Axum Obelisk to Get Renovated with 2 Million Euros

Axum-Oblesik-to-get-renovatedMay 16, 2017 - The 24 meter high Axum Obelisk will soon get renovated according to ENA report. An agreement was signed yesterday at Axum town between the Ethiopian government Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritages, a local company called MH Engineering, and an Italian consultant Studio Croci.

Authority Director-General, Yonas Desta, said the renovation of the obelisk is necessary because the device fitted on the obelisk to absorb shock has failed due to age, sun light and rain.

The Government of Ethiopia has allocated 2 million Euros for the renovation of the obelisk which is expected to be completed within a year.

The Italian consulting company, Studio Croci, is the one that reinstalled the Axum obelisk upon its return from Italy.

Axum University and the community in its environs are expected to cooperate with the companies undertaking the renovation.

Italy’s Deputy Ambassador to Ethiopia, Dr. Jusssepe Copland, said on his part his country would provide support for Ethiopia in its efforts to repair historical heritages.

“Ethiopia and Italy have manmade and natural heritages”, he said, adding that this would further consolidate the relations between the two countries.

The obelisk over 1,700 years old weighs 160 tons and was registered by UNESCO in 1980. (ENA)



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