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Peace and Stability Restored in Ethiopia - Emergency Board

Peace-restored-ethiopiaMarch 28, 2017 - Ethiopia's State of Emergency Board reported that peace and stability has been restored in the country as a result of the effective implementation of the emergency proclamation, according to ENA report.

This was disclosed in a report delivered to the House of People’s Representatives today.

Board Chairman Tadesse Hordoffa told the House that lists of the 26,130 detained persons, mostly men, were posted in each woreda and kebele.

He added that from the 174 complaints, suggestions and tip offs submitted to the board, 54 were referred to the Command Post for rectifications.

Some of the complaints reportedly included detention of suspects in small rooms and the inability of family members to know where the detainees were located.

Although some opposition political parties also filed complaints saying that their members were arrested simply because they were members of the opposition, the chairman noted that the allegations were unfounded.

The report indicated that 20,659 suspects were given extensive orientation and released. The case of 4,996 persons was referred to the courts and 475 detainees were released due to old age and illness. (ENA)



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