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Turkish TV Series Popularity Growing in Ethiopia - Ambassador

Turkish-TV-series-popular-ethiopiaFebruary 7, 2017 - The international popularity of Turkish TV series has spread around the world over the years, and Ethiopia is not an exception, according to Daily Sabah. The number of Ethiopian viewers watching Turkish series has seen a significant hike in recent years and it goes hand in hand with an increase of locals' interest in Turkish culture, Turkey's ambassador to Ethiopia said.

The Turkish Ambassador in Addis Ababa, Fatih Ulusoy said, "In Ethiopia, over the last one and a half years, Turkish TV series has been very popular."

Talking of the TV series, the ambassador said that Turkish dramas such as '

Ethiopian Band Yegna to Continue Despite Funding Cut from UK

Yegna-to-continue-despite-funding-cutJanuary 16, 2017 - Yegna Managing Director Solome Tadesse spoke on Tuesday of continuation of the project despite the UK Department for International Development (DFID)’s decision to cut its funding for the project. DFID has been working with Yegna for the past four years and had a plan to give it GBP 11.8 million between 2015 and 2018 through its partner Girl Effect. But DFID announced the end of its partnership with Yegna a few days ago.

Though DFID said the decision came after a review of Yegna project and a belief that there were more effective ways to spend UK aid, Solome said th

Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority Gives Satellite Television Licenses

Broadcasting authority gives licensesOctober 29, 2016 - The Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority (EBA) has officially given satellite television licenses to Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC), Walta Information Center (WIC) and Arki Broadcasting Service. It is the first time that such licenses have been given to private institutions.

At a ceremony held at the Sheraton Addis Hotel on Wednesday, October 19, 2016, the Authority signed several agreements with the licensed companies and also encouraged them to start their work as soon as possible.

EBA also signed an agreement with Tana Communication Plc and Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC) to manufactur

Micheal and Zeritu Rock the Stage with 'Nafkot ena Fiker'

By Seble Teweldebirhan

Addis Ababa, March 19, 2013, ( – On a chilly Saturday night two weeks ago, Lafto Mall in Addis Ababa was crowded with more than 4000 excited fans of Michael Belaynehe and Zeritu Kebede. The two contemporary stars of Ethiopian music had a concert following the new album by Michael titled &ls

Is Modern Ethiopian Music Failing the Test of Time?

By Seble Teweldebirhan


JazzambaAddis Ababa, November 19, 2012 ( - Every night, Jazzamba lounge at Taitu Hotel entertains audiences with some of renowned musicians of the country. The first hotel in Ethiopia built in 1898 by the Wife of Menelik the II Itegu

Teddy Afro’s Tikur Sew Music Video Launched

By Seble Teweldebirhan


Teddy Afro - Tikur SewAddis Ababa, June 11, 2012 ( - Teddy Afro’s recent album, Tikur Sew or Black Man, is going through a serious scrutiny. The attitude towards the album has changed form ‘wow Teddy Afro&r

The Making of Modern Music in Ethiopia

By Seble Teweldebirhan


Nhatty ManAddis Ababa, June 7, 2012 ( - One of the most contemporary sounds in Ethiopian music is made by Nhatnael Ayalew, also known as Nhatty Man by his stage name. The young musician is modern in every way. From his style to his app

Popular TV Show Excites Interest with Controversial Character

By Meron Tekleberhan


Sew Le Sew - Ethiopian TVAddis Ababa, May 21, 2012 ( - Ethiopian Television, not usually well-known for reflecting the prevalent issues within the society, seems to have struck a chord with ‘Sew Le Sew’ a soap opera style TV drama. The popularity of the show has increased with every episode aired after the 9:00pm evening news on Wednesdays for more than a year.


Teddy Afro Dominates Ethiopian Music Scene Once Again

By Seble Teweldebirhan


Tedy Afro Tikur SewAddis Ababa, April 24, 2012 ( - The much-anticipated album of all time, Teddy Afro’s Tekur Sew (or Black Man), was released last week on the eve of Easter.


Japanese Drum Band Performs at the National Theatre

By Seble Teweldebirhan


Japanese MusicAddis Ababa, October 6, 2011 ( - The Embassy of Japan, together with the Japan Foundation, presented a unique drum and tap dance mix show at the National Theatre on Tuesday this week. The concert titled “Blendrums” was led by renowned Japanese drummer Leonard Eto and his group of drummers and tap dancers who are visiting Ethiopia as part of their East Africa tou

The Queen of Kirar Asnakech Worku Passes Away

Be Seble Teweldebirhan

Ethiopia's Queen of Kirar passes awayAddis Ababa, September 19, 2011 ( - Every generation has its own dynamic individuals- people who breaks the rules and live they way they see fit. For many, musician and actress Asnakech Worku was one of the pioneer for her generation. The beautiful and talented queen of Kirar (a five-stringed instrument widely used in traditional Ethiopian music), Tizata Asnakech Worku, for the last almost half a century remained to be a sensation of the Ethiopian entertainment industry.

Ethiopian Cinema: After Some Delay, 'Mefenkele Setoch' Opens in Addis Ababa

By Seble Teweldebirhan


Mefenkle SetochAddis Ababa, July 21, 2011 ( - It is possible to imagine the legendary author Sibhat G/egziabher publishing another controversial book or may be giving an interview or writing an article for a newspaper on matters our society considers a taboo. Anyone who knows the man can imagine him doing crazy things like marrying a woman four ti

5th Addis International Film Festival Concludes with Dismal Performance

 By Seble Teweldebirhan


5th Addis film festival concludesAddis Ababa, June 29, 2011 ( - The 5th Addis International Film Festival concluded on Monday at Sebastopol Cinema. The festival ran from June 23-26 and exhibited around 140 documentary and short films from all over the world. The films were presented at Sebastopol Cinema, British Council, Alliance E

Ethiopian Made Films Are Few and of Poor Quality, Say Experts

By Seble Teweldebirhan


YeketerhutAddis Ababa, June 23, 2011 ( – This week, a new film titled ‘Yeketerkut’ or ‘My Employee’ was opeedn in Addis Ababa at National Theater. The 1:40 hour film was produced by Kasim Ibrahim and Zabia Film Production. The film is a romance/tragedy that shows a family ruined by a boy who joined them as an employee of the family business. The daughter, the maid,

Ethiopian Artist Presents Unique Art Exhibition at Alliance Ethio-Francaise

By Seble Teweldebirhan


Behailu Desktop ArtAddis Ababa, June 9, 2011 ( - Many of us expect art to be in a certain identified manner. May be a painting on a canvas, whether abstract or realist, or different pictures. These are things we look forward to see if we go to art exhibitions. Artist Behailu Bezabeh is approaching art from an unusual direction.

PM Meles Addresses Ethiopian Artists on the Future of Art in Ethiopia

By Seble Teweldebirhan


PM Meles addresses Ethiopian artistsAddis Ababa, June 8, 2011 ( - Prime Minister Meles Zenawi showed an unusual interest on the Ethiopian show business today by calling a general meeting of artists, actors, directors, writers, musicians, singers and producers. Probably for the first time in his 20 years rule, the PM appears to consider the power of art in the society’s socioeconomic a

Big Brother Africa Launches New Season; Hanni, Danny to Represent Ethiopia


By Seble Teweldebirhan

Hanni representing Ethiopia in Big Brother AfricaDannyAddis Ababa, May 5, 2011 ( - Big Brother Africa, the biggest and most watched reality sh

Ethiopian Fashion Designer Wins African Competition

By Seble Teweldebirhan

Fikirte AddisAddis Ababa, March 31, 2011 ( For most of us Ethiopian s here and abroad, our traditional cloth is beautiful and attractive but not practical and comfortable for day-to-

Ethiopian Housemaid Becomes Music Sensation in Iraq

Mahlet Becomes Sensation in IraqOctober 6, 2010 — Ethiopian housemaid Mahlet is changing her name to Maha and cutting her first video clip after proving to her Iraqi boss that she can sing better than she can clean, reports AFP.

Three years after she left her native Ethiopia to work as as a housemaid for prominent Kurdish musician Halcout Zahir, the 20-year-old woman is almost a household name in the northern autonomous region of Kurdistan.

Her break came when Iraq's musical phenomenon Dashni Murad -- dubbed the "Shakira of Kurdistan" -- dis

Ethiopian named 1st runner up in beauty contest

Melat Yante Woldesenbet       Melat Yante Woldesenbet Pictures: Melat Yante Woldesenbet

February 12, 2010 -- Melat Yante Woldesenbet, Ethiopia’s representative to the 2009 Miss Universe Pageant, was chosen as 1st runner up in the Global Beauties Face of the Year competition. She was also named the Global Beauties Face of Africa winner!

The fifty finalists were chosen among the world’s most prestigious pageants. Out of thousands of women who competed nationally and internatio


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