Three Protesters Killed in Tigray Regional State

Tigray-3-killedOctober 22, 2018 - Three protesters were killed in Tigray regional state in a standoff between regional security forces and what the regional state called 'a group operating under the guise of identity politics,' according to the state’s public relations bureau and as reported by FBC.

The incident in question is believed to have happened in Alamata town, in Raya area, according to social media reports.

Earlier reports had disclosed at least six people were killed when Tigray region security forces opened fire on protesters. Several others were wounded and in a hospital, according to these reports. The disclosure by the state media has, however, put the number of dead as 3.

The Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA) reported about the incident.

“Our Amhara identity need to be respected,” AMMA cited the protesters as saying. Protesters assert that Tigray identity is imposed on them, according to AMMA report.

According to Tigray government report, regional security forces were also hurt in the incident, the Tigray public relations bureau said in a statement today.

“The effort being made to make political gains under the pretext of identity is unacceptable by any means,” it said.

The Tigray bureau also called for no more provocative action against security officers engaged in maintaining peace, security and well-being of citizens.

The regional state of Tigray extended its condelonces to the families of the victims.



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