Feyisa Lilesa, the famed Ethiopian Marathon Runner, Returns Home

Feyisa-returns-homeOctober 21, 2018 - Feyisa Lilesa, the famed Ethiopian marathon runner, returns home. He was in exile in the USA since 2016.

Feyisa made global headlines with anti-government gesture at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016.

As he was finishing second during the marathon run, he held his arms over his head, wrists crossed, in solidarity with protesters at home.

He subsequently sought asylum in the United States, and has been living there since, joined by his family later.

Feyisa was received by Foreign Minister Workneh Gebeyehu, his family and friends and fans at Bole International Airport.

According to Al Jazeera, Feyisa said the new government is "a result of the struggle by the people" and he hopes it will address concerns after years of repression.

"I knew this day was coming because I know the blood spilled by all these people was not going be in vain," he added.



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