Ethiopian Opposition Parties Request Details of Proposed Electoral Reform

Ethiopian-electoral-reformSeptember 29, 2017 - Ethiopian opposition parties that have been negotiating with the government requested detailed information from the ruling party, the Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), details and implementation of mixed electoral system proposed.

The Ethiopian oppositions requested on Thursday for detailed explanation after the closed door negotiation on the proposed ideas of EPRDF and other negotiating parties on the country's electoral system, according to Ethiopian News Agency.

Agreed on the need for the electoral system of the country on the table, the negotiating parties had proposed electoral systems which they believe is proper for Ethiopia during their previous meeting.

Accordingly, mixed electoral system, comprising of proportional representation and plurality was proposed by EPRDF, while the other parties preferred the proportional representation electoral system.

According to media committee of the negotiation, EPRDF will present the details on how the mixed type of electoral system could work.

The committee believed that the details will enable the parties to understand opportunities and challenges of implementing the proposed electoral system.

The 16 national political parties that have concluded their negotiation on a series of agendas in their first topic have started their negotiation on the second topic by discussing the electoral system.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency


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