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Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia Warns Chinese Companies on Labor Abuses

Chinese-companies-warnedSeptember 23, 2017 - The Chinese embassy in Addis Ababa called an unprecedented meeting with all Chinese companies operating in Ethiopia last week, following repeated events such as labor issues and accusations involving Chinese companies working in the country. The Chinese embassy in Ethiopia confirmed such a communication had taken place but refused to go into details.

However, according to sources, the embassy went further and warned some of the companies regarding the consequences of their actions in the country.

Sources also confirmed that recent incidents involving the China State Construction Engineering Corpor

Bishoftu Town Finalizes Preparations for Irrecha Celebration

Irreacha-BishoftuSeptember 22, 2017 - Despite concerns over this year’s Irrecha celebration, Oromo's thanks-giving festival, the deputy mayor of Bishoftu town, where the celebration takes place, stated that preparations have been finalized to colorfully celebrate the festival. Last year more than 52 participants of the ceremony were killed in a stampede, which latter caused massive protest against the government. On its part, the government stated that the stampede was caused by anit-peace forces, several outlawed opposition groups of Ethiopia.                   

Ethiopian Political Parties Begin Talks on Reforming Electoral Law

Ethiopian-PartiesSeptember 21, 2017 - 16 national political parties of Ethiopia have begun discussion on ways to reform the electoral law., according to FBC
In the discussions, 12 political parties have expressed their demand for the implementation of proportional representation electoral system.

Shiferaw Shigute and Asmelash Woldeselassie, representatives of the ruling party EPRDF, for their part tabled the amended electoral law of Ethiopia, which follows the majority system.

The system, which Ethiopia follows, is common all over the worldwide and it was proved successful, Asmelash said at the event.

Ethiopia’s past five

USAID Launches New HIV Care Project in Ethiopia

USAID-Ethiopia-HIV-ProjectSeptember 21, 2017 - The United State Agency for International Development /USAID/ launched a new five-year community HIV care and treatment project in Ethiopia, reports Ethiopian news agency. The 40 million USD project has an objective of supporting the government of Ethiopia to achieve the 90-90-90 global target through community based HIV care and treatment approach.
The 90-90-90 is an ambition treatment target to help end the AIDS epidemic.
It aspires that by 2020, 90 percent of people living with HIV will know their HIV status; 90 percent of people with diagnosed HIV infection will receive sustained antiretrov

Ethiopia Makes Largest-Ever Micro-Insurance Indemnity to Pastoralists

Ethiopia-pastoralist-payoutSeptember 19, 2017 - Ethiopia has made its largest-ever micro-insurance indemnity for the loss of approximately 300,000 livestock lost due to the recurrent drought, reports the cattle site. The insurance payouts of more than Ethiopian Birr 5.233 million (US$220,000) was the largest-ever micro-insurance indemnity made in Ethiopia. Each insured Ethiopian pastoralist received an average of ETB 2,255 (US$96), which will allow the herders to purchase feeds for their surviving animals and to restock their herds.

Pastoralists in northern Kenya and southern Ethiopia have been insured by an index-based livestock insurance (IBLI) scheme devise

55,000 Ethnic Oromos Displaced – Oromia Regional Government

Oromos-DisplacedSeptember 18, 2017 - More than 55,000 ethnic Oromos have been displaced from Ethiopia's Somali region after a week of clashes with Somalis in which dozens were killed, Voice of America reports.  The Oromia government follows claims by Somali regional officials earlier this week that more than 50 people were killed in an attack against ethnic Somalis in Aweday town.

"More than 55,000 Oromos were displaced from the Somali region after the recent incident and are now sheltered in makeshift camps,'' Addisu Arega, Oromia region's spokesman, said in the statement. "Overall, some 416,807 Oromos have been displaced this year alone

Ethiopia: Hundreds Apprehended in Connection with Oromia, Somali Border Conflict

Ethiopia-border-conflict-arrestsSeptember 17, 2017 - Hundreds of people who are allegedly responsible for the death and displacement of people in the conflict between Oromia and Somali regional states have been apprehended, said Minister of Ethiopian Government Communication Affairs Office, Dr. Negeri Lencho. He also stated that the suspects have been detained in connection with the conflict as part of the effort to restore peace and bring the responsible persons to justice.
"People who took part in the conflict are apprehended. Maybe hundreds of people are already detained. In Oromia regional state, particularly in Aweday, near

32 Ethiopians Dead in Somali-Oromia Border Conflict

Police-Somali-RegionSeptember 14, 2017 - Following clashes between rival ethnic Somali and Oromo forces in eastern Ethiopia, at least 32 Ethiopians have been killed in the clashes, reports VoA.  According to VOA’s report at least 32 ethnic Somalis were killed on Monday night in Awaday, a small town between Ethiopia's holy Muslim town of Harar and its big eastern city of Dire Dawa.

Other sources and relatives of those killed have confirmed the incident, although they have sought anonymity, fearing reprisals. One source said four of his cousins, who were transporting Khat — plants used as a stimulant in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti and Yeme

Armed Factions in Oromia and Somali States Clash over Border Delineation

Oromia-Somali-ClashSeptember 13, 2017 - Following a deadly boundary crisis between the Oromia and Somali regional states, the Ethiopian federal government stated that it is working to resolve the conflict. The Ethiopian Information Minister, Negeri Lencho, stated that recent clashes led to the loss of lives and property. He said some 600 Ethiopians displaced by the clashes were receiving humanitarian assistance.

Clashes between the armed factions in the two Ethiopia’s states have led to the issuance of travel alerts by the United States and Canada. According to reports, the clashes were largely over border delineation issues.  The Ethiopian official added

Ethiopian Airlines to Receive the First B787-9 Aircraft

Ethiopian-B787-9September 9, 2017 - Ethiopia’s flag carrier and Africa’s fastest growing airline, Ethiopian Airlines, is going to take delivery of the first of the four Boeing B787-9 aircraft next month. Africa’s largest airline, Ethiopian, was the first in Africa and only the second in the world next to Japan to acquire and operate B787-8 mid-size twin engine aircraft in 2012.

In 2015, Ethiopian placed firm orders for four B787-9 aircraft, an extended version of B787-8 Dreamliner aircraft. Today the airline operates 19 B787-8 aircraft. Sources told The Reporter that Ethiopian will take delivery of the first B787-9 direct from Boeing in October 2017.

Ethiopians Marking New Year Celebration on September 11

Ethiopian-celebrating-New-YearSeptember 10, 2017 - Ethiopians are getting ready to mark the Ethiopian New Year, which starts on September 11. The Ethiopian calendar is unique, and derives from the earlier Egyptian calendar which influenced the Julian calendar. On September 2007, Ethiopia celebrated its bi-millennial year, or year 2,000, from annunciation of Christ. This means there is a seven years difference between the Ethiopian calendar the Gregorian calendar. 

As part of the New Year celebration, Ethiopia has declared 10-day long nationwide celebrations, starting September 1, 2017, to usher in the upcoming Ethiopian New Year. As part of the Ethiopian cultur

12 Ethiopian Opposition Parties Create Coalition

Ethiopian-Opposition-CoalitionSeptember 8, 2017 - Some 12 Ethiopian opposition political parties have created a coalition that will enable them to negotiate with the ruling party Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Front, reports Ethiopian News Agency.

The agreement signed by the Ethiopian opposition parties will presumably create good relationship among the parties and forward organized and strong negotiation points.

In a press conference they held here, representatives of the parties said the agreement will have crucial role in bolstering the multi-party system in Ethiopia.

Secretary-General of All Ethiopian Democratic Party, Z

Ethiopia’s Southern State Grants Amnesty to 3,099 Prisoners

Debub-grants-amnestySeptember 7, 2017 - Following the same suit of other Ethiopian regional states, Ethiopia’s Southern (Debub) regional state granted 3,099 prisoners amnesty ahead of the upcoming Ethiopian New Year, which starts on September 11. Desie Dalkie, chief administrator of Southern regional state said the prisoners were freed because they met the legal requirements for pardon. In Ethiopia legal requirements for pardon include the prisoner's desire to live in peace in the future, the prisoner's confession and repentance, the prisoner's family and health status and the prisoner's good conduct during incarceration.

Ethiopia has a unique

Ethiopian Economist Wolday Amha Dies in Traffic Accident

Wolday-Amaha-deadSeptember 7, 2017 - Wolday Amha (PhD), a renowned Ethiopian economist serving as an executive director of the Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions, has died in a car crash on Wednesday, September 6, 2017, reports Ethiopian weekly English newspaper Addis Fortune. Wolday was travelling from the town of Modjo, 76Km east, to Addis Abeba when his vehicle collided with another truck branded Euro Truck at about 2:00pm, according to family members.

Wolday was an assistant professor at the Addis Ababa University (AAU), and served the association as its head for close to a decade. He was also a director of the board of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (C

China, Ethiopia Sign $15 Million Food Aid Agreement

China-donates-USD15MSeptember 6, 2017 - China and Ethiopia signed an emergency humanitarian food aid agreement where China will provide wheat worth 15 million U.S. dollars to support Ethiopians affected by drought. According to a press statement from the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia, Liu Tao, Chargé d'Affaires at the Chinese Embassy, and Abraham Tekeste, Ethiopian Minister of Finance and Economic Cooperation, have signed the agreement.

The Chinese government has long committed itself to consolidating bilateral cooperation with and expanding support for Ethiopia, said Liu. "With the newly offered food aid to Ethiopia, the Chinese government is determined to

Deadly Fire Causes Controversies between Chinese Contractor and Ethiopian Workers

Fire-Stadium-EthiopiaSeptember 6, 2017 - A fire accident that engulfed workers' dormitory at the construction site of Ethiopia’s largest stadium, Adey Abeba Stadium, claimed the lives of seven people so far while almost a dozen were burned severely, reports Addis Standard. Around 20 day laborers who came from various parts of Ethiopia in search of jobs were believed to have been inside their dormitory when the fire broke out on Saturday August 8, 2017. Some of them were readying to sleep and others were preparing dinner when a gas cylinder exploded at about 8:00 PM local time.

Officials from the Chinese State Engineering Corporation Ltd (CSCEC), whic

Delivery of Healthcare Services Up Three Fold in Ethiopia – Government

Healthcare-services-EthiopiaSeptember 5, 2017 - The number of Ethiopians receiving medical services at health service delivery institutions has reached 75 percent over the past decade, reports Ethiopian News Agency. The Ethiopian Ministry revealed that the number of outpatients who received medical treatment before ten year ago has jumped from 20 million to 75 million at present.

This resulted due to the increase of health posts across Ethiopia from 10,000 in 2007 to over 16,000 to date, health stations from 700 to 3000, and hospitals from 93 to 311.

Ethiopian Ministry of Health Policy Planning Deputy Director, Masoud Mohammed told Ethiopian news agency th

Ethiopia Restricts the Use of Expensive Cars by Government Officials

Ethiopia-Expensive-LandcruserSeptember 2, 2017 - Following the issuance of a directive by the Ethiopian government to introduce cost-cutting measures at government agencies, the Office of the Prime Minister early August came up with another directive restricting the use of high-powered vehicles by high-level Ethiopian officials, including ministers.

A letter issued two weeks ago and signed by Alemayehu Tegenu, state minister of cabinet affairs at the PM’s Office, clarifies on the need to bring equitable distribution of vehicles used by Ethiopian government officials.

Affected officials include ministers, state ministers, speakers and their d

Victim of Acid Attack Ethiopian Mom in Bangkok with Severe Injury

Acid-victim-AtsedeSeptember 2, 2017 - Atsede Nigussiem, 26, was at home in Tigrai, Ethiopia, when she opened the door to estranged partner Haimanot Kahsai, 29, on July 15, when she was attacked with acid leaving her in agony as their five-year-old son Hannibal Kahsai slept inside.

Such is the severity of her injuries, she has to eat and drink through a straw and spends all day crying - one of the few things she can still do.

After the attack, Atsede ran screaming into the street for help from neighbours while Kahsai  fled into the night.

Two months later Astede is still in pain, her mouth has been melted together so she cannot talk, she is bl

147,000 Ethiopian Youth Benefited from Revolving Fund – Government

State-Minister-Habiba-Siraj August 31, 2017 - As part of effort to address rampant unemployment among Ethiopian Youth, the Ethiopian government announced that it had managed to benefit 147,000 youths from urban employment opportunities through the Youth Revolving Fund. Following the last year’s unrest throughout the country, Ethiopia’s president, Mulatu Teshome (PhD), appeared before Ethiopian Parliament to announce the plan. 

According Ethiopian News Agency report, Lack of production centers and good governance have hampered other youth from engaging in employment by making use of the fund. Ethiopian Youth and Sports State Minister Habiba S


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