Addis Ababa City to Get Major Facelift

Addis-Ababa-to-Get-FaceliftDecember 8, 2018 - Addis Ababa City is set to get a major facelift with a project that extends from Entoto to Yeka Abado, according to the Ethiopian Reporter.

The project is said to include facilities especially meant to target tourists coming to visit Addis Ababa.

According the plan will include cable cars from Sululta, Botanic Garden to Yeka Abado, river and wetland preservations, museums and parks.

The city will start implementing the project assoon as the design is completed

Those who have been briefed about the plan, including Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, say the project will give the city a major facelift to a city.

“It is a huge project; this is what I can say at this stage of the project,” a source said, adding that modernizing Addis Ababa has been at the core of PM Abiy’s leadership and he always asks members of Addis Ababa administration about their efforts to that end.

The project will also includes two zoos which will feature herbivores and carnivores in the country.

Addis Ababa city is often criticized for lacking basic facilities by both locals and expats alike, facilities such as sanitary, recreational, fitness, parks, and standard hotels.

Although the city is becoming a major hub for international business travelers and touriists.

According to a recent study by ForwardKeys, a leading agency in predicting travel patterns globally, Addis Ababa has witnessed a surge in the volume of international travelers to Sub-Saharan Africa in the last five years (2013-2017). ForwardKeys analyzes more than 17 million bookings a day, and they employ some of the best analysts and technologies to predict travel patterns, making their findings credible. The reports disclosed "Ethiopia has emerged as a premium destination for long-haul travel to the continent in 2018. The astonishing rise of the country as a possible destination for travelers visiting Sub-Saharan Africa has caught Ethiopia’s neighbors by surprise."

In a related story, the Office of the Prime Minister and the Grand Menelik Palace, where the Prime Minister lives, has just underwent a renovation.

According to the PM office, the palace will be open for visitors in September, next year, and it will feature some 260 caged animals for visitors

Source: Reporter



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