Turkish TV Series Popularity Growing in Ethiopia - Ambassador

Turkish-TV-series-popular-ethiopiaFebruary 7, 2017 - The international popularity of Turkish TV series has spread around the world over the years, and Ethiopia is not an exception, according to Daily Sabah. The number of Ethiopian viewers watching Turkish series has seen a significant hike in recent years and it goes hand in hand with an increase of locals' interest in Turkish culture, Turkey's ambassador to Ethiopia said.

The Turkish Ambassador in Addis Ababa, Fatih Ulusoy said, "In Ethiopia, over the last one and a half years, Turkish TV series has been very popular."

Talking of the TV series, the ambassador said that Turkish dramas such as 'Kuzey Güney' (North South) and 'Kara Para Aşk' (Black Money Love) were at the forefront of showing the Turkish way of life in Ethiopia, and adding that he hoped that it would encourage tourists to visit Turkey.

 He went on to mention the Turkish tulip-shaped tea glasses (ince belli bardak) and their rising popularity in the country, saying "They are very interested in watching Turkish dramas, they love Turkish life and culture."

Ethiopians' interest in the Turkish way of life doesn't stop there though, Ulusoy said, pointing out that trade and tourism between the two countries had also seen a boost in recent years. Ulusoy underscored that there are strong relations between the two countries which stem from their long history together. (Dailysabah)



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