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Minister Blames Third Party for Ethnic Clashes at Ethiopian Universities

By Staff Reporter

Samuel-Kifle-MoSHENovember 13, 2019 ( -- The Ethiopian Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MoSHE) blamed a third party for the ongoing inter-ethnic clashes at various universities of the country.

In a briefing on Wednesday, November 13, 2019, state minister Dr. Samuel Kifle said the teaching and learning process has been disrupted in some universities found in Oromia regional state due to inter-ethnic clashes following the incident in Woldia University where two students were killed and several others injured.

According to the state minister, the teaching and learning process in Woldia, Jimma, Metu, Medawelabu, an

Ethiopia Unveils 2nd Essential Health Services Package

By Staff Reporter

Health-Package-EthiopiaNovember 12, 2019 ( -- Ethiopia has unveiled the 2nd essential health services package tailored to achieve universal health coverage across the country.

The revised health service package aims to provide access to quality health services for all Ethiopians with full financial risk protection regardless of age, ability to pay, economic status, and geographic locations.

Launching the package, Minister of Health Dr, Amir Aman said all citizens of the country—no matter who they are, where they live, or how much money they have—would get access to quality healthcare services without suffering

Tensions Remain High at Woldia University Following Student Clashes

By Staff Reporter

Woldia-University-conflictNovember 11, 2019 ( -- Tensions remain high in Woldia University of Amhara state after two students were killed amid enter-ethnic clashes.

Police said at least 13 students were arrested on suspicion of instigating the clashes, which resulted from personal disputes. Other suspects are still at large, said Colonel Hailemariam Ambaye, head of the North Wello Zone Peace and Security Bureau. 

The regional government has finalized preparations to take measures against forces attempting to instigate violence at ten universities of the region, Agegnehu Teshager, Head of Amhara

Hundreds of People Protest Sexual Abuse and Violence in Mekelle, Tigray

By Staff Reporter

Mekelle-TigrayNovember 11, 2019 ( -- Hundreds of people on Monday rallied in Mekele city of northern Ethiopia to protest sexual abuse and violence against women in Tigray regional state.

The demonstrators called for ending sexual assault and harassment in the region and demanded that the regional government bring perpetrators of sexual violence to justice.

The demonstrators, the majority of whom were women, began and ended the rally at Romanat square in Mekelle. During the demonstration, poems were read and music blared to denounce sexual violence against women. This was followed by characters displaying suppression against

Desert Locust Becoming Uncontrollable in Ethiopia

By Staff Reporter

Desert-Locust-EthiopiaNovember 8, 2019 ( -- Large swarms of desert locusts are increasingly spreading in northern and eastern parts of Ethiopia, becoming uncontrollable despite ground and aerial operations.

The desert locusts, which migrated from Somalia and Yemen, have occurred across different parts of Ethiopia, mainly in parts of Afar, Amhara, Somali, Tigray, Oromia, and Dire Dawa.

The counter operations are underway by individual regional governments and, so far, Tigray regional state managed to deal with the locust invasion in a traditional way after the locust caused insignificant damages.

The desert

Intellectuals and the People

By Abel Merawi

Intellectuals-and-PeopleNovember 6, 2019 ( -- George Orwell remarked how some ideas are so foolish that only intellectuals could believe them, for no ordinary person could be such a fool. The historical records of the twentieth century, including the two world wars, are enough to show how dictators were supported by intellectuals even when they are under no pressure. The intellectuals that supported eugenics shared the dream of Hitler in improving genetics, resulting in the holocaust that took the lives of millions of Jews. Before discussing the work of intellectuals any further, it is better to define the term with its categories of in

Ethiopian Women Rights Advocate Passes Away

By Staff Reporter

Bogalech-GebreNovember 6, 2019 ( -- An Ethiopian women rights Advocate, scientist, and founder of KMG Ethiopia (Kembatti Menotti Gezzima-Tope) Bogaletch Gebre has passed away.

As her biography shows, Bogaletch Gebre was a victim of female genital mutilation at the age of 12 and was forbidden from joining formal education, which forced her to sneak out of her home to attend a missionary school that paved the way for her to be what she became.

Following her elementary years at the Missionary school, Bogalech Gebre attended various local schools as well as some prestigious Higher Education Institutions abroad.

In an interv

Is the Ethiopian News Media Partly to Blame for the Ongoing Unrest?

By Saff Reporter

Ethiopia-Net-Freedom-2018November 5, 2019 ( -- The media has a powerful role to play in disseminating truth and exposing misdeeds such as oppression and violence against humanity. It is even considered as the Fourth Estate for its explicit capacity for advocacy and implicit ability to frame political issues.

Even though the media is not formally recognized as a part of a political system, it has a very significant influence in shaping the national conversation and shifting policies in a given country.

In democratic systems, the role of media is considered as part of the voice of the masses and hence accorded consi

Addis Ababa City to Construct Over 20,000 Condos

By Staff Reporter

Condo-Addis-Ababa-UmaNovember 2, 2019 ( -- The Addis Ababa city government officially launched the construction of 20,504 condos as part of its urban housing development program involving the building of 500,000 condos in the metropolis.

Launching one of the housing projects in Kirkos sub-city, deputy mayor of the city Engineer Takele Uma said the new project will address the housing problems of 600,000 home-seekers registered by the city government.

“Unlike the past, this round of housing project will not uproot residents and send them to the outskirt of the city. Rather, they will have modern houses in their

Where Are Our Pathfinders?

By Abel Merawi

Pathfinders-EthiopiaOctober 30, 2019 ( -- There is an African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” My generation and the ones before us are the sole testament to its practicality. From my childhood onward, I remember that there has always been someone for me: someone who checks my every publicly displayed demeanor; someone to praise my good deeds and condemn the bad ones; someone who may be a stranger but with a familiar expression that says, “I care about you.”

The above proverb emanated from the great African philosophy of ‘Ubuntu’, which means, ‘I am because we are.’ It teache

The Allegory of the Cave and Its Lessons to Leaders

By Abel Merawi

Allegory-of-caveOctober 22, 2019 ( -- In Plato’s ‘The Republic’ there is a chapter that treats the idea of truth in relation to the people and their ‘intelligent’ leader. Socrates paints a picture of people living in a cave since childhood, their hands and necks chained facing the walls so all they see are shadows. Thus, they have no way of looking or knowing the existence of a world outside the den. There is a fire blazing outside, and they only see the shadows of the things and people. When they hear sounds, they assume it is the sound of the shadows. In the cave, the shadows and the echoes establish reality and

Tigray Police Bans Demonstration Against Placement of Tigrayan Students in Amhara State

By Staff Reporter

Tigray-StudentsOctober 20, 2019 ( – Tigray police banned planned demonstration scheduled to be staged in Mekelle city, the capital of the Tigray regional state of Ethiopia.

The planned demonstration called by the Tigray Civic Society was to protest the placement of ethnic Tigrayan students in 10 universities in neighboring Amhara state.

Chair of the Tigray Civic Society Mehari Yohannes said, even though they have fulfilled all the necessary requirements to stage the demonstration, they were denied to do so by the anti-protest police.

Public relations office head with the Mekelle city administration, Zemenfe

MEDEMER: Ethiopian Prime Minister Launches a New Book

By Staff Reporter

Medemer-Abiy-AhmedOctober 19, 2019 ( -- Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s book on MEDEMER (synergy) has officially been launched in Addis Ababa and in more than 30 cities and towns across the country.

The 278-page book emphasizes the importance of joining hands for Ethiopians to ensure the very existence of the country and common development and prosperity.

Ethiopia’s move to prosperity would be difficult and sluggish if its citizens continue to build the nation from zero by exterminating previous achievements, the book argues.

According to the book, Ethiopia had excluded itself fro

The Truth Behind Humanity

By Abel Merawi

Truth-behind-humanityOctober 16, 2019 ( -- Words such as good and evil, or humanity or brutality, can only be used for human beings because we are the only beings conscious of the consequences of our actions. We, humans, have created this illusion called humanity or morality and what a disguise it has turned out to be in covering our true nature. Humanity, a name so revered, reached a point where it is taken as synonymous with purity, piety, brotherhood, justice, care, compassion and plenty more where the issue is regarding the ‘holy human’. But, in the opinion of many, these ‘holy’ qualities are turning out to be not an end, bu

The Seven Virtues

By Abel Merawi

Seven-VirtuesOctober 11, 2019 ( -- The German Philosopher, F. Nietzsche wrote, “Man is a bridge between the superman and the beast.” It is through moderation than we can reach the balance to tame the beast. Just as there are the seven sins we should avoid, there are also the seven virtues we should practice. The Seven Virtues are: prudence, justice, temperance, courage (fortitude), faith, hope and charity. They are deemed to exalt a person and portray as a paragon of human beings. From the Oriental teachings we see that true nobility lies in being superior to the self than to others. These virtues teach us to bring out the best in ours

Over 22,000 Homeless People to be Taken Off the Streets in 11 Ethiopian Cities

By Staff Reporter

Homeless-Addis-AbabaOctober 7, 2019 ( -- According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs office, $35 million has been budgeted by World Bank and the Government of Ethiopia to rehabilitate more than 22,000 homeless people from the streets in 11 cities in Ethiopia.

According to a study conducted in 11 cities in Ethiopia, the number of citizens who live on the streets has reached around 88 thousand.

The report also indicates that many of the homeless are found at provincial capitals. Out of the 88 thousand homeless population, children, women, youth and the elderly account for the majority.

In light of th

Addis Ababa City Government Begins Monitoring Air Pollution

By Staff Reporter

Air-Pollution-Addis-AbabaOctober 4, 2019 ( -- The Addis Ababa City Government has launched installation of air pollution gauge devices to counter contamination in the capital city Addis Ababa.

The city government’s move to monitor level of pollution in the capital comes after respiratory diseases caused by air pollution continue to become major health challenges among the residents of the metropolis.

Recent study by the health bureau of the city administration indicated that chronic respiratory illness including chronic cough, phlegm, wheezing, shortness of breath, and chest pain account for more than 40 pe

The Seven Deadly Sins

By Abel Merawi

7-deadly-sinsOctober 1, 2019 ( -- Last night I invented a new pleasure, and as I was giving it the first trial, an angel and a devil came rushing toward my house.  They met at my door and fought with each other over my newly created pleasure. One was crying, “it is a sin!”— the other, “it is a virtue!” This is how Kahil Gibran portrays the constant mental battle of good and evil in his acclaimed work, ‘The Madman.’ This is the mind boggling dilemma each of us must endure in our daily lives. This everlasting battle is, as Shakespeare in ‘Hamlet,’ puts it:

“To be, or not to b

What is the right thing to do?

By Abel Merawi

Trolley-ProblemSeptember 25, 2019 ( -- Life is a journey for every one of us. It presents us with various situations that test our physical and moral limits. There are some situations that clearly show the distinction between right and wrong, making our choices simple. However, there are also situations that blur the line between right and wrong, making it difficult to distinguish one from the other. Let us begin by considering a famous situation that confronts us with a moral dilemma. It is called ‘The Trolley Problem,’ which was introduced by Philippa Foot in 1967. It poses moral questions by presenting the following scenario:

Celebrating Ethiopian Meskel

By Staff Reporter

Meskel-CelebrationSeptember 24, 2019 ( -- Are you craving for Kitfo, Gomen, Ayeb or Kocho, because we are only days away from Meskel? Of course, when you are talking about these mouthwatering indigenous meals, you cannot miss mentioning its masters – the Gurage communities in Ethiopia.

Just as eager as you are, the Ethiopian Gurages are also waiting for Meskel to prepare their famous dishes of Koch and Kitfo. The 2019 Meskel is just around the corner to be celebrated all over Ethiopia. And it is especially a big day for the Gurages.

The people of Gurage are well-known for their hard work and skills as traders. Man


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