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US Company to Digitalize TV Transmission in Ethiopia

Gates-Air-Signs-Agreement-with-EthiopiaMarch 8, 2017 - Ethioppia just signed agreement with a US-based company to digitalize TV transmissions, according to ENA. The Information Network Security Agency (INSA) will oversee the project to be implemented by the U.S. based GatesAir, according to the report.

The transfer of TV transmission technology from analogue to digital is expected to cost 34 million USD, coordinator of the project Gosa Demsei told ENA.

The project will be implemented in three phases, he said. He mentioned that the development of infrastructures, launching trial service and fully transfer into the digital system are the phases.

Upon completion, the project will enable to transmit a minimum of 22 channels, he said.  

According to the coordinator, fully digitalizing the transmission will be realized four to eight years. (ENA)



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