Dark Portal Pass Will Have A Lasting Impact on Health of the MMORPG

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Posted Date : 26 May 2021 04:55 hrs

Blizzard offers paid character TBC Classic Boosting for the first time in TBC, which makes players have a question: Is it worth it? World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade’s classic dark portal pass may be convenient, but it will have a lasting impact on the health of the MMORPG.

The Dark Portal Pass is called "character boost". This is the first time-saving service in the classic version of "World of Warcraft", and it is not only worthy of promotion on a personal level, but also whether it is worthy of promotion or not. discuss aggressively. The promotion of paid roles should be fully reflected in the game.

The answer to this question largely depends on who asks it. From a single player's point of view, boosters have obvious benefits. But what cost does the problem boil down to? The promotion not only causes a monetary loss to the players' money, but it is also unclear what kind of wide-ranging impact the "Dark Portal Pass" will have on the entire game when the "Burning Crusade Classic" is released, especially the economics of the game. Therefore, even if it looks attractive, the dark portal pass of "World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic" is not worth it in the long run. This is the short-term benefits that the Dark Portal Pass can bring to players, and why it is not worth it for the long-term health of the game.

On a once per account basis, WoW players can choose to upgrade a character to level 58 for $40. The upgraded character will be equipped with green quality equipment, a small amount of gold coins, basic mount and riding skills, four 12-slot duffel bags, and weapon skills upgraded to the 58 largest flight route suitable for them to make it easier to travel around the world. Cannot be enhanced with new blood elves or draenei characters from the Burning Crusade.

"World of Warcraft" Burning Crusade classic dark portal has problems

The real price players have to pay is the ability to skip dozens of hours of leveling. Although the overall reduction in experience requirements and the mission rewards more experience, players can certainly upgrade faster in the pre-patches of "Burning Crusade", but it still takes tens or even hundreds of hours to get the new character to the highest level. Level. Unfortunately, although Blizzard seems to indicate that the purpose of "Dark Portal Pass" is to give players who have not played the classic World of Warcraft game a chance to prepare for the "Burning Crusade Classic", but also the old players who have money to burn. You can take advantage of the level promotion.

There is no doubt that the gold medal resale service (a technically illegal service where players can pay real money for the gold coins in the game) will also be in its heyday in terms of character promotion. These farmers only need to pay a small fee, can save dozens of hours of time, and jump directly to the highest level, where they can obtain the most profitable final game resources. Although the "dark portal pass" is billed once per account, it cannot prevent gold dealers from abusing the pass, and Blizzard is already working hard to ban these accounts. Limiting the commission for each account will under no circumstances prevent gold dealers from making agricultural activities easier, flooding the market with more gold, and causing greater damage to the game economy of World of Warcraft.

This is a complicated issue. In theory, it is good to allow new players to buy WoW Classic TBC Power Leveling to level up quickly. However, in the long run, the consequences of making enhancements available to all players will be a price to pay. As more and more professional gold producers and more and more robots use their services for gold sales, it is hard to say what kind of impact "World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic" will have on the game's economy. Entertainment services in some games may be great and relatively harmless, but in MMO, the player’s behavior determines the state of the game, and paying for time saving (or paying real money for microtransactions and passes) may be This has a lasting negative impact that makes these services, including Dark Portal Pass, do more harm than good.

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