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Addis Ababa City Introduces Ration Coupons at ECA Stores

Retail-store-addis-ababaAddis Ababa City Administration said today that it has introduced a coupon retailing method at Ethiopian Consumers Association branch shops to ensure a fair distribution of basic goods among the city residents, according to Walta.

Following the government salary adjustment made to public servants recently, the private shops across the city have exponentially raised the price tags of consumer goods such as edible oil, sugar and fruits.

The Bureau’s intent to introduce a coupon transaction to make sure that subsidized consumer goods reached to the residents and to avoid ways that these goods channeled to private business, which could in turn bring back price burden on the residents.

 Addis Ababa City Administration Spokesperson, Tilahun Gbere-egzabir, told Walta Information Center that coupons distributed among the residents and they can be able to buy from Association shops with reasonable price.

He said that the coupon system would possibly avoid the transfer of goods from associations' shops to private ones.

He said that the price hike has nothing to do the salary adjustment.

According to him, the Bureau shall take measures on greed-motivated business people who unfairly raise the price tag of most frequented goods, if they failed to normalize the price. (Walta)



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