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Ethiopia 5th Largest Investor in Renewable Energy in Africa - Report

Ethiopia-5th-africa-renewable-energyJanuary 24, 2017 - Ethiopia is the 5th largest investor in renewable energy at USD 100 million, according to the Renewable, Global Status Report, according to Capital. South Africa leads in renewable energy investment followed by Morocco, the second largest renewable energy investor at USD two billion. Kenya comes to third with investments worth USD 357 million and Uganda at USD 134 million is fourth.

Ethiopia has over half a million solar lighting systems and over four million installed clean cooking stoves, making the country among the top five in Africa when it comes to using these technologies, according to the repo

GDP by sector: Ethiopia Vs Mauritius, Tunsia & South Africa

This article is the first of three part series that compares the performance of the Ethiopian economy with those of Mauritius, Tunisia and South Africa, some of Africa's best performing economies. Below, we compare the Ethiopian economy by sector with those of Mauritius, Tunisia and South Africa. The data shows, the Ethiopian economy is much more dependent on agriculture than is the case with the other three countries. About 47% of the Ethiopian economy economy is based on agriculture, as opposed to 3-12% for the other countries. Ethiopian manufacturing sector accounts for about 4.5% of the economy, as oppossed to 18-20% for the other countries. The conclusion: Ethiopia has way to go to modernize its economy, even by African standards.

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