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  • Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation Gets a New Board

    EBC-BoardMarch 22, 2019 ( -- The state-owned Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) got new board members, according to the Ethiopian News Agency.

    The House of People’s Representatives (HPR) of Ethiopia just approved the appointment of six board members yesterday.

    The board members were nominated by the Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed.

    The new board was approved by majority vote, but with 10 voting against and 28 abstentions.

    This is the second time in less than a year that the corporation got new board members. In July 2018, the Prime Minister had nominated personalities such as Merera Gudina, chairman of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), and Kamila Junedi to the EBC board. According to the current report, t

  • Ethiopian Airlines Rejects Claims Pilot Wasn’t Trained on Flight Simulator

    Boeing-737-Max8-SimulatorMarch 21, 2019 ( -- Following the Ethiopian Airline plane crash that killed all 157 people on board, there are reports from Reuters and New York Times claiming that the captain of the ill-fated jet was untrained on the model’s simulator. However, Ethiopian Airlines has strongly denied that this is the case, calling the latest news reports inaccurate, irresponsible and misleading, meant to divert attention away from the global grounding of Boeing 737 Max 8. The full press release sent by Ethiopian Airlines can be found at the end of this report.

    Ethiopian Airlines, the leading airline in the continent surpassed its peers when it became the first carrier to purchase a B-737 MAX 8 simulator to prepare its pilots to fly the B-737 airplane, but the captain of flight 302 was not trained on it, according to Reuters and NY

  • Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Finally Visits Displaced People

    Gedeo-displacedMarch 18, 2019 ( -- Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed finally travelled to Gedeb Woreda yesterday to visit the displaced and assess the state of the Gedeo people who are currently in temporary shelters in the thousands.

    The Prime Minister faced thousand of people before him, peoplewho have bee victimized by communial attacks, mostly from Oromo ethnic groups, and forced to flee their homes.

    The displaced people expressed their grievances to Prime Minister Abiy, according to the Office of the Prime Minister.

    Local administration officilas have requested federal government assistance for the displaced people. The federal government said it has been transporting humanitarian supplies to the area as of March 11th.

    International aid organizations criticize the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for failing to r

  • Autopilot Malfunction Caused Crash of Ethiopian Aircraft - Study

    Auto-pilot-737-BoeingMarch 16, 2019 ( -- The malfunctioning of the automatic flight control systems overwhelmed the crew and doomed the Ethiopian aircraft, according to a new study.

    The Ethiopian Airlines crew followed the standard procedures found in the Boeing 737 pilots operating handbook based on this anaylsis.

    The flight was normal until about 1,000 ft above runnway. At that point, the pilot should have engaged the autopilot. Because of the malfunction of the autopilot, the report speculates, the ill-fated flight began to dive and accelerate, losing altitude and gaining speed until it struck the ground.

    "A typical flight starts with manual control of the plane. The pilot and co-pilot will personally steer the aircraft onto the taxiway, configure the flaps for takeoff, actively control the aircraft as it accelerates down the runway,

  • Former OLF Rebels Begin Hunger Strike in Rehabilitation Camp

    OLF-rebels-hunger-strikeMarch 14, 2019 ( -- Former Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) rebels being rehabilitated at the Tolay camp In Ethiopia begun a hunger strike to protest poor living conditions, according to

    One of the ex-rebels in the rehab center told the BBC Afaan Oromo Service they were being subjected to inhumane treatment and no one cares about them. “Most of our comrades are now ill due to lack of hygiene and absence of food,” he said.

    More than 1,000 members of the OLF gave up arms last year and agreed to undergo rehabilitation. The group comprising of around 1,000 fighters is being rehabilitated at the Tolay camp in south-western Ethiopia. The rehabilitation program came after reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed removed the OLF from a list of designated terror groups.

    After peace talks in Eri

  • President Macron Visits Lalibela Churches in Ethiopia

    Macron-Abiy-visit-LalibelaMarch 12, 2019 ( -- French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in Addis Ababa today on a two-day visit to Ethiopia.

    Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed and President Emmanuel Macron visited the Rock-Hewn churches of Lalibela, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

    In a visit to France in October 2018, the French President had assured Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed that France would provide necessary support to restore the churches.

    At the time, President Macron also indicated that he will consider budgetary support to Ethiopia supplementing existing multilateral initiatives.

    This is President Macron’s first state visit to Ethiopia.

    President Macron is expected to meet President Sahle-Work Zewde for talks on bilateral and regional issues.

    The two leaders are also expected to sign differen

  • Ethiopian, World Airlines Suspend Boeing 737 Following Fatal Crash

    Ethiopian-grounds-737March11, 2019 ( - Ethiopian Airlines has suspended the use of its Boeing 737 Max 8 jets as a safety measure following the fatal crash of one of its planes that killed all the 157 people on board.

    Asrat Begashaw announced on Monday that though the cause of the crush is yet unknown, the airline decided it was best to ground the remaining four aircrafts until further notice. Prior to the crash, the national carrier was operating five newly delivered 737 Max 8 aircrafts and was waiting for the manufacturer to deliver 25 additional planes.

    This is the second time (in a space of six months) the same model has been involved in a crash, shortly after takeoff according to Reuters. In October last year, Lion Air Flight 610 carrying 189 people crashed into the Java Sea off the coast of Indonesia, just 13 minutes after taking off.

  • Workneh Gebeyehu Becomes Director-General, Nairobi United Nations Office

    Workneh-Gebeyehu-UN-SecretaryMarch 9, 2019 ( - Ethiopian Foreign Minister Workneh Gebeyehu was appointed as Head of the United Nations Office in Nairobi this week, according to Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    According to the Ethiopian Foreign Ministery, the appointment of Workneh is tribute to Ethiopia’s significant role in the promotion of regional peace and security as well as the country’s efforts to realize Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    In a press statement posted on its site, the United Nations (UN) said, "UN Secretary-General António Guterres today announced the appointment of Workneh Gebeyehu Negewo of Ethiopia as Director-General of the United Nations Office at Nairobi.  He succeeds Hanna S. Tetteh of Ghana who was appointed as Special Representative to the African Union and Head

  • Thousands Protest in Oromia Region over Allotment of Condo Units

    Oromia-protest-condoMarch 7, 2019 ( - Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in major towns and cities across Oromia regional state today. The protests were triggered by the decision of the Addis Ababa City Administration Savings and Houses Development Enterprise (AASHDE) to allocate condominium houses, which protestors say was done in an illegal manner. The houses issued are those in the city and Oromia regional state’s special zones, according to the Addis Standard.

    According to reports from the security apparatus, the protest was witnessed in the following cities: Adama, Oromia regional state, Shashemene, in Western Arsi, Assela and Bale Robe in Southeast Oromia and in Haramara in the eastern part of Oromia regional state. However, several social media posts suggest the protests have taken place in other towns as well.


  • Abiy Ahmed to Arbitrate between Kenya and Somalia

    Kenya-Somalia-disputeMarch 5, 2019 ( - Ethiopia’s Premier Abiy Ahmed and his Somalia counterpart Mohamed Farmaajo arrived in Kenya on Tuesday, where the former is expected to arbitrate on the dispute affecting Kenya and Somalia.

    He’ll spearhead efforts to restore diplomatic relations between the two nations, which is threatening to worsen as reported by africanews.

    The Source of the Dispute:

    Kenya and Somalia are embroiled in a diplomatic row in which the former has accused the latter of auctioning its maritime area.

    The Kenyan government accused Somalia of auctioning oil exploration rights for a disputed part of the Indian Ocean. Somalia has since denied executing that and unexpectedly pursued the matter in the International Court of Justice in The Hague

  • This Tragedy Will Not Define Us - CEO Tewolde Gebremariam

    Ethiopian-Airlines-CEOMarch 25,2019 ( - Ethiopian Airlines released a statement today saying that the tragic crash that happened more than two weeks ago won't define us. "This tragedy won’t define us," the statement says. "We pledge to work with Boeing and our colleagues in all the airlines to make air travel even safer."

    The airline disclosed that the investigation into what exactly happened is still in progress. "The investigation of the accident is well underway, and we will learn the truth. At this time, I do not want to speculate as to the cause. Many questions on the B-737 MAX airplane remain without answers, and I pledge full and transparent cooperation to discover what went wrong," said Ethiopian CEO Tewolde GebreMariam.

    As far as training of Ethiopian Airlines pilots, the CEO reiterated that

  • Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Donates 100 Million Birr to Displaced Ethiopians

    commercial-bank-ethiopiaMarch 23, 2019 ( -- The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) donated 100 million birr to Ethiopians displaced by communal violence in various parts of the country, according to Fana news report.

    Ethiopia saw unpreceneted number of displacement of people from various regions due to ethnic conflicts in various parts of the country.

    In 2018 Ethiopia became home to one of the highest number of internally displaced people in the world. The situation did not improve in 2019 as hundreds of thousands were forced to leave their natural habitat to places of safety. The displacement of the Gedeos in the southern Ethiopia is a recent example.

    The bank allocated certain amount for each of the ethnic groups or localities displaced: 35.6 million birr for Somalis, 33.1 million birr for Oromia, 18 million birr for southern

  • Ethiopia Walking a Thin Line

    Divided-EthiopiaMarch 20, 2019 ( -- Ethiopia’s problem lie in its governance structure and the ethnic-federal system, which divided the nation into linguistic and ethnic factions in which exclusion has been normalized. Consequently, as things stand right now, it will be impossible to realize a democratic Ethiopia devoid of ethnic identity and ethnic-federalism. Once again, it appears to be a failed experiment in democracy.

    The ethnic polarization concocted and perfected by the EPRDF (Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front) in the past decades ignored the divine, cultural, social and economic fabric that glued Ethiopians together for centuries. Today, vigilante groups and ethnic zealots are continuing to exacerbate the already polarized political space.

    There’s been an escalation in ethnic-motivated violence, land and p

  • Ethiopian National Census Postponed Amid Security Concerns

    Ethiopia-Population-Census-postponedMarch 18, 2019 ( -- The Fourth National Housing and Population Census of Ethiopia has once again been postponed due to security issues, among other things, according to the reporter.

    The census was scheduled to start the first week of April 2019.

    Following a heated debate between members of Census Commission, the commission decided to postpone the planned national population census until the concerns are addressed.

    The commission was being chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen when talks broke down.

    The Commission had an urgent meeting on Saturday, March 16, 2019, to decide the fate of the upcoming national census.

    The meeting was called to discuss issues of security and delivery time for census materials. It was argued by some that t

  • Nearly 11 Million Face Food Shortage in Horn of Africa

    Food-shortage-HornMarch18, 2019 ( -- Close to 11 million people in Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia face acute food shortage. The horn of Africa has experienced prolonged drought, leaving many people who are already living in poverty with nothing to eat.

    The prolonged drought is coinciding with America’s proposal to reduce funding for lifesaving food aid. At the beginning of March, the U.S. Congress submitted the 2020 fiscal year to the White House, and they recommended a 24% slash in foreign aid.

    A recent report from the Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWSN) indicates a worsening situation, with crop failures expected to hit 30% in the coming months.

    The conditions are deteriorating as families who rely on land remain the worst affected. The current US administration’s decision to slash aid financing could abandon man

  • Ethiopian Minister Visits the Displaced Amid Mounting Criticism of Neglect


    March 15, 2019 ( -- Ethiopian Minister of Peace Muferiat Kamil visited internally displaced people in Gedeb district, Gedeo zone, in Southern Ethiopian region, amid mounting criticism of not doing enough to tackle the problem.

    The minister told the displace people who are sheltered at the Gedeb stadium that the government will increase its efforts to find lasting solution for the problem.

    Ethiopian News Agency estimates that there are more than 96,000 displaced people currently sheltered at the stadium.

    The current Ethiopian government is being criticized for not giving the attention the grave situation demands - the ethnic-motivated attacks and the displacements that followed in multiple areas, but especially the southern Ethiopia region. For example, according to some reports, the Prime

  • Ethiopian Air Crash: US Grounds Boeing as France Agrees to Examine Black Box

    Boeing-737-Max-8-GroundedMarch 14,2019 ( -- Following repeated calls from different parties, the U.S. has finally agreed to ground the B-737 Max 8 as the black boxes recovered from the fatal aircraft are set to be analyzed in France.

    Late on Tuesday, the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) said in a statement there were no systemic performance issues and there was no basis for grounding the aircraft. But critics, including US

    Senators Roger Wicker, Elizabeth Warren, Mitt Romney, and Ethiopian Airlines CEO Tewolde GebreMariam urged Boeing to consider grounding the B-737 fleet until its safety could be guaranteed.

    The European Union Aviation Safety Agency and countries like China, Germany, Britain, Singapore, and Australia had already suspended flying the B-737 Max 8 model.

    Initially, the FAA said the foreign civil aviati

  • B-737 Crash: The Tough Questions We Must Ask

    Boeing-737-Max8-EthiopianMarch 12, 2019 ( -- Two days after the Ethiopian Airline jet plowed into the ground shortly after takeoff, a team of experts working in collaboration is still searching for answers.
    The B-737 Max 8 aircraft crashed shortly after taking off for Nairobi. Its experienced pilot who’d clocked over 8,000 flight hours issued a distress call requesting to return to Addis Ababa, saying he was experiencing difficulties with the plane---but it was too late.

    The B-737 max 8 made its debut in 2017. The U.S has 74 of these jets, whereas 387 fly worldwide. 4,661 orders have been made for this model, which is considered the best selling version ever. But that doesn’t mean people won’t ask tough questions, especially after two newly delivered models crashed in a span of six months killing all onboard.


  • 157 Dead Aboard Crashed Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737

    157-dead-ET-737-BoeingMarch 10, 2019 ( -- Ethiopian Airlines has disclosed that all 157 people onboard Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 enroute to Nairobi, Kenya, yesterday are dead.

    The Boeing 737 crashed near Bishofu town about 50 Km from the capital, Addis Ababa. The cause of the accident is not yet known.

    There were of 35 different nationalities inside the crashed aircraft. Among the dead are 32 Kenyans, 18 Canadians, 9 Ethiopians, 8 Americans, 8 Italians, 8 Chinese nationals, 7 French and 7 UK nationals, according to Ethiopian Airlines.

    Also among the dead are several UN staff, according to officials. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in a statement that he "conveys his heartfelt sympathies and solidarity to the victims' families and loved ones, including those of United Nations staff members, as well as sin

  • Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Carrying 157 People Crashes Near Bishoftu

    ET-Boeing-737-crashesMarch 10, 2019 ( -- An Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 flight enroute to Nairobi Kenya crashed near Bishoftu town today,according to Ethipian Airlines press release.

    The aircraft had 149 passengers and 8 crew onboard. The Boeing 737 crashed six minutes after takeoff from Addis Ababa, on its way to Kenya's capital, according to the report.

    The crash occurred around Bishoftu town near Debre Zeit, about 50 kilometers south of the capital, shortly after taking off at 8:38 a.m. local time.

    The condition of the people onboard is unknown at this time, but the airline said "search and rescue operations are in progress and we have no confirmed information about survivors or any possible casualties."

    The Ethiopian prime minister's office released a statement offering its "deepest condolenc

  • Ethiopian Airlines Dominating the Skies with Zero State Funding

    Tewolde-Gebremariam-Ethiopian-CEOMarch 9, 2019 ( - On the 15th of February, one of Ethiopian Airlines’ 111 modern aircrafts touched down at Bole International Airport (BIA) in Addis Ababa, from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi, Kenya.

    The average flight duration was about 1 hour 55 minutes, covering 1164 kilometers, at an average speed of 606 kilometers per hour.

    Upon touch town at Bole, around 204 passengers alighted the aircraft and were driven to the baggage collection point to collect their luggage, and then proceed to the customs area for clearance. This is the routine procedure at the airport.

    Presently, more than 31,000 passengers traveling to and from almost 120 destinations across the globe go through the same routine procedure at BIA. This amounts to about 930,000 monthly travel

  • Gedu Andargachew Resigns; Ambachew Mekonnen Elected Chief Administrator of Amhara Region

    Gedu-Andargachew-resignsMarch 8, 2019 ( - The Amhara regional council accepted the resignation letter submitted by Gedu Andargachew early this morning, according to FBC news.

    In his place, the Amhara regional council elected Dr. Ambachew Mekonnen as Chief Administrator of the Amhara Regional State.

    Prior to his newappointment, the new Chief Administrator Dr. Ambachew Mekonnen had served as Infrastructure and Urban Development Advisor to the Prime Minister.

    The news emerged in the last day of Amhara Regional Council’s congress on Friday.

    No reason was given for Gedu Andargachew's resignation or whether this is related to the current discontent within the Amhara region regarding the region's role in Ethiopian politics. But sources tell it has been a couple of weeks since he submitted resignation letter on

  • Amhara Region Council Urges the People of Tigray and Amhara to Reject Agitators

    Amhara-Region-Council-032019March 7, 2019 ( - The Amhara Regional Council gave a sobering assessment of the security situation in Ethiopia, and in and around the Amhara region, in particular.

    The 12th regular council conference was held yesterday in Bahir Dar city, the capital of Amhara region.

    The council saw the developing situation in Ethiopia as grave and urged all Ethiopians to work towards peace and dialogue.

    Speaking during the conference, regional parliament speaker Worksemu Mamo said regional leaders of Ethiopia need to observe tolerance.

    Peace is absent in many areas, millions of our people are being dislocated, and properties are being destroyed, she said.

    This is happening because of the agitation of a few people, not the majority of peace-loving Ethiopians, she added.

    The Amhara

  • US to Assist Ethiopian Reform, Including Embedding US Experts in Government

    US-Envoy-EthiopiaMarch 5, 2019 ( - The United States of America will continue to provide the necessary support to Ethiopia's ongoing reform, says US Congresswoman.

    The Chair of the House of Foreign Affairs Sub-Committee for Africa and Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, Karen Bass, said this during a press conference on Monday after concluding her 3-day visit to Ethiopia and Eritrea.

    “I am excited at the changes taking place here and it was great to be back; and I am leaving with a long to do list of things that I need to do when I get back to Washington to help in anyway I can to further the reforms here in Ethiopia,” she pointed out, according to the Ethiopian News Agency

    She stated that her country will provide technical support in several areas, especially in regards to democracy and elections.

  • Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Celebrates Adwa Victory from Afar

    Kenyatta-Abiy-Ahmed-SNNP-EthiopiaMarch2, 2019 ( - Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed called the current generation to repeat the Adwa victory by solving today's probems.

    The 123rd anniversary of Adwa victory was celebrated today in the town of Adwa in Tigray regional state of Ethiopia.

    In attendance were the President of Ethiopia Sahle-Work Zewde, Deputy Chief Administrator of Tigray, Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael, Speaker of the House of Federation, Keria Ibrahim, Minister of Culture, Dr Hirut Kassaw, and other federal and regional officials.

    Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed did not go to Adwa to mark the occasion. Instead he gave remarks in Addis Ababa, and in ANNP regional state where he was visting along with the President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta.

    “Our sovereignty and made possible our flag to raise

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  • Ethiopia, Kenya to Implement LAPSSET Project, Establish Free Trade Zone

    Kenyatta-Abiy-AhmedMarch 2, 2019 ( - Ethiopia and Kenya have vowed to see that the Lamu Port, South Sudan – Ethiopia Transport Corridor (LAPSSET) project is fully completed as it’s a key enabler of the economic transformation of the two neighbors.

    Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and President Uhuru Kenyatta said that completing the LAPSSET project is crucial to unlocking the economic potential of the Sub-Saharan region, let alone that of Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Kenya.

    This was disclosed during the opening of a two-day trade and investment forum that’s gathered more than 500 investors, business leaders, and government officials from both countries. The two leaders further vowed to strengthen economic ties between their countries.

    “Abiy said Ethiopia was open to Kenyan investors and urged his counterpart to ensure they strengthen trade relations b

  • Khat, the Leaf Causing Liver Disease

    Khat-liver-diseaseFebruary 20, 2019 ( - To many Ethiopians, life revolves around the ‘leaf.’ Chewing khat - commonly known as ‘Miraa’ in east and central Africa- is the norm. You’ll observe groups of men and in some cases women, laying papyrus grass on the floor of their homes, they burn frankincense and brew coffee, which they drink while chewing khat. They say frankincense sets the mood necessary for chewing khat.

    But do you know that chewing khat causes liver disease?

    A group of medical researchers is calling our attention to their findings, which established an association between liver disease in sub-Saharan Africa and the practice of chewing khat, or popularly ‘Miraaa.’

    In their letter addressed to The Lancet Medical Journal, the experts from Norway, Ethiopia, and the United Kingdom appreciated the attention the region has given to liv

  • The Niger National Who is Stranded at Bole International Airport

    Nigerian-Eissa-Muhammad-Bole-International-AirportFebruary 18, 2019 ( - A Niger national, who was expelled from Israel has been stranded at Bole International Airport since November as his home country is unwilling to accept him back.
    24-year-old Eissa Muhammad has been staying at the airport under inhumane conditions, as reported by the BBC.

    His predicaments began last April after he was apprehended for being in Israel illegally. He had been residing in the Middle East since 2011, having fled his home country at the age of sixteen in search for better fortunes.

    He informed the press that he’d paid traffickers to take him across Egypt and Libya before entering Israel on foot. In Tel Aviv, he survived by doing odd jobs in a sweet factory and hostels until his arrest in April last year for lack of the necessary documentation.

    He was detaine

  • Statue of Emperor Haile Selassie Unveiled at African Union HQ

    Emperor-Hailesilassie-Statue-AUFebruary 10, 2019 ( - The statue of Emperor Haile Selassie was unveiled in the premises of the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa.

    The unveiling ceremony of the statute was attended by Heads of State and Government attending the 32nd Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the African Union.

    The statue is in recognition of Emperor Hale Silassie's contribution to Africa’s liberation and unity, leading up to the founding of the Organization of African Unity OUA) in 1963.

    Emperor Haile Silassie of Ethiopia was one of African leaders who, in the early 1960s, when independence was sweeping throughout the continent, spoke about a united Africa that will end colonization in the whole continent.

    Along with Ghana’s first president, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, the second president of Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Tanzania’s first presi

  • African States Use Internet Shutdown to Silence Dissent

    Internet-shutdown-AfricaFebruary 2, 2019 ( - As an avid internet user, what would you do if your government deliberately shuts down the internet? That’s the question many people in Africa have had to answer time and time again over the past years as internet blackouts continue mushrooming.

    The last three years have been grim for internet users in Africa and it’s bound to worsen. Last week, Zimbabwe’s High Court ordered internet operators to restore the internet back as the shutdown was illegal. President Mnangagwa’s administration wanted to prevent protestors from sharing information and planning their next move.

    The country had experienced protests following the increase of fuel prices from $3 to $12 per gallon, but critics argue the main goal of the shutdown was to prevent the international community from knowing about the violent crackdown on dissenting voices

  • African Union to Unveil Statue of Emperor Haileselassie

    OAU-establishedFebruary 1, 2019 ( - The African Union (AU) will unveil the statue of Emperor Haileselassie in its compound as a founding fathers of the Organization of African Union (OAU), according Spokesperson of Foreign Affairs.

    In briefing journalists, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Nebiat Getachew said preparations are underway for the 32nd Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the Africa Union whereby the statue will be unveiled.

    The Spokesperson said “it will reflect the history of African liberation, integration, and Emperor Haileselassie’s indisputable role in the evolution of Africa’s development agenda.”

    Emperor Hailesilassie of Ethiopia was one of African leaders who, In the early 1960s, when independence was sweeping throughout the continent, spoke about a united Africa that will end colonization in the whole continent.

    Ghana’s first pre

  • Africa Love for China Explained

    Africa-Love-for-ChinaJanuary 25, 2019 ( - There’s an ongoing debate among economic experts and politicians regarding the merits of the Chinese dealings in Africa. For instance, late last year Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad expressed his fears against what he termed a new form of colonialism, which he regards as a rebuke to China’s increasing political and economic influence in Africa.

    However, these claims have been refuted by different African leaders. While addressing dignitaries at the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in Beijing in September last year, South Africa’s head of state, Cyril Ramaphosa refuted such accusations. He said the fact that the forum was taking place “refutes the view that new colonialism is taking hold in Africa.”

    At the same event, African Union (AU) chairperson, who’s also the president of Rwanda, Paul Kagam

  • Trends Shaping Business in Africa in 2019

    Business-in-Africa-TrendsJanuary 14, 2019 ( - The economic outlook of some of Africa’s signature economies didn't inspire confidence in 2018. Angola and Nigeria have just recovered from a recession triggered by a decline in oil prices. And for the first time in a decade, South Africa experienced a recession.

    But away from these economic giants, there are emerging global trends and emerging powers that provide the prospect of new stories in the continent.

    In 2018, Countries like Ethiopia, Djibouti, Senegal, Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Tanzania featured among the fastest growing economies globally. According to the World Bank, sub-Saharan Africa is likely to witness a growth of 3.6% in 2019-2020.

    The global consulting company, Mckinsey and Company suggest the region is at the same stage China was before its explosive economic transformation. They say African countries sho

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