Ethiopian Army Disciplines Soldiers Who Marched into Prime Minister Office

Marching-army-members-penalizedDecember 13, 2018 ( - The Ethiopian Ministry of National Defense disclosed that members of the army who marched into Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's office last October have been disciplined.

The national army said, in total, sixty-six members of the Ethiopia National Defense Forces were penalized by military court, according to the press release.

The army members who marched into the office of the Prime Minister reportedly requested salary raise in October this year.

The nature of the penalty handed down by the military court was not disclosed.

The rest of the army members who marched to the Prime Minister's office received administrative measures.

Although the Prime Minister appeared relaxed and entertaining at the time, he later told the Ethiopian Parliament that the situation could have have gone out of hand had it not been handled correctly.

At the time, Dr. Abiy Ahmed said some of the soldiers may have had ulterior motives to cause harm. "They may have intended to kill me and throw out the sweeping reforms in the country," he said.

The Prime Minister said he managed to calm them down who were angry when they requested to discuss matters with him.

The soldiers who were heavily armed initially refused to disarm, leading to a prolonged negotiations with the Ministry of Defense leadership, according to army Chief of Staff General Saare Mekonnen.

The march also caused road closures around office of the Prime Minister and panic among part of the public, the case against the soldiers states.

The marching soldiers were released after being treated to dinner later that day in October.



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