EPRDF Executive Committee Meeting in Addis Ababa This Week

EPRDF-meetingJune 4, 2018 - The 36-member Executive Committee of the EPRDF is holding meeting starting tomorrow, June 5, 2018. This is highest decision-making body in the ruling party. The committe isscheduled to meet for two days.

It will be the first such meeting since Dr. Abiy Ahmed was elected party chair and Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

The meeting was reportedly called at the request of the Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (TPLF) over concerns of various decisions being made by the new Prime Minister without consulting component parties of the EPRDF as usual.

Although its bylaws require such meeting to be held every three-month, the party has normally met every month for the most part. Under the new premier, the Executive Committee has not convened for over two months.


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