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PM Shores Up Cabinet: Gedu Andargachew, Foreign Minister; Lemma Megersa, Defense Minister

Gedu-LemmaApril 18, 2019 ( -- Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed reshuffled his cabinet today, appointing Gedu Andargachew as Foreign Affairs Minister and Lemma Megersa as Defense Minister, perhaps signaling the tough road ahead.

Ethiopia is currently experiencing grave security situation, including a breakdown of law and order in many parts of the country, which the Prime Minister has so far failed to bring under control. On the political front, according to some, cracks have appeared in the alliance that propelled Abiy Ahmed to power, the Oromo-Amhara alliance. The current appointments are probably meant to address both.

Lemma Megersa served as Chief A

TPLF CC Issues a Statement, Declares Plot Against It Has Failed

TPLF-statement-Apr2019April 13, 2019 ( -- The Central Committee of the Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (TPLF) held a meeting this week and issued a strongly-worded statement decrying the worsening political and economic situation in Ethiopia.

The TPLF Central Committee meeting was held in the run-up to the upcoming Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) leadership meeting next week. The EPRDF leadership meetig is being held next week, starting Monday April 15, at the request of TPLF.

According the statement just released, the TPLF leadership seems to be taking increasingly stronger positions against Prime Minister

Military Wing of OLF Breaks with OLF Leadership

OLF-Militia-refuses-to-disarmApril 6, 2019 ( -- The military wing of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) has officially separated from the OLF leadership, according to statement from the group and as reported by the Ethiopian Reporter.

The OLF military wing, aslo known as Waraana Bilisummaa Oromoo (WBO), said it will no longer follow the the OLF leadership in Addis Ababa.

In a statement, the group said, “even if we had previously agreed to a ceasefire and settle our difference with the government, the government has continued to arrest our members and wage war on us.” The group added, “since the agreement in Asmara, Eritrea, we have been

Abiy Ahmed: 2020 Elections the Real Test

Abiy-ahmed-one-yearApril 2, 2019 ( -- Today marks a year since Abiy’s appointment as the Prime Minister. His appointment came after the resignation of his predecessor, HaileMariam Desalegn, to calm the unrest and pave way for the much-needed reforms. Much has changed since then, for better or worse for the country.

Shortly after assuming office, Abiy lifted the state of emergency, freed political prisoners, allowed dissidents to return to Ethiopia, and restored several websites and news channels that were previously banned.

One of the most significant developments was his acceptance of the Algiers accord, ending a two-decade stand-off with

Abiymania One Year Later

Abiy-Ahmed-Inaugural-speechApril 2, 2019 ( -- This week marks one year since Dr Abiy Ahmed was elected Prime Minister of Ethiopia. Many news outlets are covering the occasion with a mix of praise and grave concern.

No Ethiopian leader in recent history has generated so much hope and enthusiasm as Abiy Ahmed.

Following his inaugural speech, the country was awash with what some called "Abiymania."

Such was the positive reception, that some even called him the 'miracle leader' sent from god.

And, early on, he did not disappoint.

Soon after he took power, he unleashed a ser

Ethiopian Security Bans Baladera Council Press Conference in Addis Ababa

Eskinder-Nega-meeting-bannedMarch 31, 2019 ( -- Press conference organized by activist Eskinder Nega was prevented from taking place by Ethiopian security forces, according a report from DW Amharic service.

According to the report, Eskinder Nega and other members of what is called Baladera Council were scheduled to brief journalists today at the Ras Hotel in Addis Ababa.

However, when journalists arrived at the scene at 9:30 am local time on Saturday, they were informed by Ethiopian security police that the meeting is not allowed to take place.

Journalists from DW and other observed some argument between the organizers and the

Opposition Party Slams Ethiopian Government for Failing to Safeguard Human Rights

Beyene-PetrosMarch 28, 2019 ( -- Ethiopian opposition party Ethiopian Social Democratic Party (ESDP) has come out to express its discontentment with the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed over the lack of the rule of law and gross human rights violations.

When Abiy assumed office, he was quick to institute an array of reforms meant to transform the country. Key among them was to improve the human rights situation.

Presently, that’s not the case. Many citizens are starting to doubt whether the prime minister is really committed to improving the country’s fortunes. For others, the reluctance to ensure law and order prevails is rather odd

Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation Gets a New Board

EBC-BoardMarch 22, 2019 ( -- The state-owned Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) got new board members, according to the Ethiopian News Agency.

The House of People’s Representatives (HPR) of Ethiopia just approved the appointment of six board members yesterday.

The board members were nominated by the Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed.

The new board was approved by majority vote, but with 10 voting against and 28 abstentions.

This is the second time in less than a year that the corporation got new board members. In July 2018, the Prime Minister had nominated personalities such as

Ethiopia Walking a Thin Line

Divided-EthiopiaMarch 20, 2019 ( -- Ethiopia’s problem lie in its governance structure and the ethnic-federal system, which divided the nation into linguistic and ethnic factions in which exclusion has been normalized. Consequently, as things stand right now, it will be impossible to realize a democratic Ethiopia devoid of ethnic identity and ethnic-federalism. Once again, it appears to be a failed experiment in democracy.

The ethnic polarization concocted and perfected by the EPRDF (Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front) in the past decades ignored the divine, cultural, social and economic fabric that glued Ethiopians together for centu

Ethiopian National Census Postponed Amid Security Concerns

Ethiopia-Population-Census-postponedMarch 18, 2019 ( -- The Fourth National Housing and Population Census of Ethiopia has once again been postponed due to security issues, among other things, according to the reporter.

The census was scheduled to start the first week of April 2019.

Following a heated debate between members of Census Commission, the commission decided to postpone the planned national population census until the concerns are addressed.

The commission was being chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen when talks broke down.

The Commission had an urgent meeting on Saturday,

Gedu Andargachew Resigns; Ambachew Mekonnen Elected Chief Administrator of Amhara Region

Gedu-Andargachew-resignsMarch 8, 2019 ( - The Amhara regional council accepted the resignation letter submitted by Gedu Andargachew early this morning, according to FBC news.

In his place, the Amhara regional council elected Dr. Ambachew Mekonnen as Chief Administrator of the Amhara Regional State.

Prior to his newappointment, the new Chief Administrator Dr. Ambachew Mekonnen had served as Infrastructure and Urban Development Advisor to the Prime Minister.

The news emerged in the last day of Amhara Regional Council’s congress on Friday.

No reason was given for Gedu Andargachew's resignation or whether this is re

Amhara Region Council Urges the People of Tigray and Amhara to Reject Agitators

Amhara-Region-Council-032019March 7, 2019 ( - The Amhara Regional Council gave a sobering assessment of the security situation in Ethiopia, and in and around the Amhara region, in particular.

The 12th regular council conference was held yesterday in Bahir Dar city, the capital of Amhara region.

The council saw the developing situation in Ethiopia as grave and urged all Ethiopians to work towards peace and dialogue.

Speaking during the conference, regional parliament speaker Worksemu Mamo said regional leaders of Ethiopia need to observe tolerance.

Peace is absent in many areas, millions of our people are being dislo

TPLF Issues a Strong Statement Criticizing Abiy Ahmed Leadership

TPLF-statement-2019February 17, 2019 ( - The Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (TPLF) celebrated the 44th anniversary of its foundation today in Mekelle, Tigray, and other cities around the world.

Marking the occasion, the organization released one of the strongest statements it issued to date criticizing the way the country is going under the leadership of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

The Organization all but condemned what it called the erosion of constitutional order in broad day light and vowed that it will not sit idly while the country is going into anarchy.

The statement, which came at the end of the Central Committe meeting of the TPLF

Ethiopian Federal Forces in Amhara Region to Quell Unrest

Unrest-in-Amhara-2019February 17, 2019 ( - Ethiopian National Defense and Federal Police Forces have entered parts of Amhara regional state to stabilize the deteriorating security situation in the state.

The Amhara regional administration formally asked the Ministry of Defense and federal police forces to help stabilize the situation in western and central Gondar. The Ethiopian Army and Federal Police has taken over the security matters of the two zones, according to the report.

The army and federal police has already issued warning to potential violators that they will take serious measures against armed individuals or groups, who have been causing

Ana Gomes, Long-Time Critic of Ethiopian Government, Arrives in Addis Ababa

Ana-Gomes-Addis-AbabaFebruary 16, 2019 ( - The long-time critic of the Ethiopian government and Portuguese member of the European Union (EU) Parliament, Ana Gomes, arrived in Addis Ababa today.

She was European Union's chief observer during the 2005 disputed Ethiopian elections. She became very critical of both the 2005 Ethiopian election and the government of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi in general since 2005.

Following the elections, Ana Maria Gomes stated that "indeed there were massive human rights violations" during and after the election. She endorsed calls for the creation of national unity government as well as new election

Shaking Up the Government Risks Intensifying Ethnic Friction

Ethnic-tensions-EthiopiaFebruary 15, 2019 ( - Disagreement over resources between the various ethnic groups in the country has been the source of conflict and mass displacement, but shaking up the government which is led by reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed risks intensifying ethnic friction according to experts.

Tewodrose Tirfe, the chairman of the Amhara Association of America, a U.S based advocacy group says presently ethnic tensions are a fundamental problem for Ethiopia. Millions have been displaced in a humanitarian crisis that could get out of control.

In the first half of last year, Ethiopia's rate of 1.4 million internally dis

Ethiopian National Defense Forces Undertaking Deep Reform

National-Defense-Forces-ReformFebruary 14, 2019 ( - The chief of staff of Ethiopian Defense Forces, General Seare Mekonnen, said Ethiopia's National Defense is carrying out deep institutional reform to build a well trained, strong, and professional army, according to FBC news report.

The chief of staff said this on the 7th Ethiopian Defense Force Day in a panel discussion that was held in Adama city, Oromia regional state.

The Ethiopian Defense Force Day has been celebrated every year since January 9, 2019.

The event was attend by Defense Minister, Aish Mohamed, chief administrator of Oromia regional state, Lemma Megersa,

Former TPLF Official Plans to Join Another Party

Zadig-Abraha-TPLFFebruary 10, 2019 ( - Former spokesperson of the Office of the Prime Minister and Deputy Head of Government Communications Affairs Office, Zadig Abraha, said that he will join another political party upon his return from the UK, where he is pursuing his master's degree.

Zadig Abraha was a member of the Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (TPLF) until he resigned recently on February 5, 2019.

In his resignation letter, Zadig cited the handling of the Raya issue as one of the differences he had with the TPLF. “The way the Raya issue is being handled is not democratic,” he said in the letter.

Following his

Somali Regional State of Ethiopia Lifts Immunity of 12 Officials

Somali-Regional-LeadersFebruary 7, 2019 ( - The Somali regional state of Ethiopia has been going through some unusual political developments in the last month or so. The chief administrator of the region, Mustafa Omer, who replaced former Somali strongman Abdi Mohamed Omer, also known as Abdi Illey, in August last year all but accused the chairman of the Somali People’s Democratic Party (SPDP), Ahmed Shide, of plotting to remove him from office.

Further, Mustafa Omer accused Ahmed Shide and others of working with forces loyal to former Somali President Abdi Illey. This is strange given the fact that Abdi Illey is in federal custody and Ahmed

Ethiopia Forms Reconciliation and Boundaries and Identity Commissions

HoPR-EthiopiaFebruary 6, 2019 ( - Following extensive consultations, the Ethiopian government has established two commissions this week, the Boundaries and Identity Issues Commission, and the Reconciliation Commission.

The Ethiopian House of People’s Representatives (HPR) approved the formation of the two commissions and the proposed members for the two commissions.

The candidates were selected based on age, experience, gender, religion, educational background, region, and representing three generations, among others, according to the report.

Members of the Boundaries and Identity Issues Commission were approved by a majoriy vote with 2


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