Government Failing to Enforce Rule of Law - Ethiopian Human Rights Commission

Ethiopian-Human-Rights-CommissionOctober 4, 2018 - The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has accused the government and security officials of failing to enforce the rule of law, thereby exacerbating the human rights crisis in the country in recent months,according to Ethiopian Reporter.

The EHRC Commissioner Addisu Gebreigzabhier (PhD) disclosed this on the sidelines of EPRDF’s 11th Convention being held this week in Hawassa.

Briefing the media on the violence in Kemashe Zone of Benshangul Gumuz Regional State and Kaffa and Sheka Zones of the Southern Regional State, the commissioner indicated that the deteriorating security situation in these areas has gone as far as hindering the Commission to properly investigate human rights abuses.

“The Commission believes that the government should work diligently to stop this crisis,” Addisu said. Although the Commissioner confirmed that a number of people have died in these conflicts and many have been displaced, he also said that the actual number of people who were killed as well as displaced could not be verified since the Commission could not make any meaningful investigation due to the deteriorating security situation.

“Because of the difficulty to move from place to place in all areas, our investigators could not carry out their tasks. But, they plan to begin the investigation tomorrow,” he added. He also said that peace keeping activities are not being carried out properly in most of these places and movement is still a challenge.

It is uncear why the federal government is not taking measures to ensure the safety of its citizens in different parts of the country. Ethiopia has one of the largest and strongest armies in the region, which can easily crush such armed ganges in a matter of days. Despite multitude of problems Ethiopians have been facing in many years prior, they never had to deal with armed gangsters and militias terrorizing them with no help from their government. This has been the domain of failed states such as Somalia, Libya and Syria until now.

What is worse is that the government seems to be downplaying the severity of these attacks, blaming on some undisclosed shadowy groups, rather than armed gangs forming in many places of the country and growing.

Aid agencies and non-governmental bodies have been voicing alram at the developments for some time. Ethiopia is now home to the largest number of internally displaced people in the world.



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