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Ethiopia to Hold Elections, Open Schools amid COVID-19 Outbreak

By Staff Reporter

Ethiopian-ElectionsSeptember 22, 2020 ( -- The Ethiopian parliament on Tuesday decided that the country’s 6th general election would take place this year with the necessary precaution measures against coronavirus outbreak.

The general election, which was originally scheduled for August 29, 2020, was postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic on March 31, 2020.

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia said it had been forced to suspend pre-election activities due to the pandemic and promised to announce a new timeline once the pandemic has subsided.

The house’s decision came after the

Jawar Mohammed Dismisses Terrorism Charges against Him as “Politically Motivated”

By Staff Reporter

Jawar-Mohammed-in-CourtSeptember 21, 2020 ( -- Jawar Mohammed, a prominent opposition leader, told federal high court that the terrorism charges against him were “poltically motivated” aimed at barring him from next elections.

The Federal Attorney General charged Jawar Mohammed and twenty-three others with multiple criminal offenses including terrorism charges. Eighteen of the defendants, including Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba appeared before court on Monday.

“I feel proud for facing terrorism charges,” he told the court. Jawar had faced similar charges in absentia wh

Jawar Mohammed, 23 Others Face Terrorism Charges

By Staff Reporter

Jawar-BekeleSeptember 20, 2020 ( -- Jawar Mohammed, the alleged architect of the recent violence in Ethiopia, and 23 other co-defendants face terrorism charges, according to the Ethiopian government.

An activist turned politician Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba, Hamza Adnen and others were arrested early July for alleged instigation of deadly violence in parts of Addis Ababa and the Oromia region of Ethiopia.

At least 200 people were killed in targeted attacks against Orthodox Christians and non ethnic Oromos during the prolonged violence that occurred after the killing of popular singer Hachalu Hundessa.

Oromia regi

Ethiopia Can Hold Elections with Necessary Precautions - Health Minister

By Staff Reporter

Ethiopian-ElectionsSeptember 20, 2020 ( -- Ethiopian Health Minister Dr. Lia Tadesse told parliament that the country can hold the 6th general elections any time soon after the necessary precautions to prevent coronavirus are in place.

The House of Federation in June this year postponed the 6th general elections, which was slated for last August, due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The upper house also recommended the elections shall be held after the Health Ministry and other relevant organizations approve the pandemic does not pose any threats on health of voters.

Minister of Health Dr. Lia Tades

Military Dismisses Reports of Delayed Response to Killings in Benishangul Gumuz

By Staff Reporter

Major-General-Mohammed-TessemaSeptember 18, 2020 ( -- The Ethiopian National Defense Force has dismissed reports that it deployed troops too late to stop targeted killings in the Metekel zone of Ethiopia’s Benishangul Gumuz regional state.

Major General Mohammed Tessema on Thursday said members of the national defense forces had to travel more than 100 kilometer by car and another about 55 kilometer on foot to arrive at the areas where armed men execute several people in the Benishangul Gumuz region.

“After the regional government made a helping call, troops of the national defense force who were

At Least 89 People Killed in Targeted Attacks in Western of Ethiopia

By Staff Reporter

Benishangul-GumuzSeptember 18, 2020 ( -- At least 89 ethnic Amhara, Agew and Shinasha people were killed in targeted attacks in Benishangul-Gumuz Region of Ethiopia.

Eyewitnesses told that the civilians were killed by ethnic Gumuz militia in arranged attacks starting from September 4, 2020.

“The attacks were carried out in three localities of the Bulen district, Metekel Zone, by a militia composed of ethnic Gumuz which comprise about 34 percent of the population in Bulen,” the eyewitnesses said.

The militias seized the victims from their homes during the night in three localities namely Ei

Hundreds of Thousands Rally in Solidarity with TPLF

By Staff Reporter

Tigray-RallySeptember 16, 2020 ( -- Hundreds of thousands of people rallied on the streets of Mekele city, capital of Tigray region of northern Ethiopia in solidarity with the recent elections and the governing party of the region.

Similar demonstrations were held in Wuqiro, Alamata, Shire, Humera and other towns of the region in a show of support for the ruling the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) which won the region’s recent elections against infant political parties.

TPLF won last week’s election in landslide victory securing 98.2 percent of total votes and 189 seats out of 190 seats of the regional parli

Hope as an Affirmation of Life

By Abel Merawi

Hope-Affirmation-LifeSeptember 14, 2020 ( -- Human beings occupy the same physical space and time in this world. However, the defining description of the world is numerous. These differences in understanding the same world have less to do with intellect and more with perspective. Even if you ask intellects from the same field of study, you may get a strikingly different definition. The same is true of the uneducated, politicians, religious people, artists, and even the children. Sometimes, the difference is so wide that it makes you wonder whether they are defining the same planet or not.

I contend that we perceive and understand the world based

Ethiopia Introduces Birr 200, Replaces 10, 50, 100 Currency Notes

By Staff Reporter  

New-Bank-Notes-EthiopiaSeptember 14, 2020 ( -- In a dramatic move, the government of Ethiopia has introduced the first 200 Birr note and replaced Birr 10, 50, and 100 notes with new ones.

Governor of the National Bank of Ethiopia Yinager Dessie said the introduction of the new banknotes aims to fight corruption, counterfeiting, and money laundering.

The new banknotes have unique security features and designs and the new 200, 100, 50, and 10 banknotes feature peace, history, economy, and unity respectively.

The existing birr 5 note will remain unchanged for some time until it is replaced by a coin i

Dawud Ibsa Dismissed as Chairperson of OLF

By Staff Reporter

Dawud-Ibsa-DismissedSeptember 14, 2020 ( -- The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) has dismissed Dawud Ibsa as chairperson of the front for alleged involvement in armed struggle and for making repeated attempts to split up the front’s unity.

The chairperson’s dismissal aims to rescue the party from a breakup, Public Relations Head of the front Kejela Merdassa told local media.

The front’s executive committee in a statement issued on Sunday stated several disciplinary offenses that Dawud Ibsa has committed while serving as chairperson of the front.

The executive committee accused th

TPLF Gets 98.2 Percent of Tigray Vote

By Staff Reporter

TPLF-gets-98.2-voteSeptember 12, 2020 ( -- The Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) said it won the elections in Ethiopia’s Tigray region in a landslide victory, securing 98.2 percent of the vote. The TPLF has ruled Tigray for more than 30 years, often with 100 percent of parliamentary seats in the region.

Four small and new political parties competed during the elections, namely, Baytona, Salsay Weyane Tigray, Tigray Independence Party, and Asimba Democratic Party took part in the controversial elections which the federal government referred it to as “illegal.”

The region’s electio

Free but in Chain, Part IV: Personal Bondage

By Abel Merawi

Free but in Chain, Part IV: Personal BondageSeptember 10, 2020 ( -- Sounds and images are streaming from the screen in front of you. You are not watching anything in particular; you are just watching TV! You keep flicking the remote control, glued to your hand, and appearing to be part of it. Your other hand scrolls through social media on your ‘smart’ phone, operating with the same objective like the other. The sole purpose is filling the void of silence and killing time. The dreaded silence is unbearable since it represents life – the real world. Time no longer represents life; it rather is a prison sentence that ends with each d

Tigray Region Conducts Elections Defying Federal Government

By Staff Reporter

Tigray-Region-electionSeptember 9, 2020 ( -- Ethiopia's Tigray region on Wednesday conducted regional elections in defiance of resolutions by the House of Federation who called the vote “unconstitutional.”

Muluwork Kidanemariam, a regional election commissioner, told local media the turnout was 98 percent -- out of more than 2.6 million registered voters.

Voters queued up before dawn at polling stations and there were long lines at voting centers with strict safety measures against coronavirus infections, has learned.

"Now we have to count the whole night

Government Blocks At Least Ten Journalists from Covering Tigray Elections

By Staff Reporter

Tigray-ElectionsSeptember 7, 2020 ( -- The Ethiopian federal government banned at least ten journalists from covering the controversial elections in the Tigray region by preventing them from flying to the region’s capital.

Members of the security force barred the journalists at Addis Ababa International airport from flying to Mekele city and confiscated their ID, laptops, and video and photo cameras, learned on Monday.

The Ethiopian House of Federation on Saturday declared the planned election in the Tigray regional state and its subsequent results as “null and void.”

Ethiopian Upper House Declares Tigray Election as “Null and Void”

By Staff Reporter

House-Federaion-EthiopiaSeptember 7, 2020 ( -- The Ethiopian House of Federation on Saturday declared the planned election in the Tigray regional state and its subsequent results as “null and void.

The upper house’s decision came after it deliberated on the resolution proposed to it by the Constitutional Interpretations and Identity Affairs Standing committee of the house.

In its extraordinary meeting, the house said the decisions passed by the regional government to hold separate polls and the establishment of an election commission referring to article 351/2012 of the constitutio

Any Attempt to Stop Tigray Elections Tantamount to Declaration of War: TPLF

By Staff Reporter

Tigray-electionsSeptember 4, 2020 ( -- The Tigray regional government said any decision the House of Federation (HoF) would pass in connection to the Tigray region’s elections is tantamount to declaring war.

The warning comes a day before the House of Federation is to hold an extraordinary meeting on undisclosed discussion agendas.

Officials of HoF on Thursday confirmed the Identity and Geographic Restoration of Raya and Wolkait-Tegede committees and Raya Rayuma political party that the house would dwell Tigray’s election and related matters in e

The Tigray council in a letter sent to

TPLF Accused of Engaging in Forced Assimilation of Raya People

By Staff Reporter

TPLF-Amhara-disputeSeptember 4, 2020 ( -- Raya Rayuma Democratic Party accused the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) of engaging in forced assimilation and causing an identity crisis against the people of Raya in a move to strengthen regional autonomy.

The party has called on the federal government to deploy a national defense force in southern Tigray to defend the rights of those people who resisted partaking in Tigray’s controversial election.

The federal government did not respond yet amid growing complaints about the identity of people in Raya and Walqaite Tegede in southern and wes

Free but in Chain. Part III: Economic Bondage

By Abel Merawi

Economic-BondageSeptember 2, 2020 ( -- When the people cry for economic relief, the leaders speak of ethnic solutions. When despairing farmers require modern technological solutions, the leaders disguise it in racial inequality. The youth demand employment while leaders preach of regional separatisms. Without identifying the root of economic problems, we cannot begin to solve it. The individual, who is born free, faces the difficulty of even properly identifying and formulating one’s demands. It goes without elaborate discourse that individual freedom is an illusion without economic freedom. Let us be bold enough to admit that Ethiopians

Flood Displaces over 92,000 People in Ethiopia's Afar, Oromia Regions

By Staff Reporter

Awash-River-FloodSeptember 2, 2020 ( -- More than 92,000 people in Ethiopia's Afar and Oromia regional states have been displaced by floods as the Awash River flows out of its riverbank due to heavy rains.

Head of the Afar Region’s Disaster and Risk Management Commission Mahi Ali told local media that 14 districts in the region are hit by the flood as the river runs out of its scheme.

According to the head, the flood has affected at least 120,000 people and displaced more than 72,000 of them.

The head, however, affirmed that human fatalities did not occur as a result of the ongoing flood, which was ex

Former City Mayor Rubbishes Land Grabbing, Illegal Transfer of Condos

By Staff Reporter

Addis-Ababa-City-Land-GrabSeptember 1, 2020 ( -- Former Deputy Mayor Addis Ababa city Takele Uma rubbished reports that the city government allowed land grabbing and transferred condominium houses illegally.

Takele described the report by Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice (ECSJ) as “fake” which is aimed at gaining political profit and demolishing the nation.

In a report on Monday ECSJ revealed that more than 213,000 square meters of land have been illegally appropriated in the form of land grabbing across five sub-cities of the capital Addis Ababa.

“We have been fighting the land grabbing


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