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  • Highway to the Sea Re-Opened After Protesters End Blockade

    Road-Blockade-Ethiopia-DjiboutiJanuary 18, 2019 ( - Protesters in the northeastern Afar region of Ethiopia ended a blockade to the nation’s primary route to the sea, which started on Sunday. The protestors were demonstrating against the increasing ethnic strife, said organizers and the police on Tuesday.

    The protestors commenced a five-day blockade of the country’s main highway to its neighbor Djibouti on Sunday according to Mahi Bule, a member of the organizing committee.

    Ethiopia has experienced ethnic motivated conflict since last year, which led to deaths and the displacement of more 3 million people.

    Critics argue that the prime minister Abiy Ahmed, who took over in April last year adopted political reforms which have made the dormant ethnic tensions to resurface in the continent’s second-most popu

  • EPRDF Executive Committee Holding Regular Session

    EPRDF-in-MeetingJanuary 16, 2019 ( - The Executive Committee of Ethiopian ruling party has started one of its regular session today, office of the Front said. 

    The chairpersons and deputy chairpersons of affiliate parties are participating at the meeting, according to the decision made at the 11th organizational congress.

    The Committee is expected to evaluate the implementation of the directions set at the 11th organizational congress of the Front held in October 2018 in Hawassa.

    There, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) held its conference under the theme “National Unity for All Rounded Prosperity”.

    The current meeting is also expected to discuss current national issues and reforms, according to a statement issued by the EPRDF.

    The Ethiopian People’s Revolutio

  • Africa in Desperate Need of Visionary Leaders

    Africa-visionary-leadersJanuary 12, 2019 ( - African visionary leaders are few and far between. The great majority are the same: corrupt, incompetent and dictatorial. Many Africans are fed up with the type of leaders they have. The reason for this is apparent. Most of these leaders have done little to improve the welfare of their people, who languish in poverty while they and their cronies live in opulence. But why is Africa failing?

    It is well known that politics is a driver of the economic progress of a country. In the book dubbed ‘Why Nations Fail’ Robinson and Acemoglu affirm the major difference between developing and developed nations lies in their political evolution.

    Developed countries have inclusive political and economic systems, which offer more equal opportunity for wealth creation.

    However, less develo

  • Congo Elections: Felix Tshisekedi Emerges Victorious

    Felix-TshisekediJanuary 10, 2019 ( - Felix Tshisekedi, the presidential candidate of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s chief opposition party was declared the winner in the hotly contested election, held on the 30th of December 2018.

    The result which was announced early Thursday morning means for the first time since attaining independence from Belgium in 1960, DRC will have the first ever electoral transfer of power.

    The outcome came as a shocker to many, especially the observers, who thought the electoral body would ensure the ruling party’s candidate, Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary, would emerge victorious in the polls.

    This marked the third election since the end of the protracted civil war in 2002.

    Mr. Emmanuel was handpicked by the incumbent, Joseph Kabila who has ruled for 18 years. Ramazani dre

  • President Sahle-Work Zewde Commends Ireland

    Sahle-Work-commends-IrelandJanuary 10, 2019 ( - While meeting Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, Ethiopia’s first female president, Sahle-Work Zewde has paid tribute to Ireland for setting a good example in appointing women to high offices.

    She commended Ireland during a meeting with Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar on the first day of his visit to Ethiopia. Despite the two nations having diplomatic ties for more than 25 years, this is the first official visit by a Taoiseach to the country.

    Addressing the Irish media after the meeting, the president congratulated Ireland for leading the world on female presidents.

    “Congratulations for showing the way for having female presidents. I’m humbled with the opportunity I have here and hope we will encourage other countries to do the same. So you have a goo

  • Tigray Government Refuses to Hand Over Getachew Assefa - Attorney General

    Berhanu-Tsegaye-AG-EthiopiaJanuary 5, 2018 - The Attorney General of Ethiopia requested help from the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) to arrest former head of Intelligence chief Getachew Assefa.

    The Attorney General, BerhanuTsegaye, specifically asked HPR to apply pressure on the Tigray regional state to hand over the former chief.

    The Attorney General made this request while presenting five-month performance report to the House of Representatives.

    During the session, Berhanu presented details of activities carried out in the past five months including measures taken against crimes, human right abuses, corruption and organized crimes.

    Berhanu indicated that the government knows the former intelligence chief is still in Tigray, but said 'we do not want to risk people's lives to get him.'


  • Government Considering Salary Raise for Educators - PM Abiy Ahmed

    Abiy-Ahmed-EducatorsJanuary 5, 2019 ( - The Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed disclosed his government is considering revising salaries and incentives for educators.

    The premier disclosed this while meeting with 3,696 educators from across the country today.

    During the discussion, he addressed several questions regarding creating a conducive education environment.

    He said his government is committed to investing in education and restructuring of the Ministry of Education.

    The Prime Minister stressed that educators have a responsibility to nurture critical thinking, so people can separate what is relevant and make informed decisions, rather than reactive decisions.

    He also underscored the need to cultivate a culture of dialogue, conflict resolution, as well as gender, ethnic, and religious equity.


  • Foreign Minister of China, Wang Yi, in Ethiopia Today

    China-FM-in-EthiopiaJanuary 3, 2018 ( - The Foreign Minister of China, Wang Yi, is in Ethiopia today for talks with Ethiopian officials.

    The Foreign Minister of Chinamet Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed today.

    In their meeting, the Ethiopian Primier is said to have acknowledged the longstanding relations between the two countries and China’s immense contributions to Ethiopia, according to Office of the prime Minister.

    In addition to infrastructure development, the Ethiopian Prime Minister sought China's assistance in new forms of technology.

    Wang Yi on his part appreciated the successful reform initiatives undertaken by Ethiopia recently.

    The Foreign Minister of China also met Ethiopia’s Foreign Minister Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu today.

    During the meeting, Wang noted the historic relations

  • PM Office Appoints Nigusu Tilahun as Press Secretary, Kassahun Gofe as Deputy

    press-secretaries-ethiopiaJanuary 2, 2019 ( - The office of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia announced that Nigusu Tilahun was appointed as press secretary at the office of the Prime Minister, replacing Billene Seyoum.

    In November 2018, the Ethiopian goverment had appointed Billene Seyoum as Press Secretary at the office of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, a job that was covered previously by Abiy’s former Chief of Staff, Fitsum Arega, who was recently appointed Ethiopian Ambassador to the United States of America.

    The reason the former press secretary was replaced was not disclosed.

    Before his current appointment, the new press secretary, Nigusu Tilahun, has been head of the Amhara region culture and tourism bureau with the rank of deputy chief administrator.

    Nigusu also served as director general of Amhara regional

  • Four Ethiopia-Wide Political Parties Agree to Merge

    Four-Ethiopian-Parties-MergeJanuary 1, 2019 - Four Ethiopia-wide political parties have agreed to merge and form one citizen-based party.

    In a press conference, the Semayawi Party (Blue Party), Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP), Patriotic Ginbot 7, and Unity Party (UP) said they are forming a new party.

    The four parties have been in negotiations on forming some kind of unity party between their respective organizations.

    According to the plan, the new party is to be formed at the end or march 2019.

    The name of the new party is not yet disclosed, nor its leaders, according to the information they released.

    As far as its objectives, the new party will focus on Ethiopian unity, freedom of citizens, ownership of land and people empowerment, it was learnt.

    Preparing for the new party formation, the Blue Party h

  • Ethiopian Force Ambushed by Al-Shabaab; Massive Response Expected

    Al-Shabaab-Attack-EthiopiaJanuary 19, 2019 ( - Ethiopian National Defence Forces were ambushed by al-Shabaab forces in Somalia this week, according to AP report. Ethiopia is preparing for a massive offensive in return.

    The Ethiopian forces were on peacekeeping convoy in Somalia when the attack by al-Shabaab happened. According to reports, the ambush occurred when the Ethiopian convoy was traveling from Burhakaba to Baidoa in Somalia's southwest.

    Al-Shabaab claimed several Ethiopian troops were killed in the attack. Al-Shabaab also claimed responsibility for the deadly hotel assault in Nairobi and deadly attacks on forces inside Somalia.

    The Ministry of Defense confirmed that Al Shabaab attacked a convoy carrying Ethiopian soldiers who were on a peacekeeping mission in Somalia, according to the Reporter.

    The mini

  • EPRDF Exec Committee Concludes Meeting, Lauds Achievements

    EPRDF-concludes-meeting-2019January 18, 2019 - The Executive Committee of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) concluded its meeting today, according to FBC news report.

    According to a statement issued following conclusion of the meeting, the leadership committee commended the measures taken following the decisions of the 11th Organizational Congress of EPRDF to widen the political landscape.

    Achievements cited were the release of prisoners, the return of exiled political parties and armed group to the country, improvement in the protection of human rights, freedom of expression, and freedom of the press were stated as some of the gains made from the efforts made to expand the democratic space.

    Also cited were the coming of more women to power, the reconciliation between religious institutions and their

  • Ethiopia's Investment in Agriculture is Paying Off

    Ethiopia-Investment-in-agriculture-paying-offJanuary 18, 2018 ( - Agriculture is the backbone of Ethiopia’s economy. It accounts for about 42% of the country’s GDP and employs an estimated 80% of the population. With a 10% economic growth rate per annum, Ethiopia is emerging as a force to reckon with in terms of development in the continent.

    And with an ambitious prime minister like Abiy Ahmed in office, there are no signs that Ethiopia’s determinations for further growth will fade any time soon .It is clear from the government’s development blueprint, Ethiopia intends to achieve middle-income status by 2025.

    2011-2015 Agricultural Goals:

    Ethiopia’s government came up with the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) to achieve certain

  • Ethiopia Detains 835 Armed OLF Militants

    Command-post-EthiopiaJanuary 16, 2019 ( - Ethiopia detained 835 armed militants of OLF who were conducting various illegal activities and disrupting peace in Oromia, accodring to the statement released by the Ethiopian national defense forces.

    Operations were conducted by the Command Post established to prevent conflict at Benishangul Gumuz and western Oromia regional states, according to a report by FBC.

    According to the statement, most public, private and business activities have resumed, including services stopped due to security concerns.

    The command post praised the public for providing assistance, leads and tips in detaining suspects and recovering looted properties.

    According to the latest report, the Command Post has so far recovered 4 Bern machine guns, 61 Kalashnikov guns, 105 old-fashioned weapons, 8 pistols,

  • Bank Robberies Sweep Oromia Region

    Bank-robberies-sweep-OromiaJanuary 15, 2019 ( - Bank robberies have swept parts of the Oromia region this week, according to Deutsche Welle (DW) Amharic Service.

    According to the report, severteen banks have been robbed in the last two days alone.

    Six banks were robbed in Wollega, West Oromo region of Ethiopia, yesterday since 11 a.m. local time in Hawa Gelan, Erob Gebeya, Mechara, Sedi Chinka towns in the region.

    He added that armed men took unspecified amount of money and abducted bank emplyees, which makes it difficult to know how much money was taken.

    Oromia United Bank and Commercial Bank of Ethiopia branches were the targets of the armed robberies.

    The militant wing of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) is believed to be behind the robberies.

    The gunmen also destroyed two government offices

  • Ethiopia Awards GERD Electro-Mechanical Work to Chinese Firms

    GERD-electro-mechanical-projectJanuary 13, 2019 ( - The Ethiopian government made two separate agreements worth USD 200 million to complete the hydraulic steel structures and electromechanical work that has delayed the completion of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), according to the Ethiopian Reporter.

    The Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) awarded Voith Hydro Shanghai Ltd, a chinese firm based in Germany, to supply and install six turbine generators. According to the agreement, the firm will receive USD 77.9 million. Abraham Belay (PhD), CEO of EEP, and Voith deputy, Tang Xu, signed the agreement on Thursday.

    The EEP also made another agreement with Power China, another chinese firm, to construct the hydraulic steel structure component of the GERD. For USD 125.6, Power China will finalize the steel structure construction by

  • Maternal Deaths Down by 70 Percent in Ethiopia

    Ethiopia-maternity-death-riskJanuary 10, 2019 ( - Ethiopia has reduced the rate of maternal mortality by more than 70% according to a statement by the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia.

    The health officials cited the 1990 World Health Organization (WHO) report where the mortality rate for mothers was 1,250 in every 100,000, but now stands at 353 in every 100,000. A drop of about 70%.

    In a research published in the Lancet covering the period from 1990 to 2013, it was reported the most causes of maternal deaths are complication arising from unsafe abortions (15%), obstructed labor (6%), hypertensive disorders during pregnancy (10%), postpartum bleeding (15%) and postpartum infections (8%).

    Despite the decline reported in Ethiopia, 50% of the deaths are still caused by hypertension during pregnancy, obstructed labor, hemorrhage,

  • Leaders of Ethiopia, Eritrea Open Oumhajir-Humera Border

    Debretsion-Isaias-OmahagerJanuary 8, 2019 ( - The leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea have officially opened Oumhajir-Humera border yesterday.

    Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki were among the dignitaries, as were the deputy administrator of Tigray, Debretsion Gebremichael, and the Administrator of Amhara region, Gedu Endargachew.

    According to the sate media, Ethiopian News Agency, the border was opened to grow people-to-people relations on both sides and facilitate cross-border trade.

    This opening of the Oumhajir-Humera border is the continuation of normalizing of Ethio-Eritrea relations, ENA reported.

    It is unknown why this route was opened while restricting or closing borders elsewhere, particularly the Zalambesa border.

    Upon arrival, the Ethiopian delegation was welcomed by Pr

  • Peace Deal Strengthened Isaias Afewerki

    Isaias-Afewerki-Abiy-AhmedJanuary 6, 2019 ( - To many people, Isaias Afewerki’s regime was totally forgotten in recent years before Abiy Ahmed arrived for him and his economically crippled country. On the 5th of June 2018, Ethiopia announced it would abide by the year 2000 Algiers peace agreement that brought the border war with Ethiopia to a halt.

    The peace deal awarded several disputed territories to Eritrea, including the hotly contested town of Badme.

    For a long time, Ethiopia refused to withdraw its troops from these territories, hence making border demarcation virtually impossible. But the peace agreement marked a new beginning moving forward.

    Since the signing of the peace deal, not much has changed in Eritrea, apart from the opening of the border crossing which was recently closed temporar

  • 400,000 Displaced People Returned to Their Homes in Oromia

    Oromia-displaced-resettledJanuary 3, 2019 ( - Ethiopia has returned more than 400,000 people displaced people to their respective places in Oromia, according to Oromia Disaster Risk Management Commission.

    The people were displaced due to a series of conflicts along the border between Oromia and Somali regions states.

    They were returned to their former homes in Moyale, Borena, Guji, Bale, East and West Hararghe bordering woredas and kebeles.

    “Resettlement of the displaced took place as the security situation stabilized and peace prevailed in the border areas of the two regional states,” he added.

    In cooperation with concerned bodies, the government is working to resolve the root causes of the clashes that happened in Moyale recently.

    The commisioner further said there is still u

  • Britain Provided One Billion USD in Development Assistance to Ethiopia - Ambassador

    Britain-Ambassador-EthiopiaJanuary 2, 2018 - The outgoing British ambassador to Ethiopia, Susanna Moorehead, disclosed that Britain provided about one billion USD in development assistance to Ethiopia in the last three years.

    She disclosed this information while bidding farewell to Ethiopian officials and others in the capital Addis Ababa.

    She said her country financed various development projects in Ethiopia, including a program that benefited 4 million pregnant mothers and children under 5.

    Britain has also built a project that increased access to safe drinking water for 5 million Ethiopians, according to the ambassador.

    Foreign Minister Workneh Gebeyehu bid farewell to the outgoing UK Ambassador to Ethiopia Susanna Moorehead this morning.

    The Ethiopian Foreign MInister thanked Moorehead‘s endeavor to enhan

  • Ethiopia Revises Civil Organizations Law

    Charities-law-EthiopiaJanuary 1, 2019 - The Ethiopian civil society organizations (CSOs) proclamation has been revised and sent to the Council of Ministers, according to the Federal Attorney General of Ethiopia.

    The Federal Attorney General, Berhanu Tsegaye, said a new draft bill was presented to the House for approval and will come into effect once it is approved.

    He did not disclose details of the new of law, but he said the draft law took into consideration constitutional and international conventions which focused on the right to organize, he said.

    The Attorney General also disclosed that Ehiopia is amending the anti-terrorism law and it will be presented to pertinent bodies for approval soon.

    Successive Ethiopian governments have been legistlating laws that curtailed one freedom after another in the name

  • The Challenges of Poverty Reduction in Ethiopia

    Poverty-Reduction-EthiopiaDecember 30, 2018 ( - Since 2000, Ethiopia has made significant progress in alleviating poverty. It has made great strides in different Millennium Development Goals; including disease eradication and reducing the infant mortality rate. Despite the efforts made, Ethiopia ranks high amongst the countries with the highest poverty rates, as per World Bank data.

    The factors contributing to poverty in the country are rooted in its economic, political, geographic, demographic, environment and overall policy. Ethiopia is characterized by low income, weak capital and investment, and high unemployment rates.

    Its agrarian-based economy has been subject to the whims of natural forces and it can’t sustain its economic growth and structural transformation. When an economy finds itself in this state, vulnerability an

  • Eritrea Closes Border Crossings Partially

    Eritrea-closes-border-partiallyDecember 28, 2018 ( - Eritrea has partially closed two border crossings that opened this year after the normalization of relations with Ethiopia, according to the Associated Press.

    Following the normalization of relations that started in July this year and the opening of borders in September 2018, thousands of people have crossed the border that was closed for two decades.

    In addition to traders and family visitors, more 25,000 Eritreans have come to Ethiopia, seeking asylum and potential route to Europe and other places.

    The exact reason for the partial broder closure is unknown.

    Spokesperson Liya Kassa with Ethiopia's northern Tigray region tells The Associated Press it is not clear why Eritrea closed the crossings to Ethiopians. She says Eritreans are still cr

  • Ethiopia Announces Diplomats to 19 Countries, Missions

    Diplomats-appointed-EthiopiaDecember 27, 2018 ( - The Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced diplomats for 19 countres and missions. This follows on the ministry's announcement earlier this year that it was working to make foreign representatives more professional, rather than political, people who can promote Ethiopia's interests abroad more effectively.

    Today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs formally appointed 19 individuals to various foreign outposts.

    Notable appointees include Fitsum Arega, who was the Director General of the Ethiopian Investment Commission and the Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia. He is now appointed as Ambassador to the United States of America. Further, Ambassador Teshome Toga will become the new Ambassador to China. He was  the second Speaker of the House of Peoples'

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  • Trends Shaping Business in Africa in 2019

    Business-in-Africa-TrendsJanuary 14, 2019 ( - The economic outlook of some of Africa’s signature economies didn't inspire confidence in 2018. Angola and Nigeria have just recovered from a recession triggered by a decline in oil prices. And for the first time in a decade, South Africa experienced a recession.

    But away from these economic giants, there are emerging global trends and emerging powers that provide the prospect of new stories in the continent.

    In 2018, Countries like Ethiopia, Djibouti, Senegal, Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Tanzania featured among the fastest growing economies globally. According to the World Bank, sub-Saharan Africa is likely to witness a growth of 3.6% in 2019-2020.

    The global consulting company, Mckinsey and Company suggest the region is at the same stage China was before its explosive economic transformation. They say African countries sho

  • Ethiopia Bears the Burden after Peace with Eritrea

    Ethiopia-Eritrea-Border-OpeningJanuary 12, 2019 - Since the signing of the peace deal between Ethiopia and Eritrea in July, Eritreans have crossed over into Ethiopia in huge numbers. This has not only overwhelmed Ethiopian authorities but also has put the country under a lot of pressure due to the huge influx of asylum seekers.

    The country is struggling to cope amid fears the recent partial closure of the border crossing on Eritrea’s side could again be made permanent.

    Local authorities estimate more than 25,000 Eritreans have crossed into Ethiopia since the border was opened in September 2018. Those who arrive in Ethiopia cite different reasons. Top among them is the compulsory military service, whereas others are looking for better lives or long-lost families.

    The UNHCR reports the number of refugees in Ethiopia increased upon the opening of the border crossing. The numbe

  • Gabon Failed Coup: A Sign of Underlying Problems?

    Gabon-Coup-AttemptJanuary 10, 2019 ( - On Monday morning, the world woke up to news of an attempted coup in Gabon. But the government forces acted swiftly, killing two suspects and arresting eight others in the process. They took over the state-owned radio station in an attempt to end Bongo’s family dynasty that has lasted 50 years.

    The government spokesperson -Guy-Bertrand Mapangou- announced the loyal forces regained control of the radio station after killing two and detaining other perpetrators of the heinous act of treason.

    The coup organizers claimed they intended to restore democracy in the oil-rich country, where the ailing president’s family has ruled for 50 years.

    One of the perpetrators was hiding for a brief period before he was found hidden under a bed as reported by Radio France Internationale.

    My Guy-Bertrand said the civil society, military gener

  • Top 10 African Countries with the Best Business Climate

    Doing-Business-in-AfricaDecember 30, 2018 ( - Africa has tremendous potential, with abundant natural resources and hardworking people. There exist a huge gap and opportunities for budding entrepreneurs.
    Despite the challenges we experience, Africa has a huge potential for growth in almost all sectors.

    The World Bank Group developed a ranking system called the Doing Business Index, which indicates the ease of doing business. A high ranking, which is denoted by a small numerical number, indicates a better climate and vice versa.

    For the past fifteen years, the World Bank has been measuring business environments using this system. They have analyzed more than 190 economies using criteria like electricity, ease of business creation, taxes and the protection of property rights.

    Based on this criteria, here are the top 10 African countries with the best business climates for

  • Income Inequality in Africa

    Income-Inequality-in-AfricaDecember 26, 2018 ( - In September 2017, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) launched a study dubbed “Income Inequality Trends in Sub-Saharan Africa: Divergence, Determinants, and Consequences.” What was clear during the launch is that Africa must address the challenges of income inequality if it is to progress towards poverty reduction and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    According to this study, despite the economic progress we’ve made this far, highlighted by our robust GDP growth of around 5.0%, the level of poverty in Africa at 41% is still high compared to other developing continents.

    Income inequality in Africa stems from its highly dual economic structure. High-income sectors like multinational entities and the extractive industries offer the limited capacity to create employment compared to the informal sector, wher

  • Africa and The Fight Against Corruption

    Corruption-in-AfricaDecember 21, 2018 ( - According Transparency International, in 2017, out of the top 20 most corrupt countires in the world, 10 of them are in Africa. The continent has long been saddled with corruption at all levels of society. In some African countries, people have to pay bribes to access basic services like healthcare, schooling, and official records, according to Transparency International. The situation is even worse at the higher level, where contracts are negotiated and awarded, big ticket items are purchased, national assets are sold, etc.

    Recently, Africa embraced two crucial agendas: The 2030 agenda and the 2063 agenda. Agenda 2030 is a UN driven shared global vision and commitment to eradicate poverty and achieve sustainable development by 2030 world-wide. Agenda 2063 is a strategic framework for the socio-economic transformation of the African continent over the next 50

  • The Leading Democracies in Africa

    Democracies-in-AfricaDecember 9, 2018 ( - Recent years have proved too confusing for African democracies. There have been coup attempts that didn’t look like coups, and there have been elections that weren’t elections. Africa has witnessed years of political illusions.

    From 2015, there has been a retrogressive trend that continues to threaten Africa’s democratic space, with a few exceptions, of course. 2017 proved to us that democracy in Africa is backsliding, where some powerful presidents in the continent decided to neglect the will of the people, by seeking an extension of their terms in office, beyond what the constitution prescribes.

    Notwithstanding the recent slide, there are countries that are still marching forward with functional democracies. Elections are held where the majority votes, and where the courts arbitrate when disputes arise.

    Some African co

  • Colonization Still Alive and Well in Africa Today

    Modern-day-colonization-AfricaDecember 1, 2018 ( - Colonization is still alive and well in Africa today, writes Solomon Mboya.

    Many people believe the colonization of Africa ended after the countries gained independence, mostly in the 60s. Time and again we’ve been lied to, and it’s unfortunate we believe the lies propagated by the Western countries. In this article, I want to prove to you that presently, Africa is still colonized.

    According to the African Courier, none of the 54 African countries are truly independent. In one way or another, they are still weakened and manipulated by their former western colonizers who seek to gain from their abundant resources.

    Let’s start by understanding the word ‘colonization.’ According to the English Dictionary, the term colonization “is the act or process of settling among and establishing cont

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