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Ethiopia Signs Agreement With Fiber Optics Company

Fiber OpticsMarch 18, 2010 -- The Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation (ETC) has signed agreement with SEACOM to connect Ethiopia to its sea fibre optics network, reports IT News Africa.

The privately funded submarine fibre optic cable system will provide Ethiopia with international broadband fibre connectivity and a backhaul link through Djibouti.

“As we have seen in other countries that gained access to SEACOM, it is only a matter of time before the direct socio-economic benefits created by cheap and readily available bandwidth begin to manifest in Ethiopia and the region”, commented Brian Herlihy, CEO of SEACOM.

Amare Amsalu, ETC CEO, argued that SEACOM’s bandwidth availability in the country would result in lower telecommunications costs, new economic developments and opportunities and the enable of new technologies in Ethiopia, such as high definition TV, peer to peer networks, IPTV.

The SEACOM agreement adds to Ethiopia’s ambitious project of improving ICT infrastructure in the country. The government is rolling out a US$ 1.5 billion national initiative with regards to landline, mobile telecommunication services and fibre optic network.

Launched in July 2009, SEACOM connects South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania and inland countries Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia.

Source: IT News Africa



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