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Ethiopia to Ban Foreign Adoptions, According to New Bill

Ethiopia-AdoptionsOctober 14, 2017 - A new draft bill has been written to amend the existing revised family code proposed the elimination of specific articles granting foreigners the right to adopt Ethiopian children, according to the Reporter. According to a document issued by the Ethiopian Prime Minister Office, the latest draft bill has been designed based on the new National Child Protection Policy, endorsed by Ethiopian Council of Ministers.

The policy was designed with the objective that orphans, vulnerable children, as well as unaccompanied children should grow with discipline only in their homeland honoring their culture and tradition among

USAID Launching 181 Million USD to Prevent Maternal, Child Deaths in Ethiopia

USAID-$181M-EthiopiaOctober 14, 2017 - The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is launching four activities to address preventable maternal and child deaths in Ethiopia. The four activities with a total value of approximately $181 million (USD) will support the Ministry of Health’s overall efforts to end maternal and child deaths.

The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) is also providing support for these activities, according communique sent by US Embassyto

H.E. Professor Yifru Berhan, Minister of Health, Ms Leslie Reed, USAID’s Mission Director and Ms. Ji-eun Seongare, KOICA’s Deput

Acute Watery Diarrhea Infects 127 in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

Dire-Dawa-Ethiopia-DiarrheaOctober 9, 2017 - 127 people were diagnosed with Acute Watery Diarrhea (AWD) in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia's second largest city, 446 kms east of Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa, according to Xinhua. According to Muluken Argaw, Dire Dawa city Health Bureau chief, the infected people are being treated in the city's main hospital and several have already been discharged after finishing their treatment.

Lack of proper waste disposal means, unsanitary toilet uses and failure to properly cook vegetable foods are mentioned as reasons behind the diarrhea outbreak in Ethiopia’s second city.

Several major cities in Ethiopia including A

Somali-Oromia Conflict Persists, Ethiopian PM Disappointed

Somali-oromia-conflictOctober 8, 2017 - As Prime Minister Hailemaraim Dessalegn is trying to sort out the confrontation between the Somali and Oromia Regional States, the Somali Region Communications Bureau over the week issued a statement accusing the Oromia Regional State of proceeding forcibly with land expansion in view of finding access to neighboring sea ports such as those in Somaliland and Somalia for alleged subversive reason against the federation. 

The statement was made the same week high-level officials of the two regions were said to be holding discussions under the auspices of the federal government headed by the Prime Minister.


Ethiopia Postpones 4th Population Census

Ethiopian-census-delayedOctober 7, 2017 - The Fourth National Housing and Population Census, originally scheduled to be conducted on November 19, 2017, has now been postponed.  The announcement came as the purchased digital tablet computers are almost on their way to Ethiopia. The first batch of the supply of the digital computer tablets and power banks has already reached Ethiopia. From the total supply, 93,000 tablets and 180,000 power banks have been delivered by suppliers.

Yigezu Daba, general director of the Public Procurement and Property Disposal Service, the agency that conducted the procurement of the equipment on behalf of the Central Statistics Agenc

Ethiopia: Oromos Celebrate Irreacha Peacefully

Irreacha-Bishoftu-EthiopiaOctober 1, 2017 - Despite fears of violence, the Irreacha festival, Oromos thanksgiving, has been celebrated today in the resort town of Bishoftu.

Different media outlets have reported different accounts of the event. The Ethiopian news agency reported the festival was celebrated colorfully and peacefully. On the contrast, the Amharic DW program through its facebook page reported that there were a sign of protests at the festival.

Wearing traditional clothes, devotees who have been arriving at the town since Saturday, gathered at Lake Hora Arsedi, where the celebration takes place, since 5 am in the morning.Led by the Aba G

Bishoftu Town Finalizes Preparations for Irrecha Celebration

Irreacha-BishoftuSeptember 22, 2017 - Despite concerns over this year’s Irrecha celebration, Oromo's thanks-giving festival, the deputy mayor of Bishoftu town, where the celebration takes place, stated that preparations have been finalized to colorfully celebrate the festival. Last year more than 52 participants of the ceremony were killed in a stampede, which latter caused massive protest against the government. On its part, the government stated that the stampede was caused by anit-peace forces, several outlawed opposition groups of Ethiopia.                   

USAID Launches New HIV Care Project in Ethiopia

USAID-Ethiopia-HIV-ProjectSeptember 21, 2017 - The United State Agency for International Development /USAID/ launched a new five-year community HIV care and treatment project in Ethiopia, reports Ethiopian news agency. The 40 million USD project has an objective of supporting the government of Ethiopia to achieve the 90-90-90 global target through community based HIV care and treatment approach.
The 90-90-90 is an ambition treatment target to help end the AIDS epidemic.
It aspires that by 2020, 90 percent of people living with HIV will know their HIV status; 90 percent of people with diagnosed HIV infection will receive sustained antiretrov

China, Ethiopia Sign $15 Million Food Aid Agreement

China-donates-USD15MSeptember 6, 2017 - China and Ethiopia signed an emergency humanitarian food aid agreement where China will provide wheat worth 15 million U.S. dollars to support Ethiopians affected by drought. According to a press statement from the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia, Liu Tao, Chargé d'Affaires at the Chinese Embassy, and Abraham Tekeste, Ethiopian Minister of Finance and Economic Cooperation, have signed the agreement.

The Chinese government has long committed itself to consolidating bilateral cooperation with and expanding support for Ethiopia, said Liu. "With the newly offered food aid to Ethiopia, the Chinese government is determined to

Delivery of Healthcare Services Up Three Fold in Ethiopia – Government

Healthcare-services-EthiopiaSeptember 5, 2017 - The number of Ethiopians receiving medical services at health service delivery institutions has reached 75 percent over the past decade, reports Ethiopian News Agency. The Ethiopian Ministry revealed that the number of outpatients who received medical treatment before ten year ago has jumped from 20 million to 75 million at present.

This resulted due to the increase of health posts across Ethiopia from 10,000 in 2007 to over 16,000 to date, health stations from 700 to 3000, and hospitals from 93 to 311.

Ethiopian Ministry of Health Policy Planning Deputy Director, Masoud Mohammed told Ethiopian news agency th

Breast Cancer Most Prevalent Illness Among Ethiopian Women - Report

Breast-Cancer-EthiopiaAugust 28, 2017 - Breast cancer is becoming the most prevalent illness among women in Ethiopia, replacing cervical cancer, according to the Ethiopian Herald. Dr. Bogale Solomon, specialist in cancer treatment and member of Ethiopian Medical Association quoted by the newspaper saying ‘young Ethiopian women are becoming the victims of the disease.’

Age at child delivery, unsafe dieting especially related to the consumption of meat, poor habit of physical exercise, excessive alcohol consumption, life style of women and duration of working hours are among the major cause of breast cancer. For instance in case of Addis Ababa the breas

Illegally Dumped Road Construction Materials Threat the Wellbeing of Ethiopian Children

Ethiopia-Road-ConstructionAugust 25, 2017 - As proximity to new roads has negative health effects because of toxic waste dumped illegally during construction phase, Ethiopian children are suffering from newly built roads, according to a research conducted by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and Trinity College Dublin (TCD).

The research shows that an additional road built within five kilometers increases the probability that a mother experiences an infant death by three percentage points from 8.5 per cent to 11 per cent. The research team also found that Ethiopian children under the age of five living near a recently built road have a lower level o

Ethiopia to Host International Conference on Maternal and Child Health

Maternal-Child-Health-ConferenceAugust 20, 2017 - Ethiopia will host international conference on maternal and child health, an initiative jointly started by Ethiopia and India, on August 24 and 25.   Under the theme "Overcoming critical obstacles to maternal and child survival", the conference aims to "celebrate" progress to date, share best practices and identify key milestones for achieving the sustainable development goals set out in the Global Strategy for Health of women, children and adolescents (2016-2030), according to an official statement.

The Ethiopian government "strongly believes that the efforts and resources invest

Ethiopian Man Marries at 107

Ethiopian-man-107-wedsAugust 16, 2017 - An Ethiopian man who claims to be 107 years old has married a 33 years old woman in Shasemene area of central Ethiopia. The Ethiopian man has also stated that he has 108 children and grandchildren.

Polygamy is common among the rural areas of the Muslim dominated central and eastern areas of Ethiopia despite recent moves by the Ethiopian government to discourage the practice.

The Ethiopian Man, Haji Abdulkadir Dekema, wed his bride Furo Guyo in a wedding ceremony during the weekend. Dekema also stated that despite his fathering 108 children and grandchildren and advanced age, he plans to have more children from his latest w

Ababa Tesfaye: Hero of Ethiopian Children and The Nation

Ethiopian-Hero-Tesfaye-Sahlu-Passed-AwayBy Seble Teweldebirhan

August 9, 2017 - I met Tesfaye Sahlu, aka Ababa Tesfaye (Father Tesfaye), about seven years ago in one of the cafes around 22 Mazoria in Addis Ababa. I and a friend of mine were stunned to see our childhood hero and one of the most respected TV personalities when we were kids, in a café trying to sell one of his books. Ababa Tesfaye at the time carried several copies of his children’s story books and was going from table to table, just showing the front cover of his books. He wasn’t speaking much nor asking people to buy his books. He was just going around the tables showing the cover. If pe

Half of Ethiopia’s Youth Chew Khat (Chat) – NY Times

Half-Ethiopian-Youth-chew-KhatJuly 23, 2017 - Ethiopian authorities stated that about half of Ethiopia’s youth are thought to chew Khat, according to New York Times report.  The Ethiopian government is worried that the habit could derail its plans to transform Ethiopia into a middle-income country in less than a decade ― a national undertaking that will require an army of young, capable workers, it says. Officials consider the problem an epidemic in all but name.

Khat is legal and remains so mainly because it is a big source of revenue for the government. But there are mounting concerns about its widespread use.

As many as 1.2 million acres of land are thou

Ethiopia Slashes Child Malnutrition - UNICEF

Ethiopia-reduces-child-malnutritionJuly 20, 2017 - Ethiopia reduced child malnutrition for children aged 6 to 23 months, according to the United Nations International Children's and Emergency Fund (UNICEF) report. The malnutrition rate went down to 38 percent in 2016 from 58 percent in 2000.

A study conducted by UNICEF, shows an estimated 5.7 million children are stunted in Ethiopia due to the combined effects of poor malnutrition, repeated infection and inadequate psychosocial stimulation.

Speaking on the subject, Ephrem Tekle Director of Maternal and Child Health at the Ethiopian Ministry of Health said that the period from 6-8 months when ch

Addis Ababa City Transfers 972 Newly Built Condominium Houses

Condominiums-transferred-Addis-AbabaJuly 9, 2017 - Addis Ababa City transferred 972 condominium houses built under the 40/60 housing program to beneficiaries in a lottery draw held at Addis Ababa municipality meeting hall. As part of its development programs, for the past 10 years the Ethiopian government has been availing savings to purchase condominium houses for its citizens.

The new houses are of four, three and two bedrooms and were built at places commonly known as Sengatera and Kaliti Crown Hotel.  About 11, 088 people who have paid the full amount (100%) of the houses 18 months ago were included in the yesterday’s lottery

Ethiopia to Tighten Rules for Smokers

Smoking-ban-EthiopiaJuly 8, 2017 - The Ethiopian Federal attorney general disclosed that a new, tighter anti-smoking proclamation has been drafted. In 2014, Ethiopia introduced a directive which prohibited public smoking. However, the new proclamation is different from the directive of public smoking ban ratified by parliament back in 2014, according to Belayehun Yerga, Law drafting studies and inculcation director at the Ethiopian federal attorney general office. The new smoking ban proclamation will be presented for approval by parliament next year.

Some of the highest smoking rates are now seen in the developing world, according to the JAMA report from the Univ

Axum Obelisk to Get Renovated with 2 Million Euros

Axum-Oblesik-to-get-renovatedMay 16, 2017 - The 24 meter high Axum Obelisk will soon get renovated according to ENA report. An agreement was signed yesterday at Axum town between the Ethiopian government Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritages, a local company called MH Engineering, and an Italian consultant Studio Croci.

Authority Director-General, Yonas Desta, said the renovation of the obelisk is necessary because the device fitted on the obelisk to absorb shock has failed due to age, sun light and rain.

The Government of Ethiopia has allocated 2 million Euros for the renovation of the obelisk which is expected to be&n


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