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Donald Trump is a “Brainless Billionaire” – Al-Shabaab

Trump-brainlessJuly 25, 2017 - Al-Shabaab, an Al-qaeda affiliate group in Somalia, released a video mocking President Donald Trump as a "brainless billionaire". This comes after the president steeped up military efforts against the extremist group.

The video released on Sunday includes criticism of Trump as it addresses next month's presidential election in neighboring Kenya. Al-Shabaab has claimed a growing number of deadly attacks in Kenya as the election approaches, and Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has declared a new offensive against the extremists.

Trump has approved expanded military operations against al-Shaba

Ugandan Jets Bomb Rebel Held Areas in South Sudan

Ugandan-jets-bomb-S.SudanJuly 23, 2017 - Ugandan gunships bombed civilians populated areas in northern upper Nile, the SPLM/SPLA, South Sudan’s main armed opposition accused Uganda. “The attack was carried out at around 3:30 pm on July 20th, 2017, in Thocdeng by two Ugandan gunships and one other MI helicopter that was not identified, which accompanied and landed within two minutes near the enemy trenches. The two military gunships started bombardment on the SPLA-IO position at Thocdeng” said, Brig.General William Gatjiath Deng, SPLA-IO military spokesman.

According to SPLA-IO military spokesman, Ugandan government bombarded their strongholds

Egypt to Inaugurate Largest Military Base in Middle East

Mohamed-Naguib-Military-BaseJuly 22, 2017 - Egypt is to inaugurate Mohamed Naguib Military Base, the largest military base in the Middle East, located in Al-Hamam area, west of Alexandria. The inauguration ceremony will be held in the presence of the country’s president Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, reports Al-ahram.

The military base will also serve as a headquarters to some forces of the Northern Military Unit, which is expected to increase its efficiency in protecting west of Alexandria, the North Coast, the currently under construction Al-Dabaa nuclear power plant, oil fields, the new Alamein City, among other sites.

The base will also be used i

Djibouti, Ethiopia Cooperate in Potash Trade

Ethiopia-Djibouti-Potash-ExportJuly 22, 2017 - In a bid to support Ethiopia’s potash export, Djibouti announced plan to construct USD 98 million road project, reported Bloomberg. Djibouti’s government has recently inked a construction agreement with Mohammed Abdulmohsin Al-Kharafi & Sons Co, a Kuwaiti based firm.

According to Aboubaker Omar Hadi, the chairman of Djibouti’s ports authority, Djibouti is going to charge Ethiopian potash exporters around 7.50 USD per metric ton handled by the new port. Ethiopia plans to export an annual 74,000 tons of the mineral by 2019, according to the nation’s five year plan it dubbed Growth and Transformation Plan

Riek Machar Rejects Ceasefire Request by International Mediators

Riek-MacharJuly 21, 2017 - Festus Mogae, the former President of Botswana and an international mediator on South Sudan, told the UN Security Council that Riek Machar declined to renounce violence or declare a unilateral ceasefire, reports The Star. The Former South Sudanese president instead demanded new peace talks outside the war-torn country, according to Mogae .

The United Nations has warned of a possible genocide as millions of South Sudanese have fled their homes, the oil-producing economy is in a tail-spin, crop harvests are devastated because of the worst drought in years and millions face famine.

"The message I conveyed to Dr Riek Machar was to renou

South Sudan Declares State of Emergency

South-Sudan-declares-state-of-emergencyJuly 19, 2017 - Following fierce battle between warring sides in Gogrial state, the South Sudan government declared a three-month state of emergency. The army would be given powers to stop the fighting in Gogrial state, and that citizens' rights would be suspended, said Michael Makuei, South Sudan’s information minister.

The Information minister also stated that the state of emergency also applied to the neighboring South Sudan areas of Tonj, Wau, and Aweil East. Wau has experienced fighting this year between government forces and rebels under former vice president Riek Machar,

Somalia Detains Culprit for Two-Week Internet Blackout

Somalia-Internet-BlackoutJuly 18, 2017 - It has been two weeks since an internet blackout happened throughout Somalia due to damages on undersea fiber optic that connects Somalia with the rest of the world.  However, Somali officials today announced that the ship that has caused damages on the fiber optics has been detained.  

The ship MSC Alice had been delivering goods at the Mogadishu port when it reportedly cut the wires. Somalia Attorney General Ahmed Ali Dahir confirmed the reports to the media that MSC Alice Vessel had been detained. Somalia will be pushing for compensation by the company owning the vessel.

Parts of central and

Eritrea at Odds with Al Jazeera

Al-JazeeraJuly 15, 2017 - Eritrea accused Al Jazeera, Qatar based media group, of continued smear campaigns. An article titled “Eritrea: Anecdotes of indefinite anarchy” was posted by Al Jazeera last week, detailing range of issues including on a worsening political and socio-economical situations of Eritrea. Eritrea’s latest accusation against al Jazeera comes days after the publication of this article.

The article also questions the extent and complexity of the country’s transformation from a promising country into the personal fiefdom of President Isaias Afeworki and his cliques at the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ).

Egypt Still Anxious on Ethiopian Dam Filling Schedule

Egypt-anxious-filling-scheduleJuly 14, 2017 - Egyptian officials announced that Ethiopia hasn’t started storing water in its controversial Grand Renaissance Dam. Satellite images, showing an expanding lake, have sparked serious concerns among Egyptian government officials. However, the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation yesterday announced that the lake around the dam was formed due to a flood caused by torrential amount of rainfall. 

Concerns have risen in Cairo over the “possible” negative impact the Ethiopian dam will have on Egypt’s allocation of Nile water, which amounts to 55.5 billion cubic metre

Ethiopia, Morocco to Strengthen Ties

Mounia-Boucetta-visits-EthiopiaJuly 13, 2017 - In efforts to consolidate bilateral relations and continue the agreements made by King Mohammed VI during his visit to Ethiopia in 2016, Moroccan Foreign Minister, Mounia Boucetta, arrived in Ethiopia. Boucetta stated that the aim of his trip is to continue the agreements signed by the King during his visit to Ethiopia last year, as well as to reinforce cooperation between the two nations. Through cooperation, he said, Morocco and Ethiopia have a large potential, especially in the sectors of agriculture, industry, irrigation and water.

The secretary is leading a Moroccan delegation to Ethiopia made up of representatives fro

New Wave of South Sudan Refugees Coming to Ethiopia Due to Renewed Conflicts

South-Sudan-RefugeesJuly 13, 2017 - UN officials stated more than 5,000 South Sudanese have been forced to seek refuge in Ethiopia due to the renewed battle between the two warring sides. Many are expressing their concerns that the latest conflict near Pagak area could deteriorate the humanitarian crisis in South Sudan. According to UN officials, Pagak hosts the headquarters of the opposition group led by former first vice president Riek Machar, a top UN official said.

David Shearer, head of the UN mission in South Sudan, told reporters Wednesday in Juba that the SPLA advance on the opposition headquarters in Pagak area will not serve the interest of peac

Eritrea Delays Meeting with AU Investigation Team

Eritrea-delays-meetingJuly 11, 2017 - The Eritrean government official deferred a meeting with the African Union investigation team members, a team which was formed to investigate the recent clash with neighboring Djibouti.

‘‘At the request of the Eritrean authorities and due to a conflicting calendar, new dates will be agreed upon through consultations with the Eritrean government,’‘ a statement by the continental political bloc read.

As the 29th Summit of Heads of State in Ethiopia wound up, A.U. chief, Moussa Faki Mahamat, said he will send the body’s peace and security commissioner, Smail Chergui, to Erit

Nigerians Express Resentment over Confiscation of Valuables in Ethiopia

Nigerian-bole-AirportJuly 10, 2017 - Nigerians express resentment over the confiscation of citizens’ properties at Ethiopian airports, according to Nigeria Today.

The issue of confiscation of valuables, including foreign exchange of Nigerians in transit on Ethiopian Airline, has been of great concern to the Nigerian government, according to Bankole Adeoye, Nigeria’s Ambassador to Ethiopia.

Since my arrival as Nigerian envoy here barely a month ago, the money is in thousands of dollars from the reports I have received and we have engaged the government of Ethiopia about this.

“I have personally raised it in the meeting bet

UNESCO Adds Eritrean Capital Asmara to World Heritage List

Asmara-UNESCO-HeritageJuly 9, 2017 - UNESCO members unanimously decided to put Eritrea’s capital city, Asmara, on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Eritrea's ambassador to France and permanent representative to UNESCO, Hanna Simon, called the decision the result of "years of research, planning and campaigning" and a "victory not just for the Eritrean people but for Africa and the world at large."

The decision during a session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in Poland appreciated the outstanding values of Asmara's 19th and early 20th century modernist architecture, designed by colonial-era Italian architects and immersed in a

Sierra Leone Opens New Embassy, Vows to Strengthen Ties with Ethiopia

Sierra-Leone-Opens-EmbassyJuly 7, 2017 - Sierra Leone opened a new embassy complex in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. At the inauguration ceremony attended by Ethiopian, Sierra Leone and foreign diplomats, the Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma stated that this shows that Sierra Leone is ready for business.

Addis Ababa remains the economic, political and administrative hub of Ethiopia. In the last 50 years, the city has gained international significance as the headquarter of the African Union (AU), UN Economic Commission for Africa (UN-ECA) and a regional office for a number of international organizations including UNDP, UNESCO and the European Economic Commission (E

EU Urges Eritrea to Release Eritrean-Born Swedish Journalist

Dawit-in-prison-since-2001July 7, 2017 - Dawit Issak, who became a Swedish citizen in 1992, was a part-owner of the first Eritrea’s independent newspaper. On 23 September 2001, he was arrested at his house in the capital, Asmara. Since then he has been released for only two days, when he was allowed to see a doctor in 2005.

Some fear that he may have since died in prison. Isaak's long imprisonment is a cause célèbre in Sweden, with the Eritrean Embassy in Stockholm receiving weekly petitions for his release.

Based on requests made by the Swedish government, the European Parliament on Thursday voted through a resolution callin

Ethiopia, Donors Partner to Create Jobs for Eritrean Refugees

jobs-for-Eritrean-refugeesJuly 5, 2017 - Hundreds of Eritreans have been arriving at refugee camps and reception centres along Ethiopia's northern border in recent weeks, according to BBC. Many of those who reach Ethiopia intend to move on to Sudan and then Libya, hoping to eventually get to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea, but some end up settling in Ethiopia.

It's a risky journey that involves thousands of dollars and an intricate network of smugglers. More than 2,000 people have died so far this year trying to make the crossing.

Eritreans make up the seventh largest group of people who arrive in Europe each year seeking asylum, according to the U

Ethiopia Not Ready for Continental Free Trade - Ethiopian PM

Ethiopia-not-ready-for-free-tradeJuly 5, 2017 - PM Hailemariam Dessalegn said Ethiopia is not ready to enter Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA), considering its effect on the economy of the country, according to ENA.

Seven countries including Ethiopia disagreed on the negotiations to fully open their doors for the continental free trade area.

They argued the need to open their doors step by step as it requires readiness in the side of the countries, Hailemariam said during a press conference.

To fully open its doors for the free trade area, Hailemariam noted that it is important that the country need to create a conducive atmosphere

AU Recognizes Emperor Hailesellasie, PM Meles for Their Contribution

Former-Ethiopian-leaders-recognizedJuly 4, 2017 - African Union recognizes two former Ethiopian leaders, Emperor Hailesellasie and Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, for their contribution to Africa unity, according to ENA.

This was disclosed at a press conference Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn gave to the local media during the closing session of the 29th African Union Ordinary Summit.

African leaders have agreed to recognize the leaders for their contribution to the establishment of AU/OAU, he said.

According to Hailemariam, Ethiopia has been requesting for their recognition many times.

The PM stated that Ethiopians hav

Djibouti Requests AU to Deploy Peacekeepers in Disputed Region

Djibouti-requests-AU-monitorsJuly 4, 2017 - After almost a month-long tension with its neighbor Eritrea, Djibouti has asked the African Union to deploy observers along its disputed border with Eritrea, according to Reuters. Following the withdrawal of Qatari peace keeping force, the two eastern African nations have been engaged in war of words.

The Qataris were sent to the region after clashes broke out between Eritrea and Djibouti in 2008, but they were pulled out without warning on June 14. Qatar gave no reason for the withdrawal, but it came days after both Djibouti and Eritrea sided with Gulf Arab nations that had broken off relations with Qata


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