Ethiopian Legislative, Executive Bodies Sign Agreement to Ensure Transparency

By Staff Reporter

Ethiopian-Parliament-PledgeJuly 20, 2018 - Ethiopia’s legislative and executive bodies on Friday signed an agreement which will require them to perform tasks in accordance with agreed plans and finances allotted to them in a given fiscal year.

The contracts were made in the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in a bid to ensure transparency over the performances of public enterprises and government offices vis a vis set targets for each year.

Dr. Abiy Ahmed said the move serves as “check and balance” and those parliamentarians and heads of government offices with poor performances will not be tolerated.

In a live interview with the state run EBC, Shitaye Minale, Deputy Speaker of the House of People’s Representatives said the historic agreement would be made between the standing committees of the parliament and their corresponding government offices to which they are accountable to.

“The agreement would enable the legislative to follow up accomplishments of the government offices in attaining yearly plans and the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) of the country.” she said

The deputy speaker added all segments of the society will get access to the plans and evaluate their level of corresponding achievements of the offices through various social media platforms.

Unlike the past, MPs would gather first hand information from the public including from farmers in remote areas through a new mobile application to be launched shortly, she said

Meanwhile, the Ethiopian parliament the same day approved an amnesty law that would grant official pardon for individuals and groups either under investigation or convicted on treason, crime against the constitutional order and armed struggle.



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