OLF Clashing with National Defense Forces - Dawud Ibsa

Dawud-Ibsa-OLFDecember 22, 2018 (Ezega.com) - In a press conference he gave today, the leader of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), Dawud Ibsa said there is fighting going on between his rebel forces and government soldiers throughout the state of Oromia. According to him, heavy fighting is going on in Western Wellega in particular.

This was the result of premature steps taken by the national defense forces, the OLF leader said, adding that this has caused fear and distress among the local public and is disrupting their lives.

Mr. Dawud Ibsa added that there were many agreements reached between OLF and the Ethiopian government. To maintain peace, he said, the current central government as well as his party should hold serious talks and arrive at mutually agreed upon decisions. The Ethiopian government also should do its part to honor the agreements, he said.

The OLF Chairman, Dawud Ibsa said his organization is ready for talks with the government to resolve the conflict if the Ethiopian government is ready to settle the disagreement peacefully.  

He also said the talks should include ways in which the current Ethiopian armed forces can be national, one that incorporates the OLF fighters as well. According to him, the current Ethiopia national defense forces are accountable only to the ruling party, EPRDF. We must talk to change this, he added.

It is unknown why, after coming to Ethiopia to pursue a peaceful political discourse, the OLF is still allowed to bear arms, and challenge the authority of the national defense forces over any region. This is contrary to the constitution of the country and unlike other parties who laid down arms before coming to the country.

You can watch the statement given by Dawud Ibsa, the OLF Chairman, in a press conference held yesterday here at Ezega Videos.



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