New World: Two PvP Modes Will Be Provided

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Posted Date : 02 Jul 2021 04:39 hrs

Amazon Studios' upcoming MMORPG New World tries to open up a place in the crowded MMO space-this space is under the real dominant force in World of Warcraft. It is not easy to do so, especially because many people have expressed concerns about its microtransaction model, but the summer game festival of the game deeply demonstrates the potential of the project.

The new world will seek to play its role in popular MMO metaphors, such as character creation, settlements, factions and processes. Like many other games in the field, it hopes to attract New World Gold Coins players by participating in PvE and PvP battles.

Will there be PvP in the new world?

Yes, there will be PvP content in the new world. Two modes will be provided at launch.


The Amazon studio team described the war game mode as "the pinnacle of the new world PvP" on the gaming website. War is a large-scale PvP battle that has never appeared in any other MMO game. A team of 50 players fights to control the entire territory or settlement. Controlling a settlement or faction brings benefits to controlling factions and companies (a bit like a guild). Think of war as a PvP raid in World of Warcraft, unless you can actually take over the town and get rewards for it.

Factions can launch wars after weakening the required territory through factional missions. Once the territory enters a state of conflict, a company of the faction will be randomly selected to form the vanguard and lead the first charge of the war.

When the war begins, the attackers must break through the walls of the territorial fortress and occupy its territory. The attacker must first capture three rally points before breaking through the wall. Once occupied, these rally points can be used as respawn points. Both sides can use various siege weapons and traps to help them in the war.

Outpost Rush

New World's newer PvP mode is actually a PvPvE mode called Outpost Rush. In Outpost Rush, two teams of 20 players fight against NPC enemies and fight each other to control specific resources and fortifications. Players can earn points by killing enemies and occupying outposts and fixing points around the map. Think of Outpost Rush as a hybrid of Gambit and Control game modes in Destiny 2, but with more players.

Unlike the war that some players participated in the closed beta last year, Outpost Rush will be a new game mode that will start the closed beta on July 20. If you are looking for New World Items Cheap, z2u site will be your best choice.

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