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FAQ - Jobs

What can I do at Ezega Jobs?

What can I do at Ezega Jobs?

If you are Employer and you have job vacancy, you can post your ad here with us and reach thousands of viewers worldwide everyday. You can manage your vacancy ad in one control panel, search our CV database for potential applicants, download resumes, communicate with applicants using our Private Message Board (PMB), forward job openings to your colleagues and friends, and much more. Depending on the number of jobs, we charge modest fees for posting jobs. Please contact us by email or call 0116-616943 or 0912-706091 for details.

If you are a Job Seeker, you can browse the latest job openings available in our database from anywhere in the world free of charge. If you are registered and have an account with us, you can also do many more things. For example, you can get Job Email Alerts every week when new jobs are posted in your area. All you need to do is click the Job Email Alert link found in your account and setup this feature as explained in there. You can also create multiple resumes and save them in your folder, apply for job openings, forward job openings to your friends, correspond with employers who are registered users of this site from your account, save job listings of interest to you in your folder for later viewing, etc.

I am an Employer; how do I post jobs at

You will need to login as an employer to post a job vacancy. To do this, please follow these steps:

* Go into Ezega Jobs page: (You can only create an Employers Account from this section and not from anywhere else.)

* Click register and it will take you to this page:

* Choose your username and password and enter all other information requested.

* The next page will ask you whether you want to register as Job Seeker or as an Employer. Please select Employer.

* After you register, an email will be sent to you automatically using the email address you provided. This is a confirmation email to authenticate your identity. Access that email (e.g. Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) and click the link provided there at the end of the email body. This will complete your registration process as an Employer at (Note: please check all of your email folders, including the Spam/Junk folders, as some mailers may consider the email sent to you a spam and put in the spam folder.)

* Once your account is activated, you will then be able to login into your account at

* The first thing you must do before posting any job is Create an Employer Profile. Click Company Profile found at the left side panel, and provide information about your company. You can edit/update your profile at any time later on after you created one.

* You can now post a new job by clicking Job Control Panel found at the left side/panel. Click Post Job and complete all details of your vacancy.

* Any posted job is by default Inactive. Only Ezega Admin can make posted jobs Active. This will take less than 24 hours (for Ezega Admin to review your post). Once your job ad is reviewed by Ezega Admin and accepted, you job vacancy will be displayed on our pages for all to see. Please note that, depending on the number of jobs posted, we charge modest fees for job posts. Please contact us for payment details by email or by phone - 0116-616943 or 0912-706091.

* At this point, you can manage your job ad as you wish. Among other things, you can edit/update, Archive, or Delete the ad.

* Other features you can use at include: Search Resumes – Search for potential candidates using keywords or skills and/or location. Applied Resumes – This allows you to see all the candidates who have applied for a job vacancy that you posted. You can invite them for interview by clicking “Invite Job Seeker” at the bottom. You can also shortlist the applicant by clicking “Add”. Saved Resumes – This will show you all the resumes you saved or short-listed before. Message Board – This will allow you to initiate and maintain communication with applicants and prospective employees.

I am job seeker; how do I apply for Jobs at

* For all jobs posted by companies that have not yet created a company profile with us, please send your application directly to them using the contact information provided in each ad.

* For companies that have created a company profile with us, you may apply online (by logging into your account). Alternatively, you can send your application to them directly using the contact information provided in each ad, such as email address or PO Box. Please follow the instructions given in each ad very closely.

* Your first step in applying for a job opening online is Creating Resume. Please follow these steps to do that.

-- On the left side menu click ‘My Resume’. Follow the instructions and enter your resume. You may also upload your resume file in Word or PDF files.

-- You have the option of creating multiple resumes. You can make some resumes Active (so employers can see it), and others Inactive (so no one but you can see it).

-- You can only apply for a job online with an Active resume. So, you will need to have at least one resume Active to apply for a job online.

-- To make a resume Active, click on the pull-down window that reads Inactive and change it to Active.

* Use ‘Job listings’ or ‘Search Jobs’ link to find a job that suits you and click ‘View Details’.

* To apply, Click ‘Apply Now’. Select the resume you want to submit with your application and write your cover letter. When you submit this form, you’ll receive a confirmation notice.

* Other features you can use at are: Applied Jobs – This shows you a list of all jobs you have applied in the past. Saved Jobs – This shows you jobs that you have saved for future view or follow up. Message Board – This allows you to communicate with employers directly. However, only employers can initiate communication. Job seekers can then respond and follow up afterwards.

I am Job Seeker; how do I create an account at

* If you are a job seeker, you can create an account in a few steps:

* Go to Ezega Home page (, and click ‘New User’.

* Fill in the required information and click ‘Submit’ Button. Make sure to enter correct values in all fields.

* An activation Email will be sent to you automatically using the email address you provided. This is done to authenticate your identity. Go into your email account (Yahoo, Gmail, etc.), open the new email sent to your from, and click the activation link (found somewhere near the end of the email body). That will complete your registration and take you back to Ezega Home page where you can login for the first time. (Note: please check all your email folders, including the Spam/Junk folders, as some mailers may consider the activation email sent to you a spam and put in the spam folder.)

* This account will be a job seeker account by default and cannot be used to post job vacancies. If you are an employer and you would like to post jobs, you will need to create an Employer Account to do that.

* Notice that once you create an Ezega job seeker account, you can also use it for Classifieds, Real Estate, Community, etc.

How do I change my password?

Use the ‘Change password’ button on the menu at the top or left after you login. You’ll be asked to enter your old password, your new password, and confirm your new password. Please provide a password that others cannot easily guess but something that you can easily remember.

I Registered but I cannot login, what do I do now?

If you are registered but you cannot login, it may be due to one of several reasons:

* You did not check the activation email sent to you at the time of registration and click the activation link that is included in the email. Please access your email (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.). Note that some mailers may consider the email sent to you by as Spam and put it in the Spam folder, rather than the Inbox folder. In that case, please check all the email folders on the left side of your email menu. Open the email sent by and click the registration confirmation link. That will complete your registration process.

* You tried to login using incorrect password or username. Please use the Forgot password feature and recover your username/password information.

* You attempted to login many times unsuccessfully and your account has been frozen. Please send email to we will unlock the account for you.

For all Unanswered Questions

For other questions not included in this FAQ, please contact us at

Thank you!