Ethiopian Prime Minister Retires TPLF Founder Sebhat Nega, Other Officials

PM-Abiy-retires-officialsMay 17, 2017 - The new Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, retired five long-serving government officials and advisors from their positions, according to the Reporter. The retired officials include one of TPLF founders and EPRDF old-guard and head of the Foreign Relations Strategic Research Institute, Sebhat Nega (also known as Aboy Sebhat).

According to the statement released from the Office of the Prime Minister today, the new administration is “continuing on the process of renewing top leadership of government institutions” to deliver on “the aspiration of the people for development and growth”.

The other retired officials are Kassu Ilala (PhD), from Policy Research Institute, Belete Taffere, from Integrated Land Management, Planning and Policy Project, Tadesse Haile, from Trade and Industry Policy Planning and Execution, and Mekonnen Manyazewal, from Policy Research Institute, were also honorably discharged to their pension to day.

It is also disclosed that the Prime Minister will continue to retire other officials from their positions.

Source: Reporter


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