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* What can I do at Ezega Community?
* How do I create an account on Ezega Community?
* How can I Create/View/Edit/invite others to my blog?
* How can I Subscribe to blogs?
* How can I Create a community?
* How do I Join a community?
* How do I Create/Edit/delete a forum?
* How do I Join forums?
* How can I Add a member to my friend’s list?
* How can I Edit my profile?
* How can I Change my password?
* I Registered but I cannot login, what do I do?

* All Unanswered Questions.

What can I do at Ezega Community?
At Ezega Community you can do many things:
o Videos: watch our collection of videos, or post your own vidoes
o Community: create your network of friends or groups formed around common causes and communicate online with these friends and develop your network.
o Greeting Cards: create greeting cards using our extensive collection of pictures and send them to your friends.
o Blogs: you can write blogs on topics of interest to you so others can subscribe and read your writings.
o Forums: you can participate in discussion forums on topics of interest to you
o Gallery: you can create and post picture galleries for others to see your collection
o Chat: you can chat with other online members on any issue consistent with Ezega rules
o Link: post links for your website, business, work, church, etc.
o Events: advertise your upcoming events to the public (wedding, meeting, concert, etc.)

How do I create a new Ezega account?
* You can create an Ezega account in three easy steps:
o Open Ezega Home page, in the login box click ‘New User’
o Fill in the required information and click ‘Submit’ Button. Make sure to enter correct values in all fields.
o You will be notified of an activation Email being sent to your registered Email account. Go to your email account, open the new email sent to you from, and click the activation link. That will take you back to Ezega Home where you can login for the first time. You can choose to check ‘Remember Me’ to automatically login next time you open the Ezega Home.
* You can also create your new account by clicking the ‘Register’ button from the Ezega Community or other modules. Follow the same procedure stated above.
Notice that once you create an Ezea account, you can use it for Classifieds, Shopping, Jobs, and so on.

How do I Create/View/Edit and Invite others to my blog on Ezega Community?
* To create your own blog on ezega community, open the blog home from ‘Blog home’ in the left side menu and click ‘Post blog’ on the page that appears.
* To view your blog(s), follow : Blog home > View my blogs > Click on the blog title
* To edit your blog, follow this path: Blog home > View my blogs > pick the blog you want to edit and click ‘Edit’ on the right hand side.
* To invite others to your blog, go to ‘Blog home’ and click ‘view all public blogs’ choose the blogger you want to invite and click the ‘blog title’ link. Finally click ‘Invite to my blog’ on the page that appears next.

How do I subscribe to blogs on Ezega Community?
* To subscribe to other’s blogs, go to ‘Blog home’ and click ‘view all public blogs’. Choose the blog that you want to subscribe to and click the ‘blog title’ link. Finally click ‘Subscribe’ on the page that appears next.

How do I create a community on Ezega Community?
* Click ‘My community’ on the menu at the left side. Click the link ‘Add community’ on the page that appears. Fill in required information and click ‘Create’.

How do I join a community on Ezega Community?
* From the menu at the top, click communities, then click on the community name you want to join. Click on ‘Join’ button located just below the owner’s picture.

How do I create/edit/delete forums and threads on Ezega Community?
* Go to ‘My Forums’ on the left menu then select a category, fill in title & description and insert. Your forum will be added to the existing list at the top (if there is any). You can use the Edit and Delete picture buttons on the same line to edit or delete the forum you created. Once you’ve successfully created your forum click on it and in the window that appears next click ‘Create new thread’. To close your threads simply click ‘Close thread’.

How do I join forums on Ezega Community?
* You can join a forum by clicking ‘Forums’ on the top menu. Then you can search a topic using the search facility or simply by picking one from the list. You can then participate in the forum by creating a new thread.

How do I add a member to my friends list?
* The first step would be to find the member you want to add as a friend. To do that you can use the ‘Search Members’ link at the bottom of the left menu. Once you find the member you would like to add as a Friend, open his/her profile by clicking the picture of that member and click "Add as Friend". A message will be sent to that member that you have requested him/her to be a Friend. The member may "Accept" or "Deny" the inivation. If "Accept", you will see that member displayed as one of your friends.

How do I edit my profile?
* Use the ‘Edit Profile’ button in the left menu after you login. Once you open the page you can edit your ‘Membership info’, ‘Personal Info’, ‘Professional Info’ and ‘Social info’ by clicking the edit button on the right side of each page.

How do I change my password?
* Use the ‘Change password’ button in the left menu after you login. You’ll be asked to enter your old password, your new password and confirm your new password.

I Registered but I cannot login, what do I do?
* If you are registered but you cannot login, it may be due to one of several reasons:
o You did not check your email and click the activation link that was sent to you by Please access your email (such as Yahoo, Google, etc.). Some mailers may consider the email sent by as Spam and put it in the Spam folder, rather than the Inbox. In that case, please check all the Folders on the left of your email menu. Open the email sent by and click the registration confirmation link. That will complete your registration process.
o You provided incorrect passord or username. Please use the Forgot password feature and recover your username/password information.
o You attempted to login many times unsuccessfully and your account has been frozen. Please send email to

All Unanwered Questions
* For all other questions not included in this FAQ, please contat us at .


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