Ethiopia: Hawasa Emerges Top City for FDI Jobs

Hawassa-Industrial-ParkSeptember 19, 2017 - Ethiopia’s southern city, Hawassa, has become top in terms of creating jobs from foreign direct investment in the first half of 2017, fDi Intelligence reveals. The Ethiopian city has created 6,546 jobs during the specific period putting it at the top among Middle East and African countries, according to fDi Intelligence.
The Hawassa industrial park, which started operation four months ago, has helped the town to create more jobs.
The park, which is the largest apparel and textile park in Africa, is expected to employ 60,000 Ethiopians upon fully operational.
The park built in just less than a year has attracted various world-class textile and apparel companies to Ethiopia.
Ethiopia has targeted to generate one billion U.S. dollars annually once the park starts operations at its full potential.According to fDi Intelligence, the largest FDI centre of excellence globally; Dubai came second with 4600 jobs, while Jerusalem third by creating 3498 jobs.
Source:- FDI Intelligence



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