Top World News of 2016


Top World News of 2016

December 30, 2016 - The year 2016 has been a mementos year in many ways. The world saw some serious changes in the political landscape of important nations, as well the increasing complexity of peace and stablity the world over, chief among them wars, terror-related issues, and mass migration. With the election of Donald Trump, the US, the remaining sole super power, just entered a new political and stratgic territory, one that will likely test it's very foundation.

Here are some of the top stories of the year 2016.

1. Donald Trump elected next U.S. president: In a major upset, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump defeated his rival, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, to claim the 45th U.S. presidency. Republicans now control both houses of congress, the Presidency and most state governorships. Democrats in political disarray.

2. United States-Russia Relations: US President Obama accused Russia of cyber meddling in US elections to favor Trump, and slaps new sanctions on Russia. President-elect Trump doubts the charges against Russion, taking US foreign policy directions into a brand new territory.

3. Britain voted to leave EU: Over half of British voters voiced their preference to leave the EU in a June referendum,and Britain's prime minister resigned shortly thereafter. The country will officially start working toward Brexit before March 2017.

4. Multiple Terror Attacks; Wars raged: Multiple terror attacks were reported in Germany, France, Belgium, Turkey, Egypt, and elsewhere. Wars continue in Iraq and Syria, with Russia pushing for larger role in shaping the political landscape in the region.

5. Refugee crisis in Europe continued, populism rose: The huge influx of refugees has caused social issues in a number of European countries, prompting members of the EU to tighten refugee policies.

6. Paris Agreement took effect: The Paris Agreement, which officially took effect later in the year, is seen as a new chapter in the fight to tackle climate change. The agreement provides a firm legal basis for global actions aimed at solving climate issues.

7. Release of Panama Papers causes international stir: The Panama Papers, so named after the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung obtained internal documents leaked from a Panamanian law firm, revealed in early April how world leaders and other influential figures have used tax havens for opaque financial deals.

8. Cuba: U.S. President Barack Obama visited Havana on March 20, marking the first U.S. presidential visit to Cuba in 88 years. The United States and Cuba restored diplomatic relations in July last year after a 54-year break. Fidel Castro, the long time Cuban leader, dies.

9. North and South Korea: South Korea had it's president impeached. Tension with North Korea increased. North Korea on Jan. 6 conducted its fourth nuclear test since February 2013 and announced “it succeeded in the nation’s first hydrogen bomb experiment.”

10. Gravitational waves detected, "voice of space" heard by humans for first time: On Feb. 11, the National Science Foundation (NSF) announced the detection of gravitational waves. In June, scientists declared again that they had clearly detected gravitational waves -- a significant physics milestone.



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