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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, March 4, 2009 ( Ezega.com) -- The “Miss Buna 2009” of Ethiopia competition was held on Saturday, February 28, 2009, at the National Theater in Addis Ababa. In this competition, a total of 15 contestants participated for the Miss Buna 2009 title. Out of these, nine contestants were chosen to pass to the second round, and five to the third and final round.

All of the contestants wore traditional Ethiopian dresses, with each one exhibiting unique style and presentation linked to coffee. Melat Woldesenbet, a student at the Italian Cultural Institute, won this year’s title and became the new Miss Buna 2009 of Ethiopia.

Ato Yonas Taddese, the program organizer and managing director of Elilta Promotion, told Ezega.com, “this program will help us market our coffee to the world. It also creates an opportunity to exchange ideas and strategies to promote our coffee.” Further, he said, “we have to give a special value to our coffee since we are producing one of the finest quality coffees in the world. It is our wealth; it is our diamond.”

During this program which lasted for two days, from February 26-28, a show was also presented by women to demonstrate the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony, showing the Ethiopian culture to the audience.

According to Ato Yonas, in the near future, there is also a plan to promote our coffee by using what he said “Gora Belu”. This is a mobile advertisement vehicle with a large display screen mounted on it. The vehicle will go around the city, showing documentaries on Ethiopian coffee, as well as the latest price and information on coffee.

This is the second time that such a program was held in Ethiopia. In both cases, the program was organized by Elilta Promotion. Many coffee producers also participated in the event, showing their products to the public. The program was sponsored by various organizations, including Zoskalas Diamond which awarded a diamond ring to this year's winner, Melat Woldesenbet.


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