12 Ethiopian Opposition Parties Create Coalition

Ethiopian-Opposition-CoalitionSeptember 8, 2017 - Some 12 Ethiopian opposition political parties have created a coalition that will enable them to negotiate with the ruling party Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Front, reports Ethiopian News Agency.

The agreement signed by the Ethiopian opposition parties will presumably create good relationship among the parties and forward organized and strong negotiation points.

In a press conference they held here, representatives of the parties said the agreement will have crucial role in bolstering the multi-party system in Ethiopia.

Secretary-General of All Ethiopian Democratic Party, Zemenu Molla, said the coalition will entertain strong ideas that make practical application of democracy possible well beyond theoretical concepts.
He also said the coalition will enhance mutual respect, understanding and tolerance among Ethiopian parties, and ensure upper hand in proposing ideas by setting agendas based on knowledge and information during the negotiations.

All Ethiopian Unity Organization Vice President, Mulugeta Abebe, said the Ethiopian government and opposition political parties should be committed to widen the political space and let citizens be led by the party of their choice.

He added that unless the political space is widened his party will either boycott or withdraw later from the election that will take place in Addis Ababa Administrative City.

Ethiopian Democratic Party President, Dr. Chane Kebede, said on his part the coalition will supplement the negotiation meant to discuss implementations of all laws, including Ethiopia’s constitution.

According to him, the ongoing negotiation based on the principle of give-and-take is progressing well. The coalition will have a significant role in discarding any law that hampers the formation of strong political party by stifling democracy and adding others that enhance democracy.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency


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