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EPRDF Exec Committee Concludes Meeting, Lauds Achievements

EPRDF-concludes-meeting-2019January 18, 2019 - The Executive Committee of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) concluded its meeting today, according to FBC news report.

According to a statement issued following conclusion of the meeting, the leadership committee commended the measures taken following the decisions of the 11th Organizational Congress of EPRDF to widen the political landscape.

Achievements cited were the release of prisoners, the return of exiled political parties and armed group to the country, improvement in the protection of human rights, freedom of expression, and freedom of the press were stated

Ethiopia's Investment in Agriculture is Paying Off

Ethiopia-Investment-in-agriculture-paying-offJanuary 18, 2018 ( - Agriculture is the backbone of Ethiopia’s economy. It accounts for about 42% of the country’s GDP and employs an estimated 80% of the population. With a 10% economic growth rate per annum, Ethiopia is emerging as a force to reckon with in terms of development in the continent.

And with an ambitious prime minister like Abiy Ahmed in office, there are no signs that Ethiopia’s determinations for further growth will fade any time soon .It is clear from the government’s development blueprint, Ethiopia intends to achieve middle-income status by 2025.

Highway to the Sea Re-Opened After Protesters End Blockade

Road-Blockade-Ethiopia-DjiboutiJanuary 18, 2019 ( - Protesters in the northeastern Afar region of Ethiopia ended a blockade to the nation’s primary route to the sea, which started on Sunday. The protestors were demonstrating against the increasing ethnic strife, said organizers and the police on Tuesday.

The protestors commenced a five-day blockade of the country’s main highway to its neighbor Djibouti on Sunday according to Mahi Bule, a member of the organizing committee.

Ethiopia has experienced ethnic motivated conflict since last year, which led to deaths and the displacement of more 3 million people.


EPRDF Executive Committee Holding Regular Session

EPRDF-in-MeetingJanuary 16, 2019 ( - The Executive Committee of Ethiopian ruling party has started one of its regular session today, office of the Front said. 

The chairpersons and deputy chairpersons of affiliate parties are participating at the meeting, according to the decision made at the 11th organizational congress.

The Committee is expected to evaluate the implementation of the directions set at the 11th organizational congress of the Front held in October 2018 in Hawassa.

There, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) held its conference under the theme “National Unity for All Rounded Prosperi

Ethiopia Detains 835 Armed OLF Militants

Command-post-EthiopiaJanuary 16, 2019 ( - Ethiopia detained 835 armed militants of OLF who were conducting various illegal activities and disrupting peace in Oromia, accodring to the statement released by the Ethiopian national defense forces.

Operations were conducted by the Command Post established to prevent conflict at Benishangul Gumuz and western Oromia regional states, according to a report by FBC.

According to the statement, most public, private and business activities have resumed, including services stopped due to security concerns.

The command post praised the public for providing assistance, leads and tips in detaining sus

Bank Robberies Sweep Oromia Region

Bank-robberies-sweep-OromiaJanuary 15, 2019 ( - Bank robberies have swept parts of the Oromia region this week, according to Deutsche Welle (DW) Amharic Service.

According to the report, severteen banks have been robbed in the last two days alone.

Six banks were robbed in Wollega, West Oromo region of Ethiopia, yesterday since 11 a.m. local time in Hawa Gelan, Erob Gebeya, Mechara, Sedi Chinka towns in the region.

He added that armed men took unspecified amount of money and abducted bank emplyees, which makes it difficult to know how much money was taken.

Oromia United Bank and Commercial Bank of Ethiopia branches were

Ethiopia Awards GERD Electro-Mechanical Work to Chinese Firms

GERD-electro-mechanical-projectJanuary 13, 2019 ( - The Ethiopian government made two separate agreements worth USD 200 million to complete the hydraulic steel structures and electromechanical work that has delayed the completion of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), according to the Ethiopian Reporter.

The Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) awarded Voith Hydro Shanghai Ltd, a chinese firm based in Germany, to supply and install six turbine generators. According to the agreement, the firm will receive USD 77.9 million. Abraham Belay (PhD), CEO of EEP, and Voith deputy, Tang Xu, signed the agreement on Thursday.

The EEP also made

Maternal Deaths Down by 70 Percent in Ethiopia

Ethiopia-maternity-death-riskJanuary 10, 2019 ( - Ethiopia has reduced the rate of maternal mortality by more than 70% according to a statement by the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia.

The health officials cited the 1990 World Health Organization (WHO) report where the mortality rate for mothers was 1,250 in every 100,000, but now stands at 353 in every 100,000. A drop of about 70%.

In a research published in the Lancet covering the period from 1990 to 2013, it was reported the most causes of maternal deaths are complication arising from unsafe abortions (15%), obstructed labor (6%), hypertensive disorders during pregnancy (10%), postpart

President Sahle-Work Zewde Commends Ireland

Sahle-Work-commends-IrelandJanuary 10, 2019 ( - While meeting Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, Ethiopia’s first female president, Sahle-Work Zewde has paid tribute to Ireland for setting a good example in appointing women to high offices.

She commended Ireland during a meeting with Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar on the first day of his visit to Ethiopia. Despite the two nations having diplomatic ties for more than 25 years, this is the first official visit by a Taoiseach to the country.

Addressing the Irish media after the meeting, the president congratulated Ireland for leading the world on female presidents.

Tigray Government Refuses to Hand Over Getachew Assefa - Attorney General

Berhanu-Tsegaye-AG-EthiopiaJanuary 5, 2018 - The Attorney General of Ethiopia requested help from the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) to arrest former head of Intelligence chief Getachew Assefa.

The Attorney General, BerhanuTsegaye, specifically asked HPR to apply pressure on the Tigray regional state to hand over the former chief.

The Attorney General made this request while presenting five-month performance report to the House of Representatives.

During the session, Berhanu presented details of activities carried out in the past five months including measures taken against crimes, human right abuses, corruption and organiz

Government Considering Salary Raise for Educators - PM Abiy Ahmed

Abiy-Ahmed-EducatorsJanuary 5, 2019 ( - The Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed disclosed his government is considering revising salaries and incentives for educators.

The premier disclosed this while meeting with 3,696 educators from across the country today.

During the discussion, he addressed several questions regarding creating a conducive education environment.

He said his government is committed to investing in education and restructuring of the Ministry of Education.

The Prime Minister stressed that educators have a responsibility to nurture critical thinking, so people can separate what is relevant and make informed

400,000 Displaced People Returned to Their Homes in Oromia

Oromia-displaced-resettledJanuary 3, 2019 ( - Ethiopia has returned more than 400,000 people displaced people to their respective places in Oromia, according to Oromia Disaster Risk Management Commission.

The people were displaced due to a series of conflicts along the border between Oromia and Somali regions states.

They were returned to their former homes in Moyale, Borena, Guji, Bale, East and West Hararghe bordering woredas and kebeles.

“Resettlement of the displaced took place as the security situation stabilized and peace prevailed in the border areas of the two regional states,” he added.

PM Office Appoints Nigusu Tilahun as Press Secretary, Kassahun Gofe as Deputy

press-secretaries-ethiopiaJanuary 2, 2019 ( - The office of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia announced that Nigusu Tilahun was appointed as press secretary at the office of the Prime Minister, replacing Billene Seyoum.

In November 2018, the Ethiopian goverment had appointed Billene Seyoum as Press Secretary at the office of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, a job that was covered previously by Abiy’s former Chief of Staff, Fitsum Arega, who was recently appointed Ethiopian Ambassador to the United States of America.

The reason the former press secretary was replaced was not disclosed.

Before his current appointment, the new press se

Ethiopia Revises Civil Organizations Law

Charities-law-EthiopiaJanuary 1, 2019 - The Ethiopian civil society organizations (CSOs) proclamation has been revised and sent to the Council of Ministers, according to the Federal Attorney General of Ethiopia.

The Federal Attorney General, Berhanu Tsegaye, said a new draft bill was presented to the House for approval and will come into effect once it is approved.

He did not disclose details of the new of law, but he said the draft law took into consideration constitutional and international conventions which focused on the right to organize, he said.

The Attorney General also disclosed that Ehiopia is amending the anti-t

Four Ethiopia-Wide Political Parties Agree to Merge

Four-Ethiopian-Parties-MergeJanuary 1, 2019 - Four Ethiopia-wide political parties have agreed to merge and form one citizen-based party.

In a press conference, the Semayawi Party (Blue Party), Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP), Patriotic Ginbot 7, and Unity Party (UP) said they are forming a new party.

The four parties have been in negotiations on forming some kind of unity party between their respective organizations.

According to the plan, the new party is to be formed at the end or march 2019.

The name of the new party is not yet disclosed, nor its leaders, according to the information they released.

As far as its

The Challenges of Poverty Reduction in Ethiopia

Poverty-Reduction-EthiopiaDecember 30, 2018 ( - Since 2000, Ethiopia has made significant progress in alleviating poverty. It has made great strides in different Millennium Development Goals; including disease eradication and reducing the infant mortality rate. Despite the efforts made, Ethiopia ranks high amongst the countries with the highest poverty rates, as per World Bank data.

The factors contributing to poverty in the country are rooted in its economic, political, geographic, demographic, environment and overall policy. Ethiopia is characterized by low income, weak capital and investment, and high unemployment rates.

Its agrarian-

Eritrea Closes Border Crossings Partially

Eritrea-closes-border-partiallyDecember 28, 2018 ( - Eritrea has partially closed two border crossings that opened this year after the normalization of relations with Ethiopia, according to the Associated Press.

Following the normalization of relations that started in July this year and the opening of borders in September 2018, thousands of people have crossed the border that was closed for two decades.

In addition to traders and family visitors, more 25,000 Eritreans have come to Ethiopia, seeking asylum and potential route to Europe and other places.

The exact reason for the partial broder closure is unknown.

ODP Blames OLF for Failing to Implement Peace Plan

ODP-OLF-disputeDecember 26, 2018 - The Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) blamed the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) for failing to implement the peace plan both parties agreed upon, including the disarmament of the OLF.

Speaking to the press, ODP representative Mogos Edeo said "the peace agreement reached between the Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) and the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) to pacify Oromia a month ago has expired without bearing fruit due to the unwillingness of OLF."

According to him, on 26 November 2018, a committee was formed to prepare a joint plan to maintain peace, disarm OLF fighters, and sustain the peaceful struggle among

Ethiopia Establishes Reconciliation Commission

Ethiopia-Reconciliation-CommissionDecember 25, 2018 ( - The Ethiopian House of People’s Representatives (HPR) today approved bill to establish a Reconciliation Commission, according to Ehiopian News Agency.

After thorough discussions, the bill was endorsed all members but one vote against and another abstention, it was learnt.

According to government briefings, the Commission is tasked to work to maintain peace, justice, democracy, national unity, consensus and reconciliation among the Ethiopian peoples.

It is expected to investigate and identify disputes betwee groups, as well ashuman rights violations by taking into co

Ethiopia Forms Elite Force to Protect Leaders

Imperial-Guard-EthiopiaDecember 24, 2018 ( - The Ethiopian government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has created an elite security force to protect leaders, officials and their families, including Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, according to Fana Radio report.

The elite force, known as Republican Guard, has been training for the last six months, according to the report.

No details have been given as to its structure or its command chain.

The decision to establish a new security system was reached after a bomb blast rocked the capital in May this year during a rally at Meskel Square in support of the Prime Minister.

Since 1991, wh


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