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  • Demands for Statehood Overwhelm PM Discussion with SNNPR Delegates

    By Staff Reporter

    SNNPR-talkJanuary 23, 2020 ( -- Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed held discussions with community representatives drawn from various zones of Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region (SNNPR) in his Office today.

    Demands for statehood have overwhelmed the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s meeting with over 2000 delegates drawn from all districts of the South Nations, Nationalities Peoples State of Ethiopia.

    The premier was hoping he would clam down the questions for statehood and zone-hoods currently being raised by more than 20 ethnic groups in the regional state and address unfolding conflicts arising from ownership rights in different parts of the region through participatory discussion.

    The delegates raised social, economic and administrative challenges they underwent for more than a quarter

  • NEBE Challenges OFC Over Jawar Admission; Recognizes Baladera Council

    By Staff Reporter  

    Jawar-OFCJanuary 23, 2020 ( -- The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) has asked the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) to present the necessary legal documents that made them accept Jawar Mohammed, an activist and Director-General of the Oromia Media Network, as a member of the party.

    Jawar Mohammed is non-Ethiopian by nationality even though he was a leading organizer of the 2016 Ethiopian protests of the Oromo youth popularly known as Qeerroo that helped Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to come to power in April 2018.

    His involvement and aspiration for power in Ethiopian politics has been controversial as the country’s law states that a non-Ethiopian cannot be a member of a legally registered political party in the country. Jawar Mohammed is an Ethiopian born American activist with an

  • One Person Killed, Seven Wounded During Gunfire in Dire Dawa City

    By Staff Reporter

    Dire-Dawa-EthiopiaJanuary 22, 2020 ( -- One person was killed and seven others wounded by gunfire in a violence occurred during the celebrations of Epiphany in Dire Dawa city of eastern Ethiopia, a police officer said.

    The violence took place after clashes occurred between two groups on the premises Abune Gorgorios Church as the celebrations was nearing to completion, the Dire Dawa Administration Police Commission Public Relations Director Commander Gemechu Kacha said

    Member of the police were among the victims, said Gemechu, who neither mentioned the fighting groups by name or stated the number of those victims attacked during the clashes.

    Dire Dawa has experienced unrelenting violence over the past year due to clashes between ethnic Oromo and Somali people as well as followers of the

  • 5.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Mieso District in Eastern Ethiopia

    By Staff Reporter

    Mieso-Oromia-EthiopiaJanuary 21, 2020 ( -- The Mieso district in Oromia regional state of eastern Ethiopia was hit by an earthquake 5.0 in magnitude on the Richter scale, reports the Addis Ababa University Geophysics, Science and Astronomy Institute.

    “We have reported earthquake incidence in Mieso in Oromia region based on the survey collected from our five stations including in Addis Ababa and at Ethio-Kenyan border," Dr. Atalay Ayele, Director of the Institute has said.

    The moderate earthquake happened on Monday about 6:00 a.m. local time and was centered around the Oromo-populated Meiso district but it was also felt in Addis Ababa, particularly in high buildings, he said.

    The Africa Institute on its website also confirmed the occurrence of the earthquake in Ethiopia.

    There were n

  • At Least 10 People Dead in Gondar During Epiphany Celebrations

    By Staff Reporter

    Timket-10-dead-GondarJanuary 20, 2020 ( -- At least 10 people died and more than a hundred others wounded in annual Timket or Epiphany celebrations in Gondar city of northern Ethiopia after big wooden seat carrying thousands of people fell down due to overload.

    “The accident has left at least ten celebrants dead and more than 100 others injured. The victims include two foreigners and two police officers,” Tesfa Mekonnen, Peace and Security Division Head of the city said.

    Timket literally means "Baptism" is the Orthodox Tewahedo celebration of Epiphany. It is celebrated on January 19th (or 20th in a leap year), corresponding to the 11th day of Tirr in the Ethiopian calendar.

    "The cause of the accident is none but slipping off the wooden seats and the stamped that follow,"

  • 35,000 University Students Out of Campuses due to Violence: Minister

    By Staff Reporter

    Hirut-WoldemariamJanuary 16, 2020 ( -- Ethiopian Minister of Science and Higher Learning Institutions Professor Hirut Woldemariam said more than 35,000 university students have left universities to their families due to the protracted violence occurring on the university grounds.

    In a consultative forum held in Addis Ababa, the minister said 640 students, 40 teachers and 240 administrative employees who were allegedly involved in conflicts in 22 campuses have been suspended across the country.

    Hirut said her ministry is considering re-placing university students as part of an effort to solve the unfolding conflicts. She said the measure being taken against the suspects of the conflict will continue in a strengthened way.

    A report revealed by a committee in charge of investigating the source conflicts on cam

  • Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan Agree on “Step by Step” Filling of GERD

    By Staff Reporter

    Trump-GERDJanuary 16, 2020 ( -- In their latest talks in Washington DC, Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan agreed the filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) shall take place step by step and based on the flow and volume of the Nile River.

    The water ministers of the three countries, in a joint statement issued at the end of their meeting, confirmed their consent that the filling of the dam shall take place only during the rainy season and the filling period can be extended based on environmental circumstances.

    It is not clear why and how Egypt and Ethiopia changed their instances on the filling and operations of the dam after their water ministers met U.S. President Donald Trump in the White House on Tuesday. It is also not clear if the current agreement merely pushes the decision to later years or, as some Ethiopians

  • Ethio Telecom Earns 22.4 Billion Birr in Six Months

    By Staff Reporter

    Frehiwot-Ethio-TelecomJanuary 15, 2020 ( -- Ethio telecom, the Ethiopian telecom monopoly, announced it has earned over 22.4 billion birr in revenue from its service sales during the first half of this Ethiopian fiscal year.

    Briefing journalists on Wednesday, Ethio Telecom CEO Firehiwot Tamiru said the company has achieved 104 percent what it had planned for the first half of the budget year.

    According to the CEO, the cash flow for the 126-year-old company, serving 45.6 million subscribers, was healthy and positive and saw a 10.9 percent increment over the last six months.

    Firehiwot said the earning is one of the highest achievements and would have been even more had it not been for telecom fraud which took away 100 million birr during the period.

    She further highlighted, revenue from mo

  • Ethiopian PM Calls for Mediation over GERD Project

    By Staff Reporter

    Ethiopia-South-AfricaJanuary 13, 2020 ( -- Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has called on the South African President Cyril Ramaphosa to mediate between Ethiopia and Egypt over the contentious Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) project as the president takes over rotating chairmanship of the African Union Commission next month.

    The premier’s request is reported as a first move by Ethiopia seeking a mediator, in addition to the involvement of third parties, namely the US government and the World Bank, on the negotiations of Africa’s biggest hydropower dam project.

    The recent tripartite talks in Addis Ababa between Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan over the filling and operation of the GERD ended in disagreement due to Egypt’s new demands.

    Egypt’s new demands included filling of th

  • One Student Dead at Hawassa University

    By Staff Reporter

    Hawassa-University-EthiopiaJanuary 11, 2020 ( -- At least one student was killed and several others wounded in ethnic skirmish at Hawassa University, increasing the death toll in Ethiopian universities to 12 since classes began in October last year.

    Speaking to journalists, the head of the university’s president office Ayele Adato said a student who had been majoring Natural Sciences division was killed in main the campus of the university amid clashes between students.

    The body of the student was sent back to Weldiya, the birthplace of the dead student after it underwent the necessary check-ups at Minilik II hospital in Addis Ababa.

    The conflict was caused after two students entered into disputes Ayele said adding the universities along with the police are investigating the source of the di

  • TPLF Senior Members Dismissed due to Poor Performance: Prosperity Party

    By Staff Reporter

    Prosperity-Party-LogoJanuary 24, 2020 ( -- The Deputy Chairperson of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) Fetelework Gebreegziabher was dismissed as Minister of Trade and Industry and member of the Ethiopian cabinet due to poor performance and insubordination, a senior official of the prosperity party has said.

    In an interview with VOA Amharic, Awelu Abdi, Head of Public and Foreign Relation of the Prosperity Party, said the dismissal of Fetelework and Solomon Kidane, another TPLF member who was Transport Bureau Head in the Addis Ababa city administration with a rank of Deputy Mayor, has nothing to do with the ethnicity or the political party they represent.

    In a statement issued recently, TPLF accused the leadership in Addis Ababa of sacking senior members of TPLF from posts in federal and Addis Ababa city

  • TPLF Issues Warning on Dismissal of TPLF Officials from Federal Posts

    By Staff Reporter

    TPLF-issues-statementJanuary 22, 2020 ( -- The Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) issued a warning stating that the federal government will be held accountable for any crisis that may occur in the future following “unwarranted actions” of dismissing TPLF officials from posts in the federal government and Addis Ababa administrative structures.

    “Leaders of TPLF and its members have been sacked from their posts in Federal and Addis Ababa administrations. The removal from their offices is totally unacceptable. These deliberate and other unwarranted actions need to be rectified immediately. Otherwise, the party which is engaged in these illegal activities will be held accountable for any crisis that will follow,” TPLF’s statement reads

    TPLF’s statement comes a day after

  • Deputy Chair of TPLF Dismissed from Ethiopian Cabinet

    By Staff Reporter

    Fetlework-Gebregziabher-dismissedJanuary 22, 2020 ( -- Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has dismissed Fetlework Gebreegziabher as Minister of Trade and Industry and cabinet member in the federal government. Fetlework Gebreegziabher is the Deputy Chair and an Executive Committee member of the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF). She has been a member of the TPLF since its formation as a rebel group in Tigray.

    The state-run Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporations (EBC) has confirmed that Fetlework Gebregziabher, also known as Monjorino by her colleagues, was replaced by Melaku Alebel.

    EBC did not disclose why and how Fetlework Gebregziabher, who has been serving in this position since October 2018, was dismissed from her position.

    The TPLF has not commented on the dismissal yet. However, the dismissal

  • Injustice is Never Justifiable

    By Abel Merawi

    Injustice-never-justifiableJanuary 22, 2020 ( -- There are many issues I have not been able to figure out, yet I sometimes ponder to examine them and shed some light. Injustice is one of them. Nature may do us injustice, but at least the injustice is not done with prejudice. It envelops the good, the bad, and the indifferent. There is the question of whether nature is just or unjust, which still remains to be resolved. There is another form of injustice that brings more incomprehensible agony. The most intolerable and unacceptable injustice is the one done by human beings on other fellow human beings. This, I think, should be addressed to create a better portrait of the reality of the future.

    The injustice committed by humans is hideous for the very fact that it is anti-life. I dread when I contemplate that human beings are the only crea

  • Ethiopia Promotes 65 Army Officers, Including 5 Women Generals

    By Staff Reporter

    Generals-Promoted-EthiopiaJanuary 18, 2020 ( -- Ethiopian President Sahelework Zewdie on Saturday granted high-level military titles to 65 senior army officers ranging from Brigadier General to Lieutenant General as presented to her by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

    Accordingly, 40 Colonels were promoted to the rank of Brigadier General; 19 Brigadier Generals to Major General; and 6 Major Generals to Lieutenant General posts. Five of the new generals are women, an unprecedented step in Ethiopian military history.

    The promotion of six officers to Lieutenant General rank is a generous step compared to previous years. In the past six years, only six officers have been promoted to Lieutenant General rank. Prime Minister himself is on record saying that the country has been awarding general titles without adequate me

  • National Interest Not Compromised by GERD Deal: Ethiopian Officials

    By Staff reporter    

    GERD-GeduJanuary 17, 2020 ( -- Ethiopia did not give away its national interest during the latest US-mediated talks in connection to the filling and operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), said Ethiopian Officials.

    Given the fragile political situation in Ethiopia today, there have been persistent doubts by some Ethiopian observers as to whether the government has the capacity to conclude a fair agreement with Egypt, including the latest one which has raised several questions.

    Briefing journalists after the tripartite talks in Washington DC, Ethiopian Foreign Minister Gedu Andargachew said the latest talks ended in favor of Ethiopia as opposed to information trending in social media.

    The agreement was reached without compromising the national interest of Ethiopia and causing sign

  • Education Demands of the Future

    By Abel Merawi

    Future-EducationJanuary 16, 2020 ( -- The advantages of human beings over animals has been a topic of discussion for generations. While some believe it is because humans are made by the image of the creator, others believe it is because we have developed intellectual abilities through the evolutionary process. Recently, scholars such as Francis Fukuyama argued that it is not the individual abilities of human beings but rather the collective experiences and abilities of humans that helped us dominate the world. Our collective experience and knowledge remains available for all human beings across space and time because of language. This unique ability of communication has led to formal education. Society depends on education to guarantee its existence across generations. In other words, we teach our children our collective moral values, past

  • NEBE Sets Election Day to August 16 Tentatively

    election-ethiopia-Aug2020January 15, 2020 ( -- The Nation Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) has tentatively set the upcoming national elections for August 16, 2020.

    Speaking to reporters, the Chair of the Board, Birtukan Mideksa, said the tentative election date is set to Sunday, August 16, 2020. Election result for regions will be disclosed between August 17 and August 21, according to the board chair.

    The NEBE will officially disclose regional election maps on March 3, 2020.

    Voter registration will take place from April 7 to May 7, 2020, it was indicated. The board also disclosed that the election campaign will take place from May 5 to August 11, 2020, and no campaign will be allowed between August 12 and August 15, 2020.

    Some people are already complaining that the elections are set in the middle of the rainy seas

  • The Whereabouts of Kidnapped Ethiopian Students Still Unknown

    By Staff Reporter

    Oromia-KidnappingJanuary 14, 2020 ( -- Parents and kin of those students who were taken captives by gunmen in Oromia regional state in western Ethiopia said they have not seen or heard anything about their children even though the government announced the release of 21 hostages last Saturday.

    The parents and families of the hostages have been expressing concern over the well-being of their children on various media outlets despite the announcements by the Prime Minister Press Secretariat that the captives were released and are healthy and safe.

    The parents complained that they have not received any calls from their children. And, so far, the government is unwilling to disclose the whereabouts of the students.

    The students were held captives while going back to their homes in Amhara state from Dembi Dolo Uni

  • Job Security, Life and the Unpredictable Future

    By Abel Merawi

    Computer-humansJanuary 12, 2020 ( -- Choosing a career path has been an integral part of one’s youth life. After graduating in a specific field of study, most people stick to their profession and live the rest of their lives by remaining faithful to their job. For them, professional growth implies only getting promotions and salary increments. Eventually, family responsibilities make them more rigid and the prospect of changing a profession a difficult task. The years spent receiving formal education result in specialization or becoming an expert only in one particular area. If the job security of that specific profession is jeopardized, most people are left clueless – unable to redefine themselves and learn something new. This was not problematic in the past because most professions were assumed to remain functional for all time

  • PM Office Announces Release of 21 Captive University Students

    By Staff Reporter

    PM-office-ethiopiaJanuary 11, 2020 ( -- The Prime Minister Office of Ethiopia has announced that 21 students of the Dembi Dolo University who were taken hostages by gunmen in Oromia state of western Ethiopia were released.

    Speaking to the state-run EBC late on Saturday, the Prime Minister’s Press Secretariat Head Nigusu Tilahun said 13 female and 8 male hostages were released following continuous negotiations in which elders and members of the Ministry of Defence were involved.

    According to the head, the students were taken hostage while going back home after 16 universities in Oromia and Amhara regional states were forced to release over 35,000 students due to the unfolding ethnic-based clashes on their campuses.

    The other six students are still held hostage by the gunmen, said Nugusu who did not me

  • Baladera Council to Field Candidates for Addis Ababa Seats

    By Staff Reporter

    Eskinder-NegaJanuary 11, 2020 ( -- The Addis Ababa Baladera Council disclosed that it will run for the 23 parliamentary seats Addis Ababa City holds in the House of Peoples Representative of Ethiopia in the forthcoming Ethiopian elections. It is filing papers to transform itself into a political party.

    Briefing reporters on Friday, journalist and activist Eskinder Nega, who is also the Chairman of the Baladera Council, said his office has already selected its candidates who will be running in the 23 polling stations of the metropolitan city.

    Eskinder Nega and his Baladera Council, a council formed to oppose claims of ownership by some Oromo groups over Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital and most multicultural city. The now-defunct  Oromo Democratic Party (ODP), which was led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, had re

  • Who Will Win the Next Ethiopian Elections?

    By Staff Reporter

    Ethiopian-Elections-May-2020January 8, 2020 ( – Ethiopia seems to be heading to hold the upcoming general elections in May 2020 on schedule. After various ethnic, regional and religious conflicts, the country went through in the last couple of years, many people had serious doubts about whether the country can and will hold safe and fair elections. Some still do and with good reasons, including the absence of adequate preparations so far by the government. But it now looks more and more likely that there will be elections in May 2020, absent some new and dramatic developments in the next four months.

    Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has repeatedly promised to the Ethiopian people and foreign observers that he will hold free and fair elections as planned. It is unlikely that he will renege on that promise and

  • The Shift From Racism to Culturism

    By Abel Merawi

    Shift-from-racism-to-culturismJanuary 7, 2020 ( -- As long as I remember, I have heard the word ‘race’ being tossed around too many times. It could be from a stranger on the street who makes a stereotypical comment about a different group. It could be from mainstream media regarding a social or political problem ignited between two opposing factions. History books are filled with racial conflicts, yet I sense that they are somehow different from the ‘racial’ conflicts of today. Currently, most of the issues that center on race do not actually talk about racial differences but about cultural differences. In the following discussion, I will attempt to see the differences between racism and culturism by paying attention to their definition, features, and implications.

    There had been numerous conflicts amongst human

  • No to Prosperity Party, Yes to More Autonomy: TPLF

    By Staff Reporter

    TPLF-confJanuary 6, 2020 ( -- In a defiant move, the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) has decided that it will not join the Prosperity Party (PP) at the end of its extraordinary conference held over the weekend. According to several videos released, the tone of the just concluded conference was that of anger and defiance directed against central forces.

    In a resolution issued on Sunday, TPLF said the merger with the PP is impractical owing to differences and opposing political outlooks and visions between the two parties.

    In the extraordinary conference held for the first time in its 45-year history, the TPLF said its relations with the federal government will remain intact but will be executed based on the law of the country and that of the constitution.

    TPLF in its eight-point resolut

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  • Flashpoint on the Nile: Egypt Destabilizing Ethiopia

    By Dr. Aklog Birara

    Egypt-EthiopiaJanuary 21, 2020 ( -- A flashpoint in current diplomatic relations in Africa today that can potentially lead to war is Egypt’s continued assertion that it will continue to exercise its hegemony over the Nile.

    Historically, Egypt’s relations with Ethiopia have been characterized by mutual mistrust and suspicion. The core policy issue behind this intractable problem is Egypt’s belief that its hegemony over Nile waters is dependent on Ethiopia’s internal ethnic and religious divisions, it's continued socioeconomic, technological, national security and defense backwardness; and its adversarial relations with its neighbors, especially Eritrea and the rest of the Horn.

    The Islamist regime led by Mohammed Morsi echoed Egyptian anxieties and mistrust of Ethiopia, called on Egyptians to prepare for war against Ethiopia; a

  • Why Egypt is Winning on the Diplomatic Front

    By Dr. Aklog Birara

    GERD-Egypt-winningJanuary 17, 2020 ( -- Ethiopia began the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), a monumental project estimated to cost $4 billion in 2011, with fanfare and ceremony. I welcomed this initiative that was conceived by Emperor Haile Selassie but made virtually unattainable because of Egyptian rigidity and the prevailing diplomatic conditions at the time.

    I continue to contend that Ethiopia serves as the origin of 90 percent of Nile waters and has a legitimate right not only to finish the GERD for electric power generation; but also, to construct other dams for irrigation. Egypt’s colonial position of “historical and natural rights” over the Abbay River and other tributaries of the Nile is no longer a winning proposition.

    In my considered opinion, Egypt and its allies are trying to undermine Ethiopia’s development objectives by bolsterin

  • GERD Talks Fail Due to New Demands from Egypt

    By Staff Reporter

    GERD-meeting-Addis-AbabaJanuary 10, 2020 ( -- Ethiopia said the latest talks with Sudan and Egypt over the filling and operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) project on the Nile River ended without agreement due to Egypt’s new demands.

    Briefing journalists on the outcome of the latest talks held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopian Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy Dr. Sileshi Bekele said the discussion ended without agreement as Egypt came up with a new proposal suggesting that the dam filling period shall be between 12 and 21 years.

    “Egypt has presented an ‘unfair’ proposal requiring Ethiopia to fill the dam in up to 21 years, which Ethiopia unconditionally rejected,” he said

    In their latest negotiations in Khartoum, the three countries had reached an agreement on the dam’s fill

  • The Benefits and Risks of Ethiopia’s Massive Loans

    By Dr. Aklog Birara

    “The ugly reality is that most poor people in most poor countries most of the time never receive or even make contact with aid in any tangible shaper or form: whether it is present or absent, increased or decreased, are thus issues that are simply irrelevant to the ways in which they conduct their daily lives.”  --Graham Hancock, Lords of Poverty  

    Part II of V

    Dr-Aklog-Birara-Part-2December 30, 2019 ( -- In Part I, I expressed my personal appreciation and commended Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed for his Nobel Prize win. This win is part of a larger and more complex set of issues. In a valuable commentary “Abiy Ahmed, Vladimir Lenin and the Quest for Peace” released on Dece

  • Ethiopia, Eritrea to Start Comprehensive Cooperation by 2020

    By Staff Reporter

    Isaias-Visit-Addis-AbabaDecember 26, 2019 ( -- The leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea have committed to launching a comprehensive co-operation and practical measures as of next year aiming at extricating the peoples the two neighboring states out of poverty.

    The leaders’ commitment comes as the Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki wrapped up his two days visit to Ethiopia where along with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed laid a foundation stone for the construction of a new Eritrean Embassy building in Addis Ababa.

    “We are very pleased to provide this plot of land for the construction Eritrean Embassy building in Addis Ababa as a Christmas gift to President Isaias Afeworki and his delegation as well as to the honorable people of Eritrea,” Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said.

    Ethiopians love and respect you and the people of Eritrea and I call

  • Eritrean President on Official Working Visit to Ethiopia

    By Staff Reporter

    Isaias-Afewerki-Abiy-AhmedDecember 25, 2019 ( -- Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki is on his second official working visit to Ethiopia after the two neighboring states ended their two decades of enmity last year.

    President Isaias was greeted by Prime Minister Abiy and other senior government officials at Bole International Airport. The Eritrean delegation included Foreign Minister Osman Saleh and Presidential Adviser Yemane Gebreab, among the others.

    The Eritrean delegation has visited Unity Park at the national palace, Sheger Beautifying Project Entoto, Entoto Observatory and research center and other infrastructure development activities in Addis Ababa and its environs.

    Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed praised President Issaias in his address after receiving the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, describing him as a “partner and comrade in peace&r

  • Ethiopia’s Peace Dividends: Are Massive Loans a Blessing or a Curse?

    By Dr. Aklog Birara

    Part I of II

    Dr-Aklog-BiraraDecember 19, 2019 ( -- In Ethiopia’s highly polarized political and governance environment, it is virtually impossible to subject any policy and structural issue to intellectual and analytical rigor. Each and everyone has a firm opinion. This opinion is often guided by narrow self or group interest, ethnic and or religious affiliation, class or ideology or village and region and so on. I am not talking about differences of opinion that are justified and supported by evidence. Rather, I am talking about the absence of a common denominator that guides discourse concerning Ethiopia as a country and all Ethiopians as human beings and as Ethiopian citizens. For example, does Ethiopia come first or does Amhara, Tigray, Oromia, etc.?

    For me, there is no contest at all. Ethiopia comes first. It should not take a foreign expert to tell us th

  • Price Controls on Export Commodities Do Not Work

    By Trilok Jhala, Himatsing International P. Ltd, Singapore

    Humera-SesameDecember 19, 2019 ( -- The following article was written in response to an article posted on on October 21, 2019, titled: “Ethiopia Introduces New Directive to Halt Fraud in Export Business.”

    The present article is written to express concerns with some of the contents contained in that article.

    With the highest respect and utmost regard for the Honorable State Minister of Trade and Industry, Ato Misganu Arega, it is vital to point out that an important angle or two may have been missed and, therefore, not taken into consideration in the article.

    To begin, let me introduce that I am the Managing Director of a well-established commodity trading company based in Singapore with roots dating back to 1959. Our trading in Ethiopian produce goes back to the past 30 years but more actively in t

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