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EPRDF Exec Committee Concludes Meeting, Lauds Achievements

EPRDF-concludes-meeting-2019January 18, 2019 - The Executive Committee of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) concluded its meeting today, according to FBC news report.

According to a statement issued following conclusion of the meeting, the leadership committee commended the measures taken following the decisions of the 11th Organizational Congress of EPRDF to widen the political landscape.

Achievements cited were the release of prisoners, the return of exiled political parties and armed group to the country, improvement in the protection of human rights, freedom of expression, and freedom of the press were stated

EPRDF Executive Committee Holding Regular Session

EPRDF-in-MeetingJanuary 16, 2019 ( - The Executive Committee of Ethiopian ruling party has started one of its regular session today, office of the Front said. 

The chairpersons and deputy chairpersons of affiliate parties are participating at the meeting, according to the decision made at the 11th organizational congress.

The Committee is expected to evaluate the implementation of the directions set at the 11th organizational congress of the Front held in October 2018 in Hawassa.

There, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) held its conference under the theme “National Unity for All Rounded Prosperi

Tigray Government Refuses to Hand Over Getachew Assefa - Attorney General

Berhanu-Tsegaye-AG-EthiopiaJanuary 5, 2018 - The Attorney General of Ethiopia requested help from the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) to arrest former head of Intelligence chief Getachew Assefa.

The Attorney General, BerhanuTsegaye, specifically asked HPR to apply pressure on the Tigray regional state to hand over the former chief.

The Attorney General made this request while presenting five-month performance report to the House of Representatives.

During the session, Berhanu presented details of activities carried out in the past five months including measures taken against crimes, human right abuses, corruption and organiz

PM Office Appoints Nigusu Tilahun as Press Secretary, Kassahun Gofe as Deputy

press-secretaries-ethiopiaJanuary 2, 2019 ( - The office of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia announced that Nigusu Tilahun was appointed as press secretary at the office of the Prime Minister, replacing Billene Seyoum.

In November 2018, the Ethiopian goverment had appointed Billene Seyoum as Press Secretary at the office of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, a job that was covered previously by Abiy’s former Chief of Staff, Fitsum Arega, who was recently appointed Ethiopian Ambassador to the United States of America.

The reason the former press secretary was replaced was not disclosed.

Before his current appointment, the new press se

Four Ethiopia-Wide Political Parties Agree to Merge

Four-Ethiopian-Parties-MergeJanuary 1, 2019 - Four Ethiopia-wide political parties have agreed to merge and form one citizen-based party.

In a press conference, the Semayawi Party (Blue Party), Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP), Patriotic Ginbot 7, and Unity Party (UP) said they are forming a new party.

The four parties have been in negotiations on forming some kind of unity party between their respective organizations.

According to the plan, the new party is to be formed at the end or march 2019.

The name of the new party is not yet disclosed, nor its leaders, according to the information they released.

As far as its

Eritrea Closes Border Crossings Partially

Eritrea-closes-border-partiallyDecember 28, 2018 ( - Eritrea has partially closed two border crossings that opened this year after the normalization of relations with Ethiopia, according to the Associated Press.

Following the normalization of relations that started in July this year and the opening of borders in September 2018, thousands of people have crossed the border that was closed for two decades.

In addition to traders and family visitors, more 25,000 Eritreans have come to Ethiopia, seeking asylum and potential route to Europe and other places.

The exact reason for the partial broder closure is unknown.

ODP Blames OLF for Failing to Implement Peace Plan

ODP-OLF-disputeDecember 26, 2018 - The Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) blamed the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) for failing to implement the peace plan both parties agreed upon, including the disarmament of the OLF.

Speaking to the press, ODP representative Mogos Edeo said "the peace agreement reached between the Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) and the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) to pacify Oromia a month ago has expired without bearing fruit due to the unwillingness of OLF."

According to him, on 26 November 2018, a committee was formed to prepare a joint plan to maintain peace, disarm OLF fighters, and sustain the peaceful struggle among

Ethiopia Forms Elite Force to Protect Leaders

Imperial-Guard-EthiopiaDecember 24, 2018 ( - The Ethiopian government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has created an elite security force to protect leaders, officials and their families, including Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, according to Fana Radio report.

The elite force, known as Republican Guard, has been training for the last six months, according to the report.

No details have been given as to its structure or its command chain.

The decision to establish a new security system was reached after a bomb blast rocked the capital in May this year during a rally at Meskel Square in support of the Prime Minister.

Since 1991, wh

New Bill to Reorganize Ethiopian News Agency, Create Civil Society and Education Centers

Council-of-ministersDecember 22, 2018 ( - The Council of Ministers of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed passed decisions on various draft bills at its regular meeting today in Addis Ababa, according to Ethiopian News Agency.

Among other things, the Council of Ministers passed decisions to reorganize the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA).

The draft bill will re-establish the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) and enable the agency to have institutional autonomy and disseminate reliable information accordingly.

The Council also deliberated on Ethiopian Space Policy, Constitution and Federalism indoctrination center, and civil society organizations

OLF Clashing with National Defense Forces - Dawud Ibsa

Dawud-Ibsa-OLFDecember 22, 2018 ( - In a press conference he gave today, the leader of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), Dawud Ibsa said there is fighting going on between his rebel forces and government soldiers throughout the state of Oromia. According to him, heavy fighting is going on in Western Wellega in particular.

This was the result of premature steps taken by the national defense forces, the OLF leader said, adding that this has caused fear and distress among the local public and is disrupting their lives.

Mr. Dawud Ibsa added that there were many agreements reached between OLF and the Ethiopian government. To maintain peace, he said, the cu

Four Ethiopia-Wide Political Parties Agree to Work Together

Ginbot-7-coalitionDecember 22, 2018 ( - Four Ethiopia-wide political parties have reportedly agreed to work together, according to press event held yesterday.

In the press conference, the parties disclosed that the Patriotic Ginbot 7 Movement, Semayawi (Blue), Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP) and the former Unity Party have agreed to work together.

The nature of the agreed upon collaboration is unknown, as is whether that will include unity among them or not.

The Ginbot 7 Movement met with its members and supporters to discuss the country’s current political situation and its future structure of the movement.

Ginbot 7 lea

House Approves Bill to Establish Boundary and Identity Commission

Boundary-Identity-Commission-EthiopiaDecember 20, 2018 ( - Ethiopian House of People’s Representatives (HPR) approved a new bill to establish boundary and identity commission, according to Ethiopian News Agency report.

According to the report, the aim of new commission established is to study and resolve border and identity issues that are increasingly coming up and becoming sources of tension and conflict in various parts of the country.

The bill was approved by the House of Representatives by a majority vote, with 33 against, and four abstentions.

According to the bill, the boundary and identity commission is accountable to

OLF Criticizes Federal Troop Deployment in Western Oromia

OLF-EthiopiaDecember 16, 2018 ( - The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) said to be unhappy because the central government deployed federal tropps without informing the front.

According to the Ethiopian Reporter, the OLF fully expected to be consulted when such matters take place, so there is no conflict between its forces and the federal government forces.

The redeployment in question is related to federal government decision to move its foces from the northern Ethiopia, from the Ethio-Eritrean border. The redeployed forces are believed to have moved to East and West of Wellega.

The OLF complained that “the government, particularly the milita

Ethiopian Military is Changing; Moving Forces from North

Military-leaders-EthiopiaDecember 15, 2018 ( - Leaders of the Ethiopian Ministry of Defence disclosed on Thursday that the military is undergoing reforms, and also moving away some of the foces stationed on the northern Eritrean front.

The news was disclosed by leaders of the military, including the head of the Northern Command, Getachew Gudina (Maj. Gen.), head of the Defense Intelligence, Hassan Ibrahim (Leut. Gen.), Head of Special Operations, Molla Hailemariam (Leut. Gen.), head of the Western Command, Asrat Denero (Maj. Gen.), and head of the Eastern Command, Zewdu Belay (Maj. Gen.).

The press conference appears to be unusual in that t

Former President of Ethiopia Girma Woldegiorgis Passes Away

Former-President-Girma-DeadDecember 15, 2018 - Former President of Ethiopia, Girma Woldegiorgis passed away yesterday, Ethiopian News Agency reports.

Girma Woldegiorgis served as President of Ethiopia from 2001 to 2013 under the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF).

Girma Woldegiorgis led a long public career spanning multiple governments in Ethiopia, from Hailesilassie to EPRDF-led governments.

Girma Woldegiorgis started his career after graduating from Genet Military School in Holeta in 1944. He subsequently went on to study air-traffic management and control in Sweden and Canada as a trainee in the Ethiopian ai

Ethiopia Actively Working to Reinstate Naval Force

Ethiopian-naval-forceDecember 14, 2018 - Ethiopia is actively working to reinstate naval force which the country disbanded 25 years ago, Ethiopia's Ministry of Defence disclosed.

Ethiopia under then late Prime Minister of Ethiopia Meles Zenawi disbanded its navy after Eritrea seceded in 1991, making Ethiopia landlocked.

The Ethiopian Navy was established in 1955, and was a branch of the National Defense Forces until 1991.

The Ethiopian Navy, formerly known as the Imperial Ethiopian Navy until 1974, was a branch of the Ethiopian National Defense Force after it was founded in 1955 by Emperor Hailesilassie.

A committe has been est

Ethiopian Army Disciplines Soldiers Who Marched into Prime Minister Office

Marching-army-members-penalizedDecember 13, 2018 ( - The Ethiopian Ministry of National Defense disclosed that members of the army who marched into Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's office last October have been disciplined.

The national army said, in total, sixty-six members of the Ethiopia National Defense Forces were penalized by military court, according to the press release.

The army members who marched into the office of the Prime Minister reportedly requested salary raise in October this year.

The nature of the penalty handed down by the military court was not disclosed.

The rest of the army members who marche

We Will Bring Criminals to Justice - Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed

Abiy-Ahmed-juctice-criminalsDecember 12, 2018 ( - We will bring criminals to justice, says Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, according to oFBC report.

The criminals he had in mind are those who former officials who, he believes, abused their power.

“We will hunt them down and bring them to justice as far as they are accused of committing crimes,” the Prime Minister said in a statement issued today.

“It is impossible to escape after committing crimes and to lead a lavish lifestyle by stealing public property,” he said in the statement.

“We should not permit criminals to sleep peacefully

Two Former High Ranking Intelligence Officers Arrested

Ethiopian-Attorney-GeneralDecember 9, 2018 - The Federal Attorney General of Ethiopia announced that it has arrested two former high-ranking intelligence officers over allegations of human rights abuses.

The arrested individuals were identified as Measho Kidane and Hadush Kassa. The circumstances under which they were arrested was not disclosed.

The Ethiopian government led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed started a major crackdown on suspects alleged of corruption and abuse of power a few weeks ago.

More than sixty former officials have so far been arrested on charges of corruption and Abuse of power.

Most of those in custody for co

Oromia Political Parties to Establish Joint Forum

Oromia-parties-form-a-forumDecember 6, 2018 - Oromia-based political parties have agreed to establish a joint forum to resolve differences and work for a common goal, according to FBC report.

In all, fourteen Oromia-based political parties were part of the consulations and members of the new forum.

The news was disclosed by leaders of Oromo Democratic Party ODP), Oromo Federalist Party (OFC), and Oromo Liberation Front (OLF).

Deputy Chairman of ODP and Chief of Oromia regional state, Lemma Megersa, said the regional state is working to ensure the rule of law and protection of its residents.

Lemma Megerssa called on the Oromia pe


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