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Bomb Blast Injures Dozens in Addis Ababa Rally; Nine Officials Detained

Bomb-Blast-Addis-AbabaJune 23, 2018 - Bomb blast has injured more than eighty people in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, today. The incident happend at a political rally organized to support the new Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed. Hospitals have reported that as many as 154 people were injured, some 15 of them seriously.

It is also reported that one person is dead due to the bomb blast that happend.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed addressed the nation immediately, decalring that anti-peace and stability forces have failed and urged the Ethiopian people to continue with love and tolerance, and not with hate and violence as others do.

The governing party EPRD

Ethiopian Prime Minister Convenes Parliament; Talks About Current Affairs

PM-Abiy-Ahmed-Briefs-ParliamentJune 19, 2019 - Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed delivered a speech today to the Ethiopian parliament on current affairs of the country.

The Prime Minister noted the various crisis the country has been facing in the last three years.

He noted the slow down of the economy to single digits as a result of unrest and instability.

The Prime Minister said effort is underway to reduce the foreign currency shortage the country is facing and the slow down in exports.

He also said the government is working on widen the political space of the country to grow opposition forces, civil societies, as well

National Bank of Ethiopia Gets New Governor

Yinager-Dessie-NBE-GovernorJune 19, 2018 - As part of the financial reform of Ethiopia, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has appointed Dr Yinager Dessie as governor of the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE), replacing Teklewold Atnafu.

Prior to his current appointment, Dr Yinager served as Commissioner of the National Planning Commission of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is currently going through liquidity crisis. The government is believed to have depleted the countries currency reserves, forcing it to plan to partially sell national assets such Ethiopian Airlines and Ethio Telecom.

Protests Escalate in Hawassa; Fatalities Reported

Deadly-protests-HawassaJune 16, 2018 - Days of unrest in Hawassa in southern Ethiopia has left multiple fatalities and many injured after Sidama protesters’ demand for their own regional state was accompanied by violence, according to the Ethiopia Observer.

Ethiopian security forces are trying to control the situation after hotels and businesses were attacked, a resident said. “We have been hearing gun shots the entire afternoon,” they said in the evening of June 14. At least one person died in unknown circumstances on June 13. Adare Hospital is “crowded” and there are more than 50 seriously injured people at Hawassa Referral Hospit

AEUP Denounces EPRDF Decision to Fully Accept Algiers Accord

AEUP-EthiopiaJune 16, 2018 - The All Ethiopian Unity Party (AEUP) denounced the decision passed by the executive committee of the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) to fully implement the Algiers Agreement without any precondition. The party leadership stated the decision amounts to treason, according to the Reporter.

This was disclosed in a press conference held on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at the headquarters of the party located around Tewodros Square off Churchill Avenue.

According to the president of the party, Bezabeh Demisse (PhD), the decision that was passed earlier last week by the executive committee of the EPRDF is the

TPLF Issues Statement Criticizing New EPRDF Leadership

TPLF-EthiopiaJune 14, 2018 - Following two-day meeting in Mekelle, the TPLF leadership issued a statement criticing the current leaders of EPRDF on a number of issues.

The statement is rather vague and lacked specifics. It called for the EPRDF executive committe to reconvene as soon as possible.

According to the statement released today, the TPLF leadership criticized the new EPRDF leader for focusing on short-term solutions on the economy than long-term. It also said that the recent statement that indicated that Ethiopia 'fully accepts' the Algiers peace agreement with Eritrea should not have been released without full approval from the 180-member

Ethiopia's New Security and Defense Chiefs

Ethiopian-security-chiefsJune 10, 2018 - Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) replaced the head of security Getachew Assefa by General Adem Mohammed, formerly head of Ethiopian Airforce.

The Prime Minister also retired long-time serving defence chief of staff Samora Yonus and replaced it by General Seare Mekonnen. General Seare Mekonnen was deputy chief of staff and next in line in seniority.

Days, before his appointment as a chief of intelligence, Adem was seen with US military officials, accompanied by Ambassador Michael Raynor.

Adem received C-130 Hercules military aircraft from the US government, which few state media reported, to b

Ethiopia Facing Liquidity Crisis

Abraham-Tekeste-Ethiopia-FinanceJune 10, 2018 - Ethiopia is said to be facing liquidity crisis due to decline of export earnings and weak tax revenue collection and foreign borrowing coming to a halt due to the country's external debt stress, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation (MoFEC) indicate according to the Reporter. The Minster of Finance, Dr. Abraham Tekeste, disclosed this to the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) on Thursday.

According to the report, the country's trade balance continues to exhibit a large gap. Last fiscal year, the trade balance showed a USD 13 billion deficit. The c

Ethiopian Airlines Takes Delivery of 100th Aircraft

Ethiopian-airlines-100thJune 6, 2018 - Ethiopian Airlines has taken delivery of its 100th aircraft, Boeing 787 Dreamliner on June 6, 2018, once again leading the way in fleet expansion and modernization in Africa, according to communique sent by the company.

As part of Ethiopian Corporate Social Responsibility commitments, the new aircraft has ferried medical equipment from the Seattle-based NGO, Direct Relief, to St Paulos Hospital in Addis Ababa. The shipment includes surgical stools and other medical supplies to be used for both teaching and patient care.

Group CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, Mr. Tewolde GebreMariam, remarked, “It is an immense ho

EPRDF Executive Committee Meeting in Addis Ababa This Week

EPRDF-meetingJune 4, 2018 - The 36-member Executive Committee of the EPRDF is holding meeting starting tomorrow, June 5, 2018. This is highest decision-making body in the ruling party. The committe isscheduled to meet for two days.

It will be the first such meeting since Dr. Abiy Ahmed was elected party chair and Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

The meeting was reportedly called at the request of the Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (TPLF) over concerns of various decisions being made by the new Prime Minister without consulting component parties of the EPRDF as usual.

Although its bylaws require such meeting to be held every

Oromia Regional State Hands Over Coal Mine to Organized Youth

METEC-EthiopiaJune 3, 2018 - The Oromia Regional State handed over the mining concession of Yayu Coal Deposit to organized youth in the area, according to the Reporter. A year ago it striped the Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC) of the rights to extract and market coal minerals from the deposit.

The contested coal mineral site, located in Yayu, Ilu Ababor Zone–previously under METEC–has been operational for the past seven years. Under its ownership, the military industrial complex was using the site to originally use the raw material for Yayu Fertilizer Factory which currently is under construction.

Previous reports to the parliament i

Ethiopia to Build Navy - PM Abiy Ahmed

Ethiopian-NavyJune 3, 2018 - Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed disclosed that Ethiopia is planning to build a navy during a briefing of the heads of the country’s National Defense Forces.

“Following the efforts made to build capacity of our national defense, we built one of the stronger ground and air forces in Africa,” according to Fana Broadcasting Corp. and reported Abiy as saying on Friday. “We should build our naval force capacity in the future.”

Abiy’s government in May agreed to develop Port Sudan on the Red Sea and agreed with Djibouti to swap shares in state-owned ports, airlines, and telecommunications. It also agreed to ac

Ethiopian Government to Lift State of Emergency

Ethiopia-lifting-emergencyJune 3, 2018 - The council of ministers of Ethiopia voted to lift the state of emergency declared on February 16, 2018. The cabinet believes the country has stabilized and that there is no need for the emergency decree and hence lifting it two months early, an official said.

The current state of emergency is the second declared within the last two years.

The cabinet of ministers met on Saturday to assess the security situation and “noted that law and order has been restored”, Abiy’s Chief of Staff Fitsum Arega said on Twitter.

“The draft will be sent to parliament for its c

Renewed Conflict Reported at Ethiopia's Oromia-Somali Border

East-West-Harerghe-EthiopiaMay 28, 2018 - Renewed border conflict between Oromia and Somali Ethiopian regional states have been reported, according to media reports.

According to reports from, at least four people were killed and five others wounded in incursions by Ethiopian Somali State Liyu Police in Oromia’s East Hararghe zone, according to the report. More than 250 houses were razed to the ground and hundreds of civilians are internally displaced, the report claims.

Oromia and the Somali state share a nearly 900 miles-long porous border. The latest incursions by the Somali paramilitary force into the Cinaksan district, which s

Ethiopian Government Pardons Former Ginbot 7 Leader

Andargachew-Tsige-EthiopiaMay 27, 2018 - The new Ethiopian government pardoned Andargachew Tsige who was sentenced to death in absentia in 2009 for his role in Eritrean-based armed opposition group Ginbot 7 where he once served as Secretary General. 

Ginbot 7 is one of five groups outlawed in Ethiopia, alongside the secessionist groups Oromo Liberation Front and the Ogaden National Liberation Front, as well as al Qaeda and Somalia’s al Shabaab.

A  British citizen, Andargachew Tsige was arrested in Yemen five years later and extradited to Ethiopia.

According to the Ethiopian government, the decisions were made with the “in

PM Abiy Ahmed Receives ODF Delegation

Premier-Meets-ODF-delegationMay 25, 2018 - PM Abiy Ahme of Ethiopia met represetantives of the The Oromo Liberation Front (ODF) yesterday according to ENA. The delegation had come to Ethiopia following invitation from the Premier urging them to take part in the peaceful political discourse of the country.

According to a twitter message by Fitsum Arega, Head of the Office of the Prime Minister released today, the leaders of the ODF have agreed to participate in a peaceful democratic struggle in their country.

The ODF leadership included 5 senior leaders, including their leader Lencho Leta and other former members of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) leadership. Speak

Sheikh Mohammed Al-Amoudi will be Released Soon - PM Abiy Ahmed

Sheikh-Al-Amoudi-EthiopiaMay 21, 2018 - Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said he is sure Ethiopian-born Saudi billionaire Mohammed Al Amoudi will be released and returned to Ethiopia soon following discussions with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

“One of the reasons we went to Saudi Arabia was to ask the Saudi government to release Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi,” the state-owned Ethiopian News Agency reported, citing Abiy.

Al Amoudi was detained in November in Saudi Arabia as part of a crackdown on alleged corruption.

The billionaire’s assets include Sweden’s largest oil refiner, Preem AB, real estate and nume

Ethiopian Security Intercepts Smuggled Weapons in Tigray

Ethiopia-smuggled-weapons-seizedMay 17, 2018 - Ethiopian Police intercepted more than 350 pistols being smuggled into Ethiopia via Sudan, according to FBC.
According to the report, the weapons were seized yesterday at Awrora village, Tsegedie woreda in Tigray regional state.

The real origin of the shipment and the intended receipients are still unknown. Ethiopia has in the past accused Eritrea for incursions and support for domestic opposition in Amhara and Oromia regions.

Capitan Eshete Awoke, head of Tsegedie woreda security office told EBC yesterday that the pistols were intercepted as a result of the joint efforts of se

Ethiopian Prime Minister Retires TPLF Founder Sebhat Nega, Other Officials

PM-Abiy-retires-officialsMay 17, 2017 - The new Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, retired five long-serving government officials and advisors from their positions, according to the Reporter. The retired officials include one of TPLF founders and EPRDF old-guard and head of the Foreign Relations Strategic Research Institute, Sebhat Nega (also known as Aboy Sebhat).

According to the statement released from the Office of the Prime Minister today, the new administration is “continuing on the process of renewing top leadership of government institutions” to deliver on “the aspiration of the people for development and g

Dangote Ethiopia Country Manager Shot Dead in Oromia

Dangote-Country-Manager-DeadMay 17, 2018 - Dangote Cement country manager in Ethiopia, Deep Kamara, was shot dead by assailants near the Dangote Cement Factory in Oromia region 85 kilometers west of Addis Ababa. The identity of the assailants for this murder in Adeberga woreda is not known.

His secretary and driver were also reportedly killed in the attack.

This marks a new escalation in the security situation of the country where locals in Oromia region are taking matters into their own hands. MIDROC owned gold mine was recently shut down because of protests from locals.

Aliko Dangote, the owner of Dangote Cement and the richest man in


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