Three Students Dead in Renewed Violence at Assosa University

Assosa-University-EthiopiaNovember 23, 2018 - Three students are reportedly dead in Assosa University in Benishangul-Gumuz region in Western Ethiopia in what appears to be ethnic motivated clashes.

Hirut Woldemariam, the Minister of Science and Higher Education, told local journalists that a clash between two students turned into a bigger, deadly clash in which three students died.

The violence was controlled initially but was later renewed, according to Dr. Hirut Woldemariam.

Thirty-four others were wounded, according the Minister, as reported by Fana Broadcasting Corporation.

Dr. Hirut said her Ministry of Education will work to identify the individuals that incited the deadly violence.

The Minister blamed deadly violence on elements bent on reversing the ongoing political reforms in the country.

She also said that there are some elements within the university community who are carrying out missions for external forces.

The Benishangul-Gumuz region saw some of the worst clashes that happened in Ethiopia this year.

In late September this year, more than 44 people died due to ethnic clashes and more than 90,000 people were displaced. The violence sent the local government appealing for the federal troops to come to their state in large enough numbers. At the time, a representative of theBenishangul-Gumuz blamed the violence on armed suppoerters of the OLF (Oromo Liberation Front).

Speaking to the media at that time, Debebe Zewedie, Public Relations and Communications Director of the National Disaster Risk Management Commission said about 16,182 households comprising of 91,348 people have been displaced following the attacks and violence that occurred in different parts of Benishangul Gumuz state, mainly in Kamashi zone of the regional state.

Ethiopian security and aid agencies and supplies could not reach the affected areas due to road blockage by armed gangs.

The situation has calmed down since then, although many of the displaced people remain outside their homes and areas.



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