Most Corrupt Countries in Africa as Ranked by Transparency International

Corruption IndexNovember 18, 2016 - Africa is blessed with natural resources and abundance of young labor. Unfortunately Africans live in poverty and misery largely due to corrupt governments ruling many countries in the continent.

Transparency International publishes corruption perceptions index (CPI) annually. If CPI is 100 the country is free of corruption. A score of 0 indicates highly corrupt country.

The seven most corrupt countries in the world are Somalia (tied with North Korea), Afghanistand, Sudan, South Sudan, Angola and Libya. The least corrupt countries in the world are Denmark, Finland, Sweden and New Zealand.

The least corrupt country in Africa is Botswana, according to this report, followed by Cape Vedre, Seychelles, Rowand, and Mauritius, in that order.

Ethiopia scores a CPI of 33 and ranks 103 out of 168 countries surveyed in this report. This is moderate by world standards and above average by African standards, roughly among the top one-third least corrupt countries in Africa.

Here is the list top 20 most corrupt nations in Africa for 2015, according to Transparency International.

Country Score Rank (out of 168 Countries)
Somalia 8 167
Sudan 12 165
S. Sudan 15 163
Angola 15 163
Libya 16 161
Guinea-Bissau 17 158
Eritrea 18 154
Zimbabwe 21 150
Burundi 21 150
Democratic Republic of Congo 22 147
Chad 22 147
Republic of Congo 23 146
Central African Republic 24 145
Guinea 25 139
Uganda 25 139
Kenya 25 139
Nigeria 26 136
Cameroon 27 130
Madagascar 28 123
Gambia 28 123

Source: Transparency International


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