Ethiopian Police Seizes 1000 Smuggled Pistols, 37,000 Bullets

By Staff Reporter

Smuggled-weapons-EthiopiaAugust 18, 2018 - The Ethiopian Federal Police says it has seized more than 1000 pistols and 37,000 bullets as they were smuggled to Addis Ababa from neighboring Sudan.

Part of the unlawful weapons were captured at the capital’s northern gate popularly known as Tsion Hotel in Gulelle sub city, while the other portion was apprehended in Kolefe Keranio sub city of the metropolis, the police said on Friday

The armaments were trafficked in a fuel truck and Isuzu, and the origination was, according to the federal police officer, Sudan.

According to the federal police, the fuel truck had a ride direct from Sudan to Addis Ababa while the Isuzu had stayed in Gondar city, then to Bahir Dar where it uploaded fish shipments to cover the armaments.

The police said three suspects has so far been apprehended in connection with the offense.

It is to be recalled that last month several weapons and bullets were captured as they were smuggled from neighboring Sudan and Djibouti to central part of Ethiopia. So far Ethiopian security is not disclosing who was buying these weapons and for what groups.

Police says the weapons were made in Turkey and were seized after tips from the public.



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