EPRDF, Ethiopian Opposition Preparing Modality for Dialogue

EPRDF-Ethiopian-Opposition-DialogueFebruary 15, 2017 - The Ethiopian Peoples' Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) and 21 national political parties have agreed to jointly prepare a draft modality for their dialogue, according to FBC.
The parties held discussion today on modality of the dialogue as well as put forth directions after discussing on two agendas. As per the agreement reached earlier among the parties, today’s meeting was chaired by the Ethiopian Peoples' Revolutionary Democratic Front.

Of the 22 parties which took part in today’s meeting, 20 political parties have presented their specific agendas.

But majority of these parties were unable to come up with details on the aim of the dialogue, except EPRDF, the Ethiopian Federal Democratic Unity Forum (Medrek) and Geda System Advancement Party.

In the meeting, majority of the parties, except Medrek, have reflected similar views with EPRDF regarding the parties that will participate in the dialogue.

EPRDF proposed all peaceful and legal political parties registered by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia to take part at the dialogue, including regional parties that have seats for regional state councils.

Medrek, however, recommended only six parties to participate at the dialogue as leading negotiators, namely Medrek, Ethiopian Social Democratic Party, Southern Coalition Unity Party, Oromo Federalist Congress, All Ethiopia Unity Party (AEUP) and Blue Party. 

As far as the number of representatives of the parties is concerned, the ruling party suggested each party to have four representatives. Other parties recommended each political party to present three representatives.

Regarding the quorum, EPRDF said a dialogue can go ahead if more than half of members of the negotiating parties are present.

But six other parties, including AEUP, argued that three and more of their 11 negotiators should be present to make the proceedings of that dialogue valid.

As far as agendas of the dialogue are concerned, EPRDF said that each party can present its own agenda. But Mederk suggested agendas for the dialogue to be presented by the six leading negotiating parties.

The parties also discussed on how to penalize a party for quitting and leaving the dialogue.    

After looking into the ideas and agendas tabled by the 20 political parties, a seven-member committee has been established to prepare a draft regulation for the dialogue.

The parties conclude their today’s meeting after agreeing to meet on February 24, 2017 to discuss and approve the draft regulation. (FBC)


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