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  • Alleged Killer of Hachalu Hundessa Pleads Guilty

    By Staff Reporter

    Tilahun-YamiAugust 8, 2020 ( -- Tilahun Yami, the prime suspect in the killing of the popular Ethiopian singer Hachalu Hundessa has pleaded "guilty".

    Tilahun has been maintaining innocence since his arrest early last month along with other four suspects.

    “I have been maintaining innocence because those people who hired me to murder Hachalu had warned to kill my family members if I pled guilty,” he told the federal First Instance Court on Friday.

    Tilahun, as a hired killer, was accused of shooting Hachalu to death on June 30, 2020, near the Gelan Condominium site in Addis Ababa. The deaths of the singer caused ethnic and religious-based attacks which left at least 200 people dead and hundreds of others wounded.

    Tilahun asked the court to provide all the necessary security protectio

  • Tigray Regional Council Dismisses HoF Warning as “Unconstitutional”

    By Staff Reporter

    Tigray-Region-CouncilAugust 4, 2020 ( -- The Tigray regional council dismissed warning from the House of Federation as “unconstitutional” as tensions between the governing party of Tigray and Ethiopian ruling party escalate over election matters.

    In response to HoF’s recent letter demanding the Tigray region defer planned election, the council said HoF is not authorized to dispatch letter and meddle in the region’s pre-election activities.

    Speaker of the Tigray regional council Raphael Sherif said HoF has violated the very principles of the constitution and stood against the sovereign powers and rights of the Ethiopian nations, nationalities, and people.

    Earlier this year, the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) announced that it will not be able to hold this year's g

  • Military Parades About COVID-19, Not a Show of Strength: TPLF Official

    By Staff Reporter

    Tigray-military-paradeAugust 3, 2020 ( -- The Tigray region has dismissed allegations that Sunday’s military parades in Mekele city and other towns of the region had to do with showing military strength.

    Tigray Region Communications Bureau Head Lia Kassa said the parades were meant to enhance awareness of the public on the coronavirus pandemic.

    The region’s special force and militiamen last Sunday marched through streets of Mekele city and other towns carrying light and heavy weapons.

    Peace and Security Bureau of the region on a Facebook page said “We are ready to sacrifice everything for sake of peace” as the parades were taking place in Mekele city and other four towns in the region.

    “The parades were aimed at nothing but to stimulate the

  • Oromo Political Parties Accuse Government of Hunting Their Members

    By Staff Reporter

    OFC-detained-membersAugust 2, 2020 ( -- Ethnic Oromo political parties have accused the Ethiopian government of hunting and detaining their leaders, members, and supporters in different parts of the Oromia region.

    The political parties also blamed the government for shutting down their offices in east Wellega, Horo Gudru Wellega, west Wellega, east Harargae, east Arsi, and North Shoa zones.

    Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) leader Professor Merera Gudina said the security forces have detained several members and supporters of OFC for no obvious reason especially at places where the opposition party enjoyed landslide victory during the 2005 general elections.

    “The federal police will continue apprehending those government officials and members and leaders of opposition political parties who are allegedly involved in

  • Federal Court Releases TPLF Officials on Bail

    By Staff Reporter

    TPLF-officials-released-bailJuly 31, 2020 ( -- The Federal First Instance Court released high-level officials of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) who were arrested in connection with the death of popular singer Hachalu Hundessa.

    Among those arrested a few weeks ago were TPLF Addis Ababa Bureau Head Tewolde Gebresadom, Tesfalem Yehdego, Director of the Law and Justice institution in the rank of State Minister; Atsbeha Alemayehu, Security Head of the Akaki Kality Subcity and his two drivers. They were arrested on suspicion of transferring valuable information to internal and external terrorist groups.

    Gebremedhin Tadele, the lawyer of the suspects, told local media that his clients were released after the Police failed to substantiate their allegations with the required evidence.

    The po

  • Police Charges Jawar Mohammed as Architect of Recent Violence

    By Staff Reporter  

    Jawar-in-CourtJuly 30, 2020 ( -- Police on Wednesday charged an opposition leader Jawar Mohammed as an architect of the latest inter-ethnic and religious conflicts which left more than 200 civilians dead in Oromia towns and in Addis Ababa.

    Presenting its investigative report to the Arada Federal 1st Instance Court, an investigation team under the federal police charged the defendant of plotting a coup and attempting to demolish the Monument of King Minilik II.

    As a leader of the Oromia Media Network (OMN), the suspect is also charged for conveying a message that incites conflict among ethnic and religious groups and that has resulted in loss of lives, serious and minor injuries, and damage of properties worth billions of birr.

    The team said it has gathered evidence that the suspec

  • At Least 14 People Killed in Ambush in Western Ethiopia

    By Staff Reporter

    Metekel-Benishangul-GumuzJuly 29, 2020 ( -- At least 14 people were killed and six others wounded in an ambush in Benishangul Gumuz regional state of western Ethiopia.

    The dead are among ethnic Amhara people who used to live in Sekela locality of the Amhara region, the region’s Communication Affairs Director Gizachew Muluneh told local media.

    The director blamed none but “bandits” in the area to assassinate the civilians in the Metekel zone, Guba district, Abujar locality. “The armed men disappeared into the nearby dense forest,” he said.

    According to the director, the armed men exchanged fire against members of the national defense forces who were there but none of the “bandits” were apprehended.

    The anti-insurgent force within the national defens

  • Bekele Gerba Blocked Dead Body from Passing at Burayu Town: Police

    By Staff Reporter

    Bekele-Gerba-OromoJuly 27, 2020 ( -- Ethiopian police said opposition leader Bekele Gerba led obstructing the road at Burayu town as mourners took the dead body of popular singer Hachalu Hundessa to Ambo town.

    In a court hearing on Monday, the Federal Police Commission Crime Investigation team charged Bekele Gerba for making calls and ordering violent youth groups in the town to block the road and deny mourners passage to Ambo town.

    The team said it has gathered adequate evidence that Bekele who is chairman of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) led and physically attended the violence.

    Bekele along with his associate Jawar Mohammed is charged for causing the recent ethnic and religious-based attacks that left more than 200 people dead and hundreds of others wounded in dozens of Oromia towns and Addis Abab

  • OLF Leader Daud Ibssa under House Arrest: Party Official

    By Staff Reporter  

    Daud-Ibssa-OLFJuly 26, 2020 ( -- Police on Sunday surrounded the house of Daud Ibssa, the Chairman of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), and they have denied him any movement, the party’s bureau head Geda Oljera has announced.

    The federal police detained Daud Ibssa three weeks ago for alleged involvement in the recent violence but released the following day for no clear reason.

    The Ethiopian government accused OLF of killing the popular Oromo singer that caused subsequent violence which left more than 200 people dead and hundreds of others wounded.

    “I and my family members can not go out of home and if we do, the police will apprehend us,” the chairman was quoted as saying.

    “Our chairman is put under the police control and he can not carry out his day to day activities,&

  • Government Failed to Present Suspects Before the Court: OLF

    By Staff Reporter   

    OLF-EthiopiaJuly 24, 2020 ( -- The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) said its leaders and members, who were charged in the killing of the popular Oromo Singer Hachalu Hundessa and instigating subsequent violence, did not appear before the court yet.

    According to the Ethiopian Criminal Law, suspects must appear before a court within 24 hours of their arrest. “None of them appeared before any court even though the suspects were detained 15 days ago,” the spokesperson for the OLF Tolera Adeba told VOA Amharic Service.

    “Neither members of the party’s leadership nor their families do not know the whereabouts of the suspects,” said Tolera who failed to mention how many of the suspects did not appear before the court.

    The suspects are of executive and central committee members of t

  • At Least Eight Members of Insurgent Group Killed in Western Ethiopia: Official

    By Staff Reporter

    Guba-Benishangul-GumuzAugust 9, 2020 ( -- At least eight members of an insurgent group in western Ethiopia were killed in an exchange of gunfire between the group and government security forces, an official has disclosed.

    The fighting took place in Guba district in the Benishangul Gumuz regional state as government forces launched a counterattack against the insurgents who recently killed 13 civilians and injured several others in an ambush.

    Melese Beyene, the region’s communications bureau head confirmed to local media that at least eight members of the armed group were killed in the counter-attack.

    Ahmed Kumsari, administrator of the Guba district told DW Amharic service that three more people, who were injured during last week’s attack, died putting the death toll from the attack to 16.<

  • Recent Mob Attacks Were Not Ethnic or Religious Based: Oromia Official

    By Staff Reporter

    Getachew-BalchaAugust 6, 2020 ( -- Oromia Region Communications Bureau Head Getachew Balcha dismissed reports that the recent mob attacks in Oromia towns and Addis Ababa were “ethnic and religious centered”.

    The official’s remark came as survivors testified that their family members were brutally attacked to death and in some instances beheaded just because of their ethnicity and religious background.

    The assertion by Getachew Balcha is also contrary to what has been happening in Oromia (and surrounding areas) over the last few years when many non-Oromo citizens became victims of mob violence with little help from local security officials.

    The recent killing predominantly targeted Christians and non-Oromo ethnic people. According to the survivors, no single Muslim was killed or wounded but

  • Unemployment and Economic Growth in Ethiopia

    By Abel Merawi

    Ethiopia-UnemploymentAugust 5, 2020 ( -- Being poor is no joke, especially when poverty is a national reality. It ought to be taken seriously. Some naively imagine the poor as weak and lazy; as if people can escape poverty if they simply choose to work harder. Being poor is also a probability that constantly keeps the middle class on their toes. Just imagine how long it will take you before you fall into poverty if you lose your current job. When your income is barely enough to bounce from one month to the next and when you find it hard to meet ends meet, saving becomes a phantom. As poverty looms over most households, it is essential to examine the pressing economic issues that cause and exasperate it. This laborious task will be little addressed by me, who is not an economist. I merely wish to start up a dialogue based on my readings

  • Police, Residents Foil Another Mob Attack in Oromia Towns

    By Staff Reporter

    Ambo-EthiopiaAugust 4, 2020 ( -- Residents in Ambo and Ginchi towns have foiled an attempted mob attack aimed at causing ethnic and religious-based violence and to obstruct economic activities.

    Eyewitnesses in Ambo town told that police apprehended quite a lot of violent youth groups as they were attempting to instigate unrest.

    According to eyewitnesses, town residents managed to stop the attempted mob attack ahead of police arrival.

    The mob is believed to be directed by radical Oromo groups who are mainly based in the US and Canada who are followers of the Oromo Media Network (OMN).

    The planned mob attack was supposed to run for five days, starting from Monday, August 3, 2020, and intended to obstruct economic and trading activities in Addis Ababa by cutting or blocking linking roads.

  • Citing Threats, TPLF Stages Military Parades

    By Staff Reporter

    Tigray-military-paradeAugust 2, 2020 ( -- Several military parades were staged in Mekele city and other towns of Tigray region for undisclosed reasons.

    The regional government said nothing about the purpose of the parades but the Peace and Security Bureau of the region on its Facebook page said “We are ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of peace”

    The parades’ participants who were largely members of the region’s special force and militiamen were seen carrying light and heavy weapons.

    Clad in military uniform, the parade participants under the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) marched along the main streets of the city and finally gathered in Mekele stadium.

    “The peace of a given people relies not on external protection but on internal capacity,&rdqu

  • We Will Not Go to War with TPLF over Elections: PM Abiy

    By Staff Reporter  

    PM-Abiy-no-war-TPLFJuly 31, 2020 ( -- Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said his government will not go to war with the governing party of Tigray, the Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (TPLF), over the unilateral decision of the latter to hold regional elections.

    “If war breaks out, the officials in Tigray will not be harmed but let others die. We will not go to war for the safety and respect of the Tigrayan people," the premier said while holding a discussion with political parties on national issues.

    The federal government will not use force against any belligerent regional government that conducts elections against the decision passed by the House of Federation (HoF), he said.

    The HoF postponed the elections until the corona-virus pandemic is deemed to be no threat to the health of voter

  • The Underestimated Human Ignorance

    By Abel Merawi

    wars-human-ignoranceJuly 29, 2020 ( -- What do you call a person who forgets the invaluable lessons of history? What is a good term for a person who engages in activities that harm oneself and others? What type of person believes in verily absurd fictions to the point of sacrificing oneself and others? What is the name of a person who begins every interaction in labels and categories? I don’t know about you, but I call such a person profoundly ignorant. To use words such as madness and stupidity would perhaps be more appropriate, yet I fear offending everyone, including the stupid in me! Let us then stick to the word ignorance and apply it to the whole of our species. As a general proposition, I contend that we are ignorant and afflicted with myopia since it is difficult to identify any other species that works against itself.

  • Ethiopian Premier Hopes to Resolve Disagreement between PP, TPLF Soon

    By Staff Reporter  

    PM-Abiy-Ahmed-PP-TPLFJuly 28, 2020 ( -- Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is optimistic that the worsening political relations between his administration and the governing party of Tigray will be resolved soon.

    In an interview with Fana Tigrigna language, Abiy said the people of Tigray have had a major role in Ethiopia’s politics starting from the country’s formation.

    According to the premier, the ongoing harsh political relations between the ruling Prosperity Party (PP) and Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (TPLF) had to do with the reform and subsequent disagreement that was exacerbated by external forces.

    Abiy called on the people of Tigray to stand in unison with Chairman of TPLF Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael who wants to resolve the political disagreement between TPLF and PP

  • Athlete Haile Gebresilassie Demands Justice for Destroyed Hotels

    By Staff Reporter

    Haile-Gebresilassie-resort-destroyedJuly 28, 2020 ( -- The damage from the latest violence in Oromia towns of Ethiopia included the burning of two hotels belonging to the renowned athlete and multiple world records holder Haile Gebreselassie.

    “I don’t know the exact value of the vanished property but it is estimated to cost nearly 300 million Birr, said Haile to BBC Amharic service whose hotel and resort were attacked by the recent violence in Shashemene and Ziway towns.”

    Haile Resort, a hotel chain that caters to western tourists and local clientele were some of the many structures that were burned to the ground in attacks from Oromo youth commonly known as Qeerroo.

    “We need justice and security from the government. We need affirmation from th

  • Violent Oromia Groups Threatening More Attacks: Victims

    By Staff Reporter

    East-Hararghe-EthiopiaJuly 26, 2020 ( -- The recent ethnic and religious-based attacks in Oromia towns of Ethiopia left residents fearful and threatened, questioning when the attacks will end.

    The victims and survivors, mainly non-Oromo ethnic people, are not the only individuals affected, but so are other people who are exposed to the violent attacks in other towns and cities, including the capital Addis Ababa.

    The fear among ethnic Amhara people in east Hararghe of Ethiopia is serious because the attackers commonly known as “Qeerroo” torched three other houses after police declared the violence had been put under control.

    The attackers, who are believed to have had the support of some members of the Oromia security forces, burned 57 houses along with other properties belonging to ethnic A

  • Is America the Land of Freedom? (Part II)

    By Abel Merawi

    Is-America-land-of-freedomJuly 24, 2020 ( -- The assumption that slavery was inspired by racism rather than capitalists’ greed is partially wrong. Yuval Noah Harari explains this in his book, Sapiens: a brief history of humankind. The conquering of America by Europeans was followed by the opening of gold and silver mines, and cotton, sugar and tobacco plantations. As sugar was important in the middle ages, sugar plantations were of the highest importance. The previously imported sugar from the Middle East was costly, and the new plantations in America dropped the price. However, finding cheap labor willing to work on these malaria-infested sugar plantations was difficult. Harari states, Sensitive to market forces, and greedy for profits and economic growth, European plantation owners switched to slaves.&

  • At Least 13 People Killed in Ethnic Clashes in Southern Ethiopia

    By Staff Reporter

    Konso-Southern-EthiopiaJuly 24, 2020 ( -- At least 13 people were killed and several others wounded in clashes between ethnic Konso and Ale over land ownership right in Southern Ethiopia.

    Peace and Security Bureau head of the Konso zone Hassen Wellano confirmed the death of 11 people due to the ethnic skirmishes which continue to spread from bordering areas of the two ethnic groups.

    Eyewitnesses in the Konso cluster told DW Amharic Service that the ethnic clashes continue and people are dying in Korkura locality at a place called Kelango where several houses also are burned.

    According to the eyewitnesses, 13 people were killed, including four in Megoya, one in Golmele, and five in Fogera localities. “There are also several people who were heavily wounded in the conflict.”


  • Ethiopian Freighter Plane Catches Fire at Shanghai Airport

    By Staff Reporter

    Ethiopian-Airlines-in-flames-ShanghaiJuly 22, 2020 ( -- Ethiopian Airlines cargo plane caught fire on Wednesday at Shanghai Pudong Airport in China as citizens were celebrating the completion of the first phase of filling the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

    According to a statement issued by the airlines, the aircraft was on a regularly scheduled cargo service from Shanghai to Sao Paulo-Santiago.

    All ground staff and flying crew are safe. Ethiopian has collaborated with all concerned authorities and contained the fire, the statement added.

    The cause of the incident is under investigation by the appropriate authorities, it noted.

    Pictures and videos circulating on Chinese social media showed heavy smoke pouring from an Ethiopian aircraft, and a large section of the upper fusela

  • TPLF Accuses Eritrea of Plotting to Disrupt Elections in Tigray Region

    By Staff Reporter

    Debretsion-electionsJuly 21, 2020 ( -- The Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) accused the Eritrean government of joining forces with Addis Ababa and regional government to disrupt the planned elections in Tigray region next August.

    Briefing Journalists on Monday, TPLF chairman and deputy president of the Tigray region, Debretsion Gebremichael said TPLF witnessed provocation from the federal government of Ethiopia to “disrupt the election,” and called on the people in the region to stand united and repel possible attacks.

    “Tigray region will be a burial ground for those forces which are attempting to obstruct the election,” Debretsion warned.

    According to the TPLF chair, there have been noticeable activities “near the region’s border and bordering areas&rdquo

  • Is America the Land of Freedom? (Part I)

    By Abel Merawi

    Is-America-land-of-freedomJuly 18, 2020 ( -- Walter McMillian is a hardworking black man from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, the land of freedom! Everyone in his community admired and respected his optimistic struggle to cope with the misery of life before the system put him in a death row. His only crime was adultery with a white woman named Karen. But in ‘white America’ this, a moral question is the worst crime that mostly ends in a lynching. The law was not satisfied with the mild punishment Walter could face for this crime. Thus, they accused him of murdering a white woman, by placing a deranged criminal as a witness. The witness did not even know Walter, he was only coerced by the sheriff and other law enforcers. Thus, they put him on a death row. It was only when Bryan Stevenson, a young African American law graduate fro

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  • Foggy Weather in Addis Ababa Diverts Incoming Flights to Nearby Airports

    By Staff Reporter

    Ethiopian-Airlines-FogAugust 4, 2020 ( -- Foggy weather in the Ethiopian capital disrupted air traffic as several flights coming to Addis Ababa Bole international airport were forced to divert to nearby airports, the Ethiopian airlines said in a statement.

    Fog enveloped the central capital and its adjoining areas in the morning and the situation deteriorated in the afternoon.

    According to the airline, the cloudy weather and fog had reduced visibility at the runway of the airport at noon, forcing authorities to reschedule flights leaving the capital.

    The foggy weather condition has disrupted several scheduled flights until late on Tuesday but the airline did not mention the number of flights interrupted.

    It also did not specify where the incoming flights are landing in other airports of the country.

    Meanwhile, Police told the federa

  • Ethiopia Announces Completion of 1st Phase GERD Filling

    By Staff Reporter

    GERD-first-filling-completedJuly 22, 2020 ( -- Ethiopian Prime Minister Office on Wednesday announced the completion of the first phase water filling activity of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam’s (GERD).

    The office said there has been adequate rainfall and running water from the highlands of Ethiopia and the Abay (Nile) river has begun overflowing the dam.

    Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has sent congratulatory messages to the Ethiopian public and extended gratitude to former Prime Ministers, engineers, workers, water experts, negotiators, and others who have had roles for such a success.

    Accordingly, the dam has contained 4.9 billion cubic meters of water and will begin generating power next September with two turbines.

    He said the dam will be fully completed over the coming three years if joint efforts are exerted and

  • Ethiopia Begins Filling Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

    By Staff Reporter

    GERD-FillingJuly 16, 2020 ( -- Ethiopia has begun filling the reservoir of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), the country’s Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy Dr. Sileshi Bekele has confirmed.

    “The dam filling is now underway in conformity with the normal process of the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam,” Dr. Sileshi told local media.

    The Minister’s confirmation comes after the African Union (AU) led negotiation between Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt over the filling and operation of the GERD ended without agreement.

    The three countries negotiated virtually on the first filling and annual operations of the dam for the last couple of weeks as led by the Bureau of the African Union Assembly but ended without an agreement.

    According to a press release issued by the Ethiopian Ministry of Water, I

  • Four Arab League Member States Reject Egypt’s Position on GERD

    By Staff Reporter

    4-Arab-League-members-GERDJune 24, 2020 ( -- Djibouti, Somalia, and the State of Qatar have defied Arab League’s resolution requiring Ethiopia to delay the filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) until a comprehensive deal is reached with Egypt.

    The refusal by the three-member states of the Arab League comes after the UN urged Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt to "work together" to resolve differences on the GERD project that Ethiopia is undertaking on the Nile.

    The three countries refused to follow the Arab League Resolution that supports Egypt stance’s on GERD during the league’s urgent meeting on issues related to the GERD and the standoff between Libya and Egypt.

    The resolution submitted by Egypt and approved by Arab foreign ministers was passed on Tuesday in a virtual conference requested by Cairo.

    The League&#

  • Ethiopia Accuses Egypt of Conducting Cyber Attacks on Key Institutions

    By Staff Reporter

    Egypt-cyberattack-EthiopiaJune 24, 2020 ( -- Ethiopia has accused Egypt of conducting state-backed cyberattacks against its key institutions in an attempt to disrupt economic and political activities.

    The Ethiopian Intelligence office said Egypt based hackers namely Cyber Hopes Group, Anubis Hacker, and Security bypass conducted a coordinated attack to disrupt critical infrastructure activities including the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) project.

    The Information Networks Security Agency (INSA) in a statement said it foiled all the attempted attacks particularly those which were conducted on June 17, 19, 20, and 21, 2020 by Egypt backed hackers.

    The attackers were believed to have been working on behalf of the Egyptian government, an indictment the Ethiopian government has made for the first time against the North African nation.

    INSA claimed the c

  • Ethiopians Will Die Defending GERD Project: Deputy Army Chief

    By Staff Reporter

    Berhanu-JulaJune 12, 2020 ( -- Ethiopian Deputy Army Chief Lieutenant General Berhanu Jula said the people Ethiopia will not fear to die and defend their sovereignty over the hydropower dam project.

    In an interview with the state-run Addis Zemen newspaper the deputy chief of staff said “Egyptians and the rest of the world know very well how Ethiopians manage and win war whenever it happens,”

    The army chief accused Egyptian authorities of holding distorted views and threatening Ethiopia and others who want to make fair use of the Nile water.

    The general’s comments come after Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed told lawmakers earlier this week that the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam  (GERD) project is a matter of life and death to the Ethiopian people and diplomacy should take center stage to resolve outstanding issues.

    In the 21

  • Ethiopia to Commence Filling GERD Reservoir Next July: Minister

    By Staff Reporter

    GERD-filling-JulyMay 11, 2020 ( -- Tensions have gone up between Ethiopia and Egypt over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) after Egypt rejected Ethiopia’s new proposal on the filling of the dam.

    Ethiopia reaffirmed that it would commence filling of the GERD’s reservoir next July during a ministerial meeting chaired by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Monday.

    The water filling strategy for the dam has long been the most controversial issue and yet unresolved in the Nile talks between Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan.

    Recently, Egypt's Minister of Foreign Affairs Sammy Shoukry submitted a 15-page complaint letter to the United Nations Security Council via Mohammed Endris, the Egyptian ambassador to the UN.

    Cairo once again warned that Ethiopia’s move to fill the dam ahead of the tripartite agreement will potentially pose a seri

  • Ethiopia Denying Entry to Eritrean Migrants

    By Staff Reporter

    Eritrean-Refugees-EthiopiaApril 24, 2020 ( -- Ethiopia has denied entry permits for Eritrean migrants who want to cross to its territory, has learned.

    UN agencies that are working on migration and aid organizations told VOA Amharic service that Ethiopia has denied Eritrean migrants access to its territory in secret since January 2020 against international law and its open-door policy.

    The closure of borders for asylum seekers could subject the Eritrean migrants to use unsafe routes in trying to reach Europe and the US, the UNHCR warned.

    Eritrean migrants in Ethiopia have had better chances to go to Europe and the United States in a legal way but after a long waiting time.

    Agency for Refugees and Returnees Affairs (ARRA) this month told employees of donor organizations and international NGOs that the previous migration policy of

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