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Foreign Minister of China, Wang Yi, in Ethiopia Today

China-FM-in-EthiopiaJanuary 3, 2018 ( - The Foreign Minister of China, Wang Yi, is in Ethiopia today for talks with Ethiopian officials.

The Foreign Minister of Chinamet Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed today.

In their meeting, the Ethiopian Primier is said to have acknowledged the longstanding relations between the two countries and China’s immense contributions to Ethiopia, according to Office of the prime Minister.

In addition to infrastructure development, the Ethiopian Prime Minister sought China's assistance in new forms of technology.

Wang Yi on his part appreciated the successful reform initiatives underta

Britain Provided One Billion USD in Development Assistance to Ethiopia - Ambassador

Britain-Ambassador-EthiopiaJanuary 2, 2018 - The outgoing British ambassador to Ethiopia, Susanna Moorehead, disclosed that Britain provided about one billion USD in development assistance to Ethiopia in the last three years.

She disclosed this information while bidding farewell to Ethiopian officials and others in the capital Addis Ababa.

She said her country financed various development projects in Ethiopia, including a program that benefited 4 million pregnant mothers and children under 5.

Britain has also built a project that increased access to safe drinking water for 5 million Ethiopians, according to the ambassador.


Ethiopia Announces Diplomats to 19 Countries, Missions

Diplomats-appointed-EthiopiaDecember 27, 2018 ( - The Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced diplomats for 19 countres and missions. This follows on the ministry's announcement earlier this year that it was working to make foreign representatives more professional, rather than political, people who can promote Ethiopia's interests abroad more effectively.

Today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs formally appointed 19 individuals to various foreign outposts.

Notable appointees include Fitsum Arega, who was the Director General of the Ethiopian Investment Commission and the Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia. H

US Embassy Denies Role in Abiy Ahmed Selection

Nicholas-Barnett-Addis-AbabaDecember 21, 2018 ( - The U.S. government on Tuesday rejected allegations by Aboy Sebhat Bega, a founding member of the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), that the United States was involved in the appointment of Abiy Ahmed as Prime Minister of Ethiopia in March 2018.  

Aboy Sebhat Nega labelled the charges against the United States of America during a conference held at Mekele University over the weekend, dubbed Amhara-Tigray Peace Conference. The conference was chaired by Bereket Simon, who is the former Ethiopian Communications Minister and senior leader of the ANDM (Amhara National Democratic Move

UNDP Urges Ethiopia to Aim for More Inclusive Economic Growth

Achim-Steiner-Administrator-UNDPDecember 19, 2018 ( - The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has urged Ethiopia to aim for more inclusive economic development that embraces significant part of the population, according to Ethiopian Agency News report.

The Administrator of UNDP, Achim Steiner, was in Ethiopia this week on a two-day visit.

During his visit, Achim Steiner met with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and other senior government officials.

The UNDP administrator said, Ethiopia has shown high growth rate during the past few years, however, the growth needs to be inclusive.

“Ethiopia has made a grea

Ethiopian Government Suspends Sending Domestic Workers to Gulf Countries

Ethiopian-domestic-workers-GulfDecember 12, 2018 - The Ethiopian government is said to have suspended sending domestic workers to Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member countries, according to Gulf News.

According to the report, the Ethiopian government temporary ban applies a number of Arab countries, including all the GCC nations.

Sources at the Consulate General of Ethiopia in UAE told Gulf News that the ban started last week and it’s still in force.

The Ethiopian government and the UAE are currently negotiating a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to protect the rights of Ethiopian domestic workers in the UAE.


African Union Observes Palestinian Day in Addis Ababa

AU-Palestinian-DayDecember 3, 2018 - The African Union (AU) and diplomatic communities based in Addis Ababa observed the International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People at the Economic Commission Africa Hall on November 30, 2018, according to the Ethiopian News Agency.

The African Union announced it is committed to support all efforts in achieving a lasting solution to the Palestine-Israel conflict.

African Union Commission Deputy Chairperson Kwesi Quartey said AU supports all efforts to achieve solution to the Palestine and Israel conflict based on international law and legitimacy.

The AU Commission will tirelessly continue to

Colonization Still Alive and Well in Africa Today

Modern-day-colonization-AfricaDecember 1, 2018 ( - Colonization is still alive and well in Africa today, writes Solomon Mboya.

Many people believe the colonization of Africa ended after the countries gained independence, mostly in the 60s. Time and again we’ve been lied to, and it’s unfortunate we believe the lies propagated by the Western countries. In this article, I want to prove to you that presently, Africa is still colonized.

According to the African Courier, none of the 54 African countries are truly independent. In one way or another, they are still weakened and manipulated by their former western colonizers who see

US Envoy Calls for Improved Business Climate in Ethiopia

Tibor-Nagy-Visit-EthiopiaNovember 30, 2018 - Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs of the US government, Tibor Nagy, has been visiting Ethiopia this week. In message to senior officials, Mr. Nagy called on Ethiopia to improve its business climate so it can attract US businesses.

He met with several high ranking Ethiopian officials, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu, and Minister of Finance Ahmed Shide with whom he discussed U.S. government support for Ethiopia’s long-term economic growth.

Tibor Nagy expressed the United States’ commitment to partner with Ethiopia to promote a business and investmen

US Evaluating Sanctions Against Former NISS Head Getachew Assefa

Getachew-Assefa-sanctions-USNovember 27, 2018 ( - The United States Government is reportedly evaluating imposing a travel ban travel and assets freeze sanctions on former Ethiopian Intelligence head Getachew Assefa and currently a high ranking member of the Tigrayan Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF).

The sanctions in question follow the House of Representatives (HR) 128 Bill passed by the US Congress against Getachew Assefa earlier this month.

US House of Representatives' Mike Coffman, who sponsored the HR 128 bill and finally got it passed by the Congress, sent a letter to the US State Department and the US Treasury Department, requ

Indian Company to Start $200 Million Paper Plant in Ethiopia

Trident-IndiaNovember 17, 2018 - Trident Group Limited Company, an Indian company of diversified group of businesses, plans to invest 100 - 200 million USD in Ethiopia, according the Reporter.

The company indends to start a plant to produce Trident Copier Paper with 100-200 Million USD capital in Ethiopia.

According to the report, company CEO Navel Jindal said the company will produce an eco-friendly Trident copier and writing paper in the country.

The CEO said “Trident offers a unique advantage of saving the plants by using eco-friendly copier paper which is directly helping the farmers through sale of agro waste which was earlier burned as econ

UNSC Lifts Sanctions on Eritrea

UNSC-lifts-Eritrean-sanctionsNovember 14, 2018 - In a unanimous vote, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) lifted sanctions against Eirtrea today.

The Ethiopian government congratulated the people and government of Eritrea on the lifting of sanctions imposed on Eritrea since 2009.

The UNSC decsion follows the flourishing of peace in the horn of Africa, primarely between Ethiopia and Eritrea, on the one hand, and between Eritrea, Djbouti and Somalia on the other.

The sanctions were imposed on Eritrea for what the international community perceived as subversive Eritrean activities of supporting terrorists andpick

Dubai Sues China for Building Free Trade Zone in Djibouti

Djibouti-Free-Trade-ZoneNovember 5, 2018 - UNITED Arab Emirates (UAE) DP World Limited and its subsidiaries of Dubai has sued China for building an international free trade zone on a terminal being disputed with Djibouti, according to Financial Gazette Newswire.

The lawsuit was filed in the High Court of Hong Kong for unlawfully procuring and inducing the Republic of Djibouti to breach various agreements between the African country and DP World.

In the lawsuit, DP World sought damages, interest, and a declaration that China Merchants unlawfully procured and/or induced Djibouti’s breaches of its agreements with DP World.

When the contra

UN Security Council Expected to Lift Sanctions on Eritrea

UNSC-to-lift-sanctions-on-EritreaNovember 3, 2018 - The UN Security Council (UNSC) is expected to lift sanctions on Eritrea, according to AFP report. Eritrea has been under crippling sanctions for years due to its past involvements with regional instability, including support for what many countries believe terrorist organizations.

Britain proposed a draft resolution calling for lifting of arms embargo and all travel bans, asset freezes and targeted sanctions on Eritrea, according to AFP.

The UNSC is set to go ahead and approve the lifting of sanctions after the United States of America withdrew its objections. Earlier the US had wanted to pr

World Bank Approves $1.2 Billion in Grant and Loan to Ethiopia

World-Bank-EthiopiaOctober 31, 2018 - The World Bank approved $1.2 billion in grants and loans to Ethiopia to support economic growth and the ongoing reforms in the country.

The financial support to Ethiopia comes in the form of grant of $600 million and loan of $600 million.

In astatement, the bank said the funds would go towards supporting reforms in the financial sector including improving the investment climate.

World Bank is providing new financial and technical support in response to the reform pledges made by the government since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took office in April, the bank said.

The Government of Ethiopia has embarke

PM Abiy Ahmed in Germany Attending CwA Meeting

Angela-Merkel-Abiy-AhmedOctober 30, 2018 - Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is in Germany attending CwA meeting and as part of three cities tour in Europe.

Upon his arrival, he was received by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The two are expected to hold bilateral talks shortly.

Dr. Abiy Ahmed is also expected to address some 25,000 Ethiopians in Frankfurt tomorrow, risding in various cities in Europe.

The Prime Minister will then attend the Compact with Africa (CwA) meeting, along with some 12 African heads of states.

Intended to promote private investments in Africa, the CwA was initiated under the German G20 Presidency.

France Pledges €100 Million Grant to Ethiopia

By Staff Reporter

France-Pledges-Ethiopia-100M-EuroOctober 30, 2018 - French President Emmanuel Macron announced a €100 million in grant to Ethiopia as part of an effort to support the ongoing economic reform in the horn African nation.

The announcement came after the visiting Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed held discussion with President Emmanuel Macron at Élysée Palace in Paris.

In a joint briefing, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said he was very grateful for the positive response for his plea he made to the french president who agreed to lend a helping hand to protect and preserve the Lalibela churches in Am

Yemen Facing Worst Famine in 100 Years

Yemen-facing-starvationOctober 20, 2018 - The United Nations is warning that up to 13 million people face stravation in a civil war-torn Yemen.

Yemen has been in conflict since 2015 when interim president Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi went into exile in the face of Houthi militia advance onto the capital Sanaa.

Supported by Saudi Arabian forces, the former President later returned into Yemen and formed base in the sourthern city of Aden.

The country has been ravaged by years of Saudi bombardment, causing massive displacement and starvation.

UN advocates are calling on a military coalition led by U.S. ally Saudi Arabia to halt air strikes that are

Italian Prime Minister in Ethiopia on Two-Day Visit

Italian-PM-in-EthiopiaOctober 11, 2018 - Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is in Ethiopia for a two-day working visit, and as part of tour to the Horn of Africa.

He was welcomed by Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed upon arrival at Bole International Airport.

He is scheduled to travel to Eritrea where he will meet President Isaias Afewerki after concluding his trip to Ethiopia.

According to reports, the Italian Prime Minister wants to support the peace deal signed between Ethiopia and Eritrea last July after nearly 20 years of stalemate.

Italy has a long history of association with Ethiopia and Eritrea. Italy ruled Eritrea for s

Ethiopia to Restart Overseas Employment Services Tomorrow

By Staff Reporter

Ethiopian-workers-abroadOctober 9, 2018 - The government of Ethiopia will officially restart overseas employment services mainly to the Middle East as of Wednesday, October 10, 2018, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Ethiopia disclosed.

Ethiopia lifted a ban on domestic workers moving overseas last February after passing a new law meant to avoid ill-treatment of Ethiopians in Middle East countries.

The government instituted the ban five years ago following reports of abuse, and complaints that employment agencies lured Ethiopians into working abroad in illegal and appalling conditions.

The new law regula


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