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Ethiopia to Co-host Internet Freedom in Africa Forum

By Staff Reporter

Internet-Freedom-AfricaSeptember 20, 2019 ( -- The annual Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa (FIFAfrica) will be hosted this year by the Collaboration on Internet Policy for East and Southern Africa (CIPESA) alongside the Ethiopian Ministry of Innovation and Technology in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The forum will take place at the Skylight Hotel in Addis Ababa, from September 23-26, 2019.

According to a press release by ministry, the partnership is part of the Ministry’s digital transformation effort and aims to engage stakeholders on strategies for harnessing the benefits of new technologies. “We are thrilled to collabora

Horn African Region Seeing Increasing Number of Refugees - UN Official

By Staff Reporter

Refugees-EthiopiaSeptember 18, 2019 ( -- The number of refugees in the horn of Africa is increasing currently, with over four million in the region and another eight million Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) sheltered over several camps, mainly in Ethiopia and Uganda, said an official of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

“The IGAD region is host to four million refugees, 80 percent of whom are children. Refugee hosting areas are pressured by the influx of communities and strained by dwindling resources, said Clementine Nkweta Salami at the 2nd Ministerial Stocktaking Meeting held on Wednesday in Ad

Ethiopia Rejects Egyptian Proposal on Filling of Renaissance Dam

By Staff Reporter

Dr-Seleshi-BekeleSeptember 18, 2019 ( -- Ethiopia has rejected Egypt’s new proposal demanding to release 40 billion cubic meters of the Nile water annually to downstream countries.

Egypt’s new proposal, which was forwarded during the recent tripartite talks between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt in Cairo, also requests Ethiopia to fill the reservoir of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) more gradually, but not in less than seven years.

Briefing journalists on Wednesday, September 18, 2019, Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy, Dr Engineer Seleshi Bekele said Ethiopia rejected the proposal as it breache

Addis Ababa Hosting 2nd All Africa Postharvest Congress and Exhibition

By Biruktayet Bihon

AU-Addis-AbabaSeptember 17, 2019 ( -- The 2nd All Africa Postharvest Congress and Exhibition kicks off yesterday in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The congress is being held under the theme “Postharvest Loss Reduction and Agro-processing: Drivers of Agricultural Transformation in Africa.”

The Congress which is organized by the African Union Commission in collaboration with the University of Nairobi, Stellenbosch University and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology aims to address pertinent issues of postharvest loss reduction in the African context.

In a welcoming remark, AUC’s Commiss

IGAD Regional Center of Excellence for Cancer to Be Built in Addis Ababa

By Staff Reporter

IGAD-CancerSeptember 17, 2019 ( -- A regional center of excellence for cancer treatment and research which will serve IGAD member states is to be built in Addis Ababa with a projected cost of $500 million.

The cornerstone for the construction of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development Regional Cancer Centre of Excellence (IGAD RCCE) will be laid next January. The government of Ethiopia has already pledged to provide the land and the seed money for the construction of the comprehensive regional cancer center, said Dr Melaku Game, the lead program officer of IGAD cancer center.

The burden and magnitude of the problem fro

IGAD to Take Stock of the Nairobi Declaration and Action Plan on Refugees and Returnees

By Biruktayet Bihon

IGADSeptember 14, 2019 ( -- Two and a half years after the IGAD Special Summit on Durable Solutions for Refugees and Returnees, the second stocktaking meeting is to kick off in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 16th to 18th of September.

The meeting is reported to deliberate on the progress made since the historic Summit in 2017 that came up with the Nairobi Declaration.

The refugees’ situation in IGAD region presents an overbearing to the IGAD Member States and international community to urgently take action and share responsibility with hosting countries to respond comprehensively to the refugee crisis and of (re) integrating refu

IGAD Announces Readiness to Support Peace Between South Sudan Parties

By Biruktayet Bihon

South-Sudan-PeaceSeptember 11, 2019 ( -- The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) welcomed the meeting of President Salva Kiir Mayardit and the leader of SPLM/A-I.O., Dr. Riek Machar Teny, in Juba, South Sudan, as part of the effort to iron out issues related to transitional security arrangements and the number of states and boundaries.

The remark was made after President Slava Kirr decided to have final face-to-face meeting with his longtime opponent and leader of SPLM/A-I.O, Dr.Riek Macher, on September 9 2019.

The East African regional body, IGAD, has been pursuing peace negotiations to resolve the conf

UNHCR, AU, Rwanda to Begin Airlifting Stranded Migrants in Libya

By Staff Reporter

Migrants-in-LibyaSeptember 10, 2019 ( -- The Government of Rwanda, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and the African Union on Tuesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreeing to set up a mechanism for evacuating refugees and asylum seekers out of Libya.

Under the agreement, the Government of Rwanda will provide protection to the refugees and others identified as particularly vulnerable and at-risk, who are currently being held in detention camps in Libya. They will be transferred to safety in Rwanda on a voluntary basis.

“The parties signed an agreement on the establishment of the facility to be established for

African Union Celebrates the AU Day

By Biruktayet Bihon

African-UnionSeptember 9, 2019 ( – The African Union Commission celebrated the African Union Day (AU Day) today at its Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The African Union Day which is held annually on the 9th of September commemorates the decision by African Heads of State and Government, to transition from the Organization of African Unity (OAU) to the African Union.

The Sirte Declaration which paved the way for the establishment of African union has brought various amended or new agendas to be included in the system.

With a main focus of solidifying the continent with common economic structure, AU Da

Ethiopia Condemns Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa

By Biruktayet Bihon

Mob-south-africaSeptember 5, 2019 ( -- Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned the heinous act of violence and looting of properties perpetrated against foreigners including Ethiopians living in South Africa.

In statement published yesterday, the Ministry has expressed appreciation for the strong response made by the Government of South Africa.

“We are encouraged by the statement of the President of the Republic of South Africa, H.E Cyril Ramaphosa, in denouncing these acts of violence and his promise to arrest perpetrators and bring them to justice,” the ministry said in the Statement.

Climate Disasters Affecting Millions Across Africa - AU Officials

By Staff Reporter

Africa-Climate-SummitAugust 29, 2019 ( -- The prevalence of climate-related disasters is unrelenting and has already affected 180 million people across Africa and resulting in loss and damages of over $22 billion and counting, African officials said.

Speaking at a special session in the preparation for African inputs to the climate Action Summit to be convened in Paris on 23 September 2019, Rural Economy and Agriculture Director at AU Commission, Godfrey Bahiigigwa said the threat of climate change to the progress of economic prosperity in Africa looms larger.

Godfrey Bahiigigwa said even though Africa has the least

Visiting the City of Gaborone, Botswana

By Biruktayet Bihon

Gaborone-BotswanaAugust 27, 2019 ( -- Located at the apex of South Africa, Botswana is one of the Southern African countries with rapid and impressive economic development in the African continent.

The capital of Botswana is Gaborone. The city is a relatively young and sparsely populated town. It is said to have been built on the site of a small settlement.

The capital of Botswana moved to Gaborone after the government decided to abandon the former capital of Mafikeng due to its disadvantaged strategic location.

I recently visited Gaborone on an official capacity. I was able to see most part of the city which

Ethiopian Airlines Rejects Reports Its Plane Was Denied Landing in Jubbaland, Somalia

By Staff Reporter

Kismayo-AirportAugust 22, 2019 ( -- Ethiopian Airlines has rejected reports that its passenger plane was denied landing at Kismayo airport in Jubbaland of the breakaway region of Somalia.

Last Monday, the BBC, Reuters and other international media outlets reported that Kismayo airport in southern Somalia refused to allow an Ethiopian passenger jet to land.

"The aircraft was refused to land because it did not notify the Kismayo airport authorities in advance of the landing, Reuters quoted  an airport employee named Ismael as saying

The passenger plane which took off from Gode airport in south-eastern Eth

Ethiopia to Host African Innovation Week

By Biruktayet Bihon

IBA-EthiopiaAugust 16, 2019 ( -- IBA Ethiopia Center for Innovation will be hosting African Innovation week in Addis Ababa from October 28 to November 2, 2019. The center is holding the event in partnership with the African Union Commission, the Government of Norway and Ethiopian Ministry of Innovation and Technology.

Under the theme “connecting innovators, investors, businesses and organizations for sustainable and inclusive future,’’ the conference aims to connect innovators, businesses and facilitators from the all over continent.

The co-organizer of the event and founder and CEO of IBA Norway and IBA E

Eritrea: Conscription System Toll on Education

By Human Rights Watch (HRW)

Sawa-EritreaAugust 9, 2019 -- Eritrea’s use of secondary school to channel students into indefinite government service and its conscription of teachers subjects students and teachers to forced labor and physical abuse, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.

The 84-page report, “‘They Are Making Us into Slaves, Not Educating Us’: How Indefinite Conscription Restricts Young People’s Rights, Access to Education in Eritrea,” documents how the Eritrean government forcibly channels thousands of young people, some still children, each year into military training even before they finish their sc

Addis Ababa Leads Africa in Hotel Room Rates

Addis-Ababa-Room-RatesAddis Ababa registered an absolute average daily rate (ADR) of US$163.79 when measured in constant currency, which removes the effects of inflation

August 8, 2019 -- Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, posted Africa’s highest average daily rate (ADR), according to the most recent 12-month data from STR ( The market will play host to the Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF) ( on 23-25 September at the Sheraton Addis.

From July 2018 through June 2019, Addis Ababa registered an absolute ADR of US$163.79 when measured in constant currency, which removes the effects of inflation. That figure was a 1.1% i

South Sudan Ambassador Blames Riek Machar for Delayed Peace Process

By Biruktayet Bihon

James.P.MorganAugust 7, 2019 ( -- South Sudanese Ambassador to Ethiopia, the African Union (AU), and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Mr. James Pitia Morgan accused South Sudanese opposition leader Dr. Riek Machar of being negligent on the implementation of the peace agreement signed on September 12, 2018.

The accusation comes after parties to the South Sudan peace plan had agreed to delay the formation of a transitional government. However, according to the Ambassador, the South Sudan’s main rebel leader, Dr. Riek Manchar, refused to go back to Juba for security reasons.

In an exclusive in

Expo Aims to Showcase Innovations in Africa Today

By Biruktayet Bihon

Innovating-Education-AfricaAugust 6, 2019 ( -- Innovating Education in Africa Expo 2019 is to be held in Gaborone, Botswana this year, from August 20-22, 2019. The event is organized by the African Union Human Resource Science and Technology Commission (HRST), in collaboration with UNSECO, GIZ and other regional and International stakeholders as flagship event of the Union. The expo aims to showcase innovations in Africa today.

The expo is being held under the theme “Harnessing the Capacity of ICT.” According to the organizers, it’s goal is to ensure inclusion, quality and impact in education and trai

Ethiopia Finalizing Legal Documents for Trade with Eritrea - Official

By Staff Reporter

Hirut-ZemeneJuly 26, 2019 ( -- Ethiopia is finalizing legal documents to use ports of its northern neighbor, Eritrea, authorities of the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs have announced.

The announcement comes amid stalled relations between the two horn African states and the closure of border roads linking them which badly affected residents from both sides.

"We have been looking into the peace and economic agreements signed between the two countries. Preparations of legal docoments on trade relations are nearing to completion. Ethiopia would be using ports of Eritrea shortly soon after preparations of legal packages are c

PM Abiy Ahmed on State Visit to Eritrea Amid Stalled Relations

By Staff Reporter

abiy-in-EritreaJuly 18, 2019 ( -- Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed arrived in Asmara on Thursday for a two-day state visit amid stalled relations and the closure of all border linking between the two neighboring horn African states.

Hundreds of Eritreans who came to Ethiopia after the opening the four border cross points did not go back to their country after the last border crossing namely Bure-Assab road was closed for undisclosed reasons on April 22nd this year.

The Bure-Assab road was closed four days after closure of Omhajer-Humera border, which is found in the north-western part of Ethiopia and south-west of Eritr


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