Former Ethiopian Airliness Hostess Murdered by Her Maid in Bole

Former-Hostess-Murdered-BoleApril 15, 2017 - Hewan Sahle Argaw, a 29-year old graduate of Assay Public School and a former Ethiopian airlines hostess, was murdered by her maid last week, according to the Reporter. The six-month old bride and an expectant mother was allegedly murdered by her maid on Thursday, April 6, 2017.

The maid is said to have surrendered and, according to the Addis Ababa Police, she has confessed to the crime. According to her friends, Hewan was hit with a sharp object, thrown over stairs and sustained heavy burn over half of her body.

The maid was said to have made frantic calls to family members and friends. She allegedly told them of a fire emergency at the bungalow, located behind Desalegn Hotel.

The maid also made a phone call to the husband, a noted businessman, warning him of what had happened. She was said to have attempted to hide the crime and made it seem there was a break-in.

As soon as she made several phone calls, the maid was said to have fled to the police station on a contract taxi. The incident took place in the exclusive area of Bole, a stone throw away from Kebele 19, in a rental exclusive bungalow.

Several teachers told The Reporter of a young woman that was a model student who got along with most students and left an impression on all the people that knew her. The only daughter of an engineer, Hewan is a graduate of Addis Ababa Business (Commerce) College. After graduation in 2008, she joined Ethiopian Airlines as a hostess but quit after becoming pregnant. On the day she was murdered, she was to have flown to the United States in preparation for the arrival of her child. (Reporter)



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