid park is Gros Morne National Park. This is the second-largest national park in Atlantic Canada. One more feather in the hat is that this park is a UNESCO World Heritage site. This place is loaded with numerous fun things to do. One such thing is hiking. Teenagers will love hiking through the mountains while seeing the wildlife all around. This place is home to black bears, arctic hare, caribou, and moose. Moreover, there is trekking trails as well on the Gros Morne Mountain. The panoramic view from that top is just breathtaking. Not only kids but you will also love the thrill and excitement of all these fun activities.
10.    Cavendish Beach, Cavendish, Prince Edward Island
Cavendish Beach is one of the must visit places in Canada as it attracts tourists from all around the globe with its stunningly appealing natural beauty and provision of classic services. Here you can enjoy an eight kilometer-long stretch of beach along with the supremely stunning red sandstone cliffs. You will love deep-sea fishing, swimming, or parasailing in the Atlantic Ocean. In addition to an exceptionally gorgeous beach, there is the Jurassic Bart’s Dinosaur Museum as well, which is a perfect place for kids to meet and greet their favorite animals. Well, the fun stuff is not over yet, there is Shining Waters Family Fun Park where the whole family can enjoy and have fun.
11.    Pacific National Exhibition, Vancouver, British Columbia
Pacific National Exhibition is a two-week-long annual event and is one of the oldest and most popular family fairs in Canada. Here you will see Canada's oldest amusement park, three roller coasters, a massive jungle gym, a Ferris wheel, a plethora, and tons of different fun activities. This place is cool for kids of any age.
12.    Canada’s Wonderland, Vaughan, Ontario
Canada’s Wonderland is the country's largest amusement park. This place has some of the most thrilling roller coasters, Ferris wheels, giant swings, and carousals. There is a massive water park as well. Moreover, you can enjoy live entertainment and dine at some cool restaurants as well. And if you are a shopaholic, then this place has arranged a feast for you with an incredibly amazing shopping area.
13.    Whistler, Whistler, British Columbia
Whistler is among the top most popular ski resorts in Canada. Moreover, it has hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics as well. This is not it, as this place has been rated as one of the best ski destinations in North America. Anything and everything you can imagine about winter sports are available here. Particularly, Alpine skiing and snowboarding are two of the most famous activities of Whistler. And when the winter is gone and it is time for Summers, this place becomes a fun spot for hiking and biking. In addition to these fun activities, the whole village is loaded with natural beauty. If you are not a big sports lover, then you'll enjoy all the beautiful natural scenery around you and of course, the eateries of this place are amazing.
14.    La Ronde, Montreal, Quebec
La Ronde is the largest amusement park in Quebec and the second-largest in Canada. This park is loaded with thrilling roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and much more. For younger kids, there is a teacup ride, a train ride, and a boat ride as well. All in all, this place offers numerous fun activities for kids of all ages.
The list can go on and on. We are pretty sure that you must be excited by now for seeing all the above-mentioned places. But that's not it. The following are some more cool and fun places that are best to make unforgettable memories. 
•    Fallsview Indoor Waterpark
•    The Bruce Trail
•    Murray Beach Provincial Park
•    Belair
•    West Edmonton Mall
•    Forestry Farm Park and Zoo
•    White Pass & Yukon Route Railway
•    Peggys Cove
•    Wood Buffalo National Park
•    Mill River Fun Park
•    Magnetic Hill Zoo
•    Ontario Science Centre
•    The Enchanted Forest
•    Telus Spark Science Museum
•    Cap-Saint-Jacques Outdoor Centre
•    Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre
•    Manitoba Children’s Museum
•    Parlee Beach Provincial Park
•    CN Tower
•    Banff National Park
•    T-rex Discovery Centre
•    Victoria Butterfly Gardens
•    Johnson Geo Centre
•    Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada
•    Montmorency Falls
•    Calypso Park
Now that we have covered people coming to Canada with family pretty handsomely, let's move on to the couples who are looking for some romantic getaways.

Romantic Place in Canada to Visit with Your Partner
When we are talking about the must visit places in Canada, we surely cannot miss mentioning the romantic places to visit in Canada with your partner. Canada is an exceptionally beautiful city, adorned with great natural beauty as well as an extraordinary architectural splendor. Its magnificence in everything allures you to experience it with the love of your life. To do so, you have to know must visit places in Canada to enjoy with your partner. Here is a short yet comprehensive list that we have compiled for you to take a look at and choose from. We hope that you'll be mesmerized by all or any of these places.
1.    Lake Louise-Banff, Alberta
Lake Louise-Banff is loaded with natural beauty and you remain awe-struck with the stunning beauty all around. This exquisitely romantic area is surely a must go to with your partner when in Canada. You will love the Banff Upper Hot Spring and stepping into the mesmerizing shower with your partner is surely very romantic.
2.    Baddeck, Nova Scotia
Baddeck is particularly known for the sparkling freshness it imparts within its visitors. The air around this stunning place is amazing. It is a great place for a romantic weekend getaway. And if you two are a little enthusiastic about who placed the first brick for the cell phones you text each other through today, then stop by at the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site.  
3.    Windsor, Nova Scotia
Windsor is known for the time of "firsts". This truly makes it the best romantic place in Canada for the first kiss, or any other firsts with your beau. And if you two love some adventurous fun sports then sign up for a ski trip on Ski Martock. After a busy day roaming around and pleasantly looking at the stunning beauty of this place, have a glass of wine and dine at Cocoa Pesto. This is a superb restaurant that was built back in the 1850s. The rustic feel of this place is exceptionally cozy and comfortable. 
4.    Bathurst, New Brunswick
Bathurst is particularly famous for its windy and saline shores. This place is located in Chaleur Bay. This place is an attractive place for couples. There are numerous fun things to do with your partner. First, you can go on a trip to Farmers Market and roam around picking up some organic products. And if you two are a chic and classy couple that enjoy playing gold, then swing some golf sticks at Gowan Brae Golf & Country Club. For a classy dinner, there is a famous French eatery by the name of Auberge de la Vallee. Here you will love all the cheesy pasta dishes.
5.    Iqaluit, Nunavut
Iqaluit is the capital of Nunavut and is located on Baffin Island. This place remains a hot spot for all the romantic couples to spend some lovely time together. The best thing to do here is to see the romantic Northern Lights under the brightly lit sky with your partner. Additionally, to make memories together, do visit Alianait Arts Festival and have the best time of your life.
6.    Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Charlottetown is the best place for the couple who not only looking for spending some alone time together but also love the historic architecture. Because this place is overwhelmingly enriched with old-fashioned buildings and sights. Architecture is not the only thing this down is known for. You will love going on a boat cruise and having splash here and there. Moreover, this place offer some amazing dining options. One particularly popular restaurant is Claddagh Oyster House. Well, visit the restaurant and taste the dishes yourself and be the judge.
7.    St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador
St. John’s is a must visit place in Canada when it comes to seeing the vibrantly appealing art galleries, breezy atmosphere, and romantically attractive ambiance all around. Here are loads of different things to do with your partner. If you have watched the movie "Ghost" (and we are sure you must have numerous times), then you surely among the people who just loved the pottery making scene. If that is the case then visit CLAY CAFÉ for a date with your partner and make some great memories.
8.    Little Current, Ontario
Little Current is a magical place to visit with your partner. The captivatingly magical landscape and breezy air of this place impart a sense of serenity and tranquility. In addition to filling your heart with pleasant peace, this place lets you enjoy some adventurous sports as well. And on top of all is horseback riding. And when we talk about horseback riding at Honora Bay Riding Stable, we are talking about a majestic ride with your partner watching a cool sunset in the peaceful surrounding.
9.    Gander, Newfoundland & Labrador
Now for our next spot, we have picked Gander at Newfoundland & Labrador. To get to this place, you'll be having a scenic road trip along with finding some great wine places. This place welcomes tourists from all around the world, all year round. One of the must-watch things here at this beautiful place is the Festival of Flight. This is such a thrilling and exhilarating thing to enjoy with your partner. And what is more romantic than having a road trip with your partner. Start your engines and drive along the road to the Isles. This route will take you to the island of Notre Dame Bay. The whole experience of breathing in the fresh air around you two will surely be amazing.
10.    Fredericton, New Brunswick
Fredericton is among the topmost romantic destinations in Canada. And rightly so. With the charm and rustic elegance of downtown, this place welcomes all its visitors wholeheartedly. One of the top popular things about this place is its breweries. The breweries of Fredericton are not to be missed. You can go to Picaroons, Grimross, and Gray Stone Brewing to feel the true essence of breweries. You can also enjoy theater at the Theatre New Brunswick or Playhouse Fredericton. Moreover you can enjoy various programs at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre which has a jam-packed schedule for the whole calendar.
For people looking for more must-visit places in Canada for a romantic getaway, here are a few places to go to!
•    Parry Sound, Ontario
•    Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
•    Cape Breton Highlands’ Skyline Trail, Nova Scotia
•    Sydney, Nova Scotia
•    Ice Hotel, Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier, Quebec
•    Victoria, British Columbia
•    Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
•    Blachford Lake Lodge, Northwest Territories
•    Vancouver, British Columbia

The list for the must-visit places in Canada is endless. This mesmerizing country is full of happiness, love and tranquility; therefore being there with the people you love is fun and interesting no matter wherever you are. With such an overwhelming number of places to visit, it is surely difficult to narrow it down to just a few. Therefore, we know that the above-mentioned lists will help you a lot in making your Canada itinerary.

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