South Sudan Opposition Group Pushes Back Government Troops

South-Sudan-rebel-pushes-backAugust 7, 2017 - South Sudan opposition groups have retaken the town of Maiwut. Last week the South Sudanese government took the control of the town, and announced that it was moving towards the rebel’s strong hold, Pagak. However, according to South Sudan News Agency reports, after the rebel forces dislodged government troops from Maiwut. The news of Maiwut recapture came barely a day after South Sudanese government claimed Sunday that its troops have captured Pagak.

SPLA-IO 5thDivision Commander Major General Khor Chuol Giet stated that the SPLA-IO delivered a humiliating defeat on Juba-backed forces in Maiwut and other areas, adding, “After we defeated them from Maiwut, they started running towards Pagak.”

“What we know so far is that government soldiers are desperately trying to capture Pagak which will not happen. We will destroy them,” Khor said.

The rebel General further disclosed to the South Sudan News Agency that Major General James Ochan Puot is now in full control of Maiwut.

“All SPLA-IO forces under Maj. Gen. James Ochan Puot are now in full control of Maiwut, there is no enemy there except those we captured,” he revealed.

In another development, Khor said the armed opposition has been monitoring all roads leading to Pagak, asserting that “government forces came for a suicide mission.

“We placed some of our forces in Tayyandaw, Wichluak Jak, and other areas to respond to any threat. We also blocked all the exits and they will soon witness what they came for,” he warned.

“They [government troops] have a choice to make, surrender or we are prepared to destroy them,” he declared.

The South Sudan News Agency has confirmed that government forces have taken up positions in an area called Way Station located just outside Pagak.

A senior rebel intelligent officer said more than 100 government troops crossed into Ethiopia and that the SPLA-IO is pursuing them. He warned of a similar fate for the remaining soldiers.

The SSNA has confirmed that the armed opposition took full control of Maiwut Sunday morning.

Source: SNA



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