Fundamental Reform Necessary for Genuine Democracy - PM

Fundametal-reform-necessaryNovember 25, 2018 - In political conference held today, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said fundamental reform is necessary to realize genuine democracy in Ethiopia.

Opening a two-day political reform conference today, the premier said a profound reform is necessary for Ethiopia rather than revolution which, according to him, has brought nothing to Ethiopia.

"Ethiopia has gone through revolutions, but that contributed nothing, except polarizing the politics of the country and causing bloodshed," he said.

According to the Prime Minister, hatred, conspiracy and killing have been the manifestations of Ethiopian politics which negatively affected the country tremendously.

Further, the Prime Minister said, all should reprect elections; and all should celebrate and respect the winnders and losers.

"The winner of a given election should be admired, but also the losers. Accepting defeat gracefully should be appreciated since it is the hallmark of democracy."

However, rejections and denials were post-election challenges in Ethiopian politics, he added.

Leaders from different political parties also emphasized the need for inclusive dialogue and building strong democratic institutions in Ethiopia.

“We support and welcome the reforms and will cooperate to elevate our efforts to ensure the desired results through genuine discussion and consultation,” Prof. Beyene Petros, Chairman of Ethiopia Social Democratic Party, pointed out to ENA.

Oromo Federalist Congress Deputy Chairman, Gebru Gebremariam expressed his party’s readiness to support the government’s initiatives to institutionalize the ongoing reforms, saying “institutionalizing the reform will bring about public trust and reliability.”

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is scheduled to confer with Ethiopian opposition party leaders on Tuesday this week.



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