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The Plurality of Identity

By Abel Merawi

Personal IdentityJune 18, 2021 ( -- It is common to witness people stand in defense of identity to the point of sacrificing their lives. Sadly, such sacrifice is made for a single aspect of identity rather than full identity, holistically. For instance, the defense for ethnic identity may jeopardize the inherent values of national or religious identity. This, in every form, is the person losing battle we encounter every time we imagine a singular identity. For this reason, I am critically reluctant to heed the call for defending a particular identity, unable to select one from the plural elements that constitute my identity. I think this diffi

Necrophilia – The Affliction in Servants of Death

By Abel Merawi

War and destructionJune 18, 2021 ( -- Every life form seeks to perpetuate itself. This is evident in the primacy of reproduction in every species. As Tupac Shakur beautifully articulates, a rose bursting out of concrete seeks life. Human beings are no different as the survival instinct equally operates in us. In Greek mythology, this affirmation of life was personified in Eros, the god of love, or by the Roman Cupid. But Eros fails to explain war, torture, suicide, and the legion of evils that destroy life. This perplexed the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, who coined it a ‘death instinct’ that operates as an unconscious

Public Trust in Social Media

By Abel Merawi

Ethiopia social mediaMay 14, 2021 ( -- There seems to be a global shift of information sources; a shift from the mainstream to social media. This shift brought both encouraging and discouraging outcomes, and so it may be hasty to jump to a conclusion and harshly criticize either source. However, a proper diagnosis is necessary in both cases if we are to make an informed prognosis. An understanding of this shift requires closer scrutiny regarding mainstream media, the public, social media personalities, and fact-checking.

Firstly, we must observe the defects of mainstream media that have led to public distrust. Then, this public d

Even Monkeys Can Use Smart Techs

By Abel Merawi

Even monkeys can use smart techApril 15, 2021 ( -- What I am about to say may come across as an insult to our civilization, but I pray that you read the article in light of recent disastrous events which make us lose heart in humanity. I promise to expound on it but the basic argument runs like this. Contemporary human beings remain primitive in morality, spirituality, and rationality while possessing the technology par excellence of a great civilization. To avoid misunderstanding, civilization is used here in the strictest lexical meaning that denotes social development and organization manifested in the excellence of thought, manner, and ta

Invisible Citizens

By Abel Merawi

Homeless Addis AbabaApril 1, 2021 ( -- The daily hustle we all endure ends when dusk closes in, and we retreat to whatever shelter we call home. But amongst us are the unfortunate ones who remain in the unforgiving street for they have nowhere to go and no place to call home. These are the invisible citizens of the street. In the safety of our home, we are oblivious to their existence. After we closed the gates, we also veil our imagination to external reality by dwelling on our endless personal woes. Our apathy is no wonder as our TV and phone screens orchestrate a lullaby of fairyland. Then when the sun rises, we open our gates but our mental gateway

Democracy and Democratic Institutions

By Abel Merawi

Addis Ababa City AdminFebruary 22, 2021 ( -- Every political system rests on a fictional or concrete foundation of ideologies that enforce their rule. Monarchs stand on the legitimacy of unquestionable divine power, while dictators rest on military force. The same goes with democracy, which lays its foundation on institutionalism or bureaucracy as a way to hear and respond to citizens. It is common knowledge that democracy is the will of the people but it is often forgotten that institutions are the lifeline between leaders and people. They are indispensable channels which in combination form what is known as bureaucracy.


Democracy and Democratic People

By Abel Merawi

DemocracyFebruary 16, 2021 ( -- Democracy is an elusive concept as its preceding and competing notions such as authoritarianism or socialism. This is because the elements that encompass democracy place requirements on not just the government but also on the people and the institutions serving as outlets. Even in the case of authoritarian governments, dictators attempt to persuade the people because if they don’t accept the propaganda of living under dictatorship and institutions of force, it could not survive with sheer force.

The same applies to socialism, which can only survive with the direct or indirect acceptance of the people and

Paideia or Deep Education

By Abel Merawi

Mrs Jane ElliotFebruary 4, 2021 ( -- There are moments of a collision between the classroom and the outside reality. The brutal, irrational, and unjust murder of the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was such an event. It was almost impossible for a teacher to educate benign children about the fiction behind centuries of slavery and segregation or Jim Crow, which had shown its monstrosity in the murder of a man of peace, love, and justice. To begin with, how on earth can you explain racism between the same race – Homo Sapiens? The perfect and protective classroom world hasn’t been designed to deal with the cruel ways of the world. We

Educational Purpose: Good Citizenry Vs Rational Autonomy

By Abel Merawi

Education Rational AutonomyJanuary 26, 2021 ( -- Before diving into a discussion on the purpose of education, I venture into the age-old legend of the hero. Leaving aside the divine touch in the protagonist, which was indispensable in the classics, I portray the purely human protagonist. The hero begins life by participating in the ordinary social routine until maturity brings an insatiable thirst for more. This perpetually grows until the hero is unable to endure the immediate reality. Then the arduous journey into the wilderness becomes the only solution to the hero’s disquietude. Embarking on this journey is breaking socia

Crowd Leaders as National Enemies of Ethiopia

By Abel Merawi

crowd-leadersJanuary 11, 2021 ( -- For years, we have witnessed crowd leaders striving to segregate the people of Ethiopia, which ultimately threatened our sovereignty. We have seen them conniving, in a grand chess-player style, to sacrifice the people as pawns with the aim of crowning themselves. The crowd leaders of Ethiopia appear different only from distance. You see their glaring similarities once you take a closer look. It reminds me of James Baldwin in ‘The Fire Next Time’ when he remarked how the chief of the American Nazi Party, George Lincoln Rockwell, contributed to Malcolm X because they both work to have a separate nation

Ethiopia Under the Threat of Crowd Mentality

By Abel Merawi

Crowd-Mentality-EthiopiaDecember 31, 2020 ( -- Nations are built by the autonomous and unified strivings of citizens. Contrariwise, nations are destroyed by crowds who operate blindly to fulfill petty and irrational goals. Crowds may originate from various elements. In Ethiopia, they emanate from the catastrophic element of race and ethnicity. Currently, we are witnessing crimes against humanity in various parts of our country, and they all point towards crowd leaders and their hypnotized followers. The effort of the government to put a halt to these atrocities become futile when citizens abandon national identity and form ethnic factio

Conformist Realism in Ethnic Federalism

By Abel Merawi

Ethiopia FederalismDecember 20, 2020 ( -- The following article revolves around a single vital question: Why are Ethiopians focusing on how ethnic federalism operates while failing to question why ethnic federalism is even necessary? Following the germination of ethnic federalism in Ethiopia, people in almost every realm of life have posited notions that attack or favor the workings of ethnic national identity. Many are the scholars who showed how one ethnic group has triumphed at the expense of others. Countless are the songs that championed ethnic rather than national identity. Numerous are historians, with both good and evil intentions,

Alternatives to National Identity

By Abel Merawi

Ethiopia-nation-buildingDecember 10, 2020 ( -- When we think of a nation, various assumptions come to mind. Some consider how a group of elites gather and create a grand plan to form a nation. This cannot be any further from the truth. And whenever such attempts were made, the results were catastrophic. Recalling the Holocaust and the Gulags is enough to make us shudder. The other assumption is that nations are the result of various fortunate and unfortunate events that brought people together or separated them. In order to find out the alternatives to establishing a nation, merely defining it will not suffice without ample e

Fighting in Tigray Region Has Ended: Ethiopian Army Chief

By Staff Reporter

Mekelle-cityNovember 28, 2020 ( -- The Ethiopian army has captured Mekele City, the last stronghold of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) force marking the end of the 25-day fighting, the country’s army chief has said.

Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defence Force Berhanu Jula Saturday in a briefing declared the end of the fighting between federal and TPLF forces. “The march toward controlling the Mekele, capital of Tigray, was so smooth,” he said.

The chief of the Army congratulated all Ethiopians over the victory and the People of Tigray in particular for being liberated from the oppression of the

Ethiopia in Conflict - Part II: A National Stand for Unity

By Abel Merawi

Ethiopia-UnityNovember 24, 2020 ( -- A friend once told me a modern day parable that I labeled ‘Do the chickens know!?’ There once lived a schizophrenic man who believe that he was a chicken. To make matters worse, he refused to leave his house, assuming that other chickens conspired to peck him to death. With relentless intervention from family, friends and psychologists, he was finally convinced that he is a man; not a chicken. However, he still refused to leave his house and his loved ones inquired the reason. He replied, “I’m not crazy! I know that I am a man. But, do the chickens know? If they don’t, they can st

Ethiopian Police Issues Arrest Warrant on 76 Generals, Military Officers

By Staff Reporter

Arrest-warrantNovember 19, 2020 ( -- The Ethiopian Federal Police have issued arrest warrants for another 76 army generals and military officers for alleged treason by working with the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF).

In a statement released on Wednesday, Ethiopian Police said the army general and senior military officers have been accused of having roles in the killing of members of the northern command division.

Retired army generals and military officers are among the suspects whom police issued an arrest warrant for the second time after war broke out between TPLF and the central government two we

TPLF Leader Calls on All Tigrayans to Fight Federal Army

By Staff Reporter

Debretsion-Gebremichael-calls-TigrayansNovember 18, 2020 ( --  The leader of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) Debretsion Gebremichael called on all Tigrayans to fight what he referred to as “Abiy’s fascist forces” as the federal army captures key towns in Tigray.

Speaking to Tigray TV on Wednesday, Debretsion said TPLF forces have turned into offensive and defeated the federal army on all war fr

PM Abiy Calls for Surrender as Fighting Intensifies in Tigray

By Staff Reporter

PM-Abiy-offensiveNovember 17, 2020 ( -- Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Tuesday announced the end of the three-day surrender deadline his government has given to Tigray Special Forces and militia to lay down arms.

There are no reports of members of the Tigray special force and militia have given hands to the federal army following the premier’s call except those fighters who have surrendered amid battles in different places of Tigray.

In a message conveyed in Tigrigna language three days ago, Prime Minister Abiy called upon the Tigray Special Forces and militia in Mekele to save their lives and help the nati

Ethiopia in Conflict - Part I: EPRDF and the Creation of Ethnic Division

By Abel Merawi

Ethnic-federalism-EthiopiaNovember 16, 2020 ( -- When we seriously examine the genesis of every civilization, we see people who find themselves together without intentionality. In the beginning, some people are migrants, some relatives, some conquered and some conquerors. But time slowly begins to transform and unite this crowd, which becomes the identity of the nation this people call home. As people occupy the same space, they begin to have shared experiences too. Through the bond of marriage and through various processes of unification, they form a collective identity. This identity is used by the ruler of the land to create a nati

TPLF Took More Than 10000 Prisoners from Abandoned Towns: Ethiopian Military

By Staff Reporter

TPLF-PrisonersNovember 16, 2020 ( -- Retreating troops of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) took more than 10,000 young people as hostages from Raya and Alamata towns, Ethiopia’s army officer has disclosed.

Human Resource and Media Section Coordinator with the National Defence Force Colonel Dejene Fikadu told ETV news that TPLF’s troops had been escorting the hostages to Mekele a few days before the Ethiopian army took control of the towns.

“Before the young people were taken hostages, they had been kept in different detention centers without prosecution. They allegedly protested against identity c


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