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Project Team Lead I - Cooperative Based Seed | Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Institute

Contact Details
Company : General Job Post Account-16
Company Name/ Contact Person : Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Institute
E-Mail : NA
Phone : NA
Job Details
Job Title : Project Team Lead I - Cooperative Based Seed
Date Posted/Updated : Friday, February 3, 2023
Application Deadline : Sunday, February 12, 2023
Job Type : Full Time
Category : Agriculture
Job Code : NA
Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Institute
Vacancy Announcement

Job Title: Project Team Lead I - Cooperative Based Seed Production (CBSP)

• Term of Employment: One year with a possibility of extension
• Duty Station: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
• Required number: 1
• Application deadline: February 12, 2023

Responsibilities for the Team Lead of the CBSP project include, but not limited to:
Manage the CBSP team workload in order to ensure timely completion of deliverables. Activities include:
• Assist the Director for Crop Commercialization Program in detailed implementation planning and resource allocation for private and CBSP project and delivering on ACC prioritized interventions and any future projects
• Reprioritize outputs/deliverables and adjust implementation plans when required, in consultation with regional ACC Directors
• Coordinate cross-regional activities such as trainings and workshops
• Provide guidance to POs, service providers and implementation partners in the implementation of all activities
• Undertake regular monitoring and periodic evaluation of project activities and implementation of lessons learnt/best practices across the regions
• Lead periodic program management meetings to review project progress with staff and partners at the HQ and regional level and develop and monitor actions to ensure timely and effective delivery of project outcomes
• Monitor the achievement of key milestones and initiate and process the release of subgrants
• Orient project staff in the expansion of CBSPs or activities to newer areas by participating in outreach campaigns and awareness creation events
• Coordinate the selection of CBSPs and private seed producers and facilitate the linkage with MoA, BOA and Research centers and seed producers.
• Manage and monitor expenditure against plans, and analyse monthly financial reports with an emphasis on keeping expenditure on track with budget projections
• Ensure valid documentation is done after each milestone is accomplished and regularly submitted
Assist the Crop Commercialization Program Director to build harmonized relationship with key actors affecting the inputs value chain in order to ensure the creation of conducive environment for the development of private sector driven input production and supply system. Activities include:
• Work with implementation partners (federal and regional) to resolve strategic and operational issues that arise over the course of the project
• Liaison federal and regional stakeholders to ensure conducive environment for CBSP transition
• Facilitate B2B market linkages by working closely with government and all type of seed producers.
• Work closely with other ATI project teams to ensure the integration of CBSP in their service provision
Develop, refine, lead, and monitor the implementation of solutions in order to solve operational and technical challenges & ensuring the creation of sustainable private sector driven input production and supply system. Activities include:
• Conduct critical assessments to determine capacity gaps hindering effective implementation of the CBSP and private seed producers project
• Provide strategic oversight to the project delivery and ensure updates on project progress, risks and risk mitigation strategies to Inputs Director
• Providing problem solving support during the design or enhancement of the CBSP project
Compile and submit data and reports in order to ensure alignment on project implementation. Activities include:
• Guide and follow up with project team on the preparation of all performance reports as required by the Crop Commercialization Program Director to problem solve for implementation issues, to make strategic decisions, to develop solutions, etc.
• Prepare and submit regular and periodical reports on own KPIs, Workstreams, Millstones and/or Activities and guide regional officers and team for similar way of report writing and official submission to federal through the regional ATI working structure Prepare all biweekly, quarterly, and annual performance reports required by the ATI.
• Ensure the utilization of standard data collection processes, tools and requirements; work with the Performance, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Unit for ensuring project progress is captured robustly, mid and final project evaluation conducted meeting minimum standards

Perform any administrative duties required to manage the performance of the team in order to ensure the team’s effective utilization. These tasks include but are not limited to:
Performance management
• Work with Supervisors and Direct Reports and conduct performance management of POs/SPOs
• Contribute to the performance review of direct reports
• Conduct required performance assessment of implementation partners

Human resource planning, management and development
• Work with relevant Human Resources officers and be heavily involved in the hiring of new personnel
• Conduct and contribute to the performance management of relevant ATI staff as required
• Provide the required coaching to team in order to ensure the continuous development of team members

Budget management
• Estimate requirements and provide inputs as required in the development of team-level budgets
• Manage and ensure the effective utilization of budget allocated to team

Other administrative tasks
• Approve requests and plans of direct reports
• Perform administrate tasks as required by the operating procedures and standards of the ATI

• The Team Lead is responsible for additional interventions assigned by the Crop Commercialization Program Director and/or ACC Vertical SD to meet the Inputs team’s functions

How to Apply:
• We invite all candidates meeting the required qualifications to submit (i) a cover letter and (ii) a CV (maximum 5 pages) to
• It is mandatory to mention the position title under the subject line of your cover letter.
• Please DO NOT submit scans of certificates with your application.
• Women are highly encouraged to apply.
• Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.
• The Team Lead is expected to have a strong understanding of Ethiopia’s agricultural system with a broad perspective on interactions between public, private and informal actors in the seed system and specifically:
• MA/MSc degree in fields such as Agriculture Science, Project Management, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Business Management, Development Economics, Rural development program or other closely related fields
• Minimum of 10 years of work experience in areas related to on-the-ground community seed initiatives, e.g., working alongside farmers’ cooperative unions, in community seed banks, small and medium enterprise (SME) development, cooperative development, value-chain development, private seed sector development and other related disciplines
• Deep knowledge of different community-based seed production modalities, e.g., farmers’ unions, primary cooperatives, organized out-growers, farmer entrepreneurs, etc. and associated regulatory issues
• Expertise in SPV crops, i.e., wheat and tef, as well as in other focus areas, i.e., pulses, oilseeds, horticulture and tubers
• Experience in project management, program design, performance management, stakeholder management, contract management, and MLE systems
• Knowledge of analytical methods such as different statistical tools
• Practical experience in developing and maintaining linkages between producers and markets
• Ability to thrive in a fast-moving, start-up environment, with an emphasis on high-performance, teamwork and accountability
• Excellent written and oral communication skills
• Strong set of personal values including integrity, honesty, and desire to be of service.
• Fluency in Amharic and proficiency in English are essential.
Education Level : Master's
Experience : 10-15 years
City : Addis Ababa
State : Addis Ababa
Country : Ethiopia
Salary Details
Min. Monthly Salary : Pay Scale
Max. Monthly Salary : Pay Scale

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