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New Bill to Reorganize Ethiopian News Agency, Create Civil Society and Education Centers

Council-of-ministersDecember 22, 2018 (Ezega.com) - The Council of Ministers of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed passed decisions on various draft bills at its regular meeting today in Addis Ababa, according to Ethiopian News Agency.

Among other things, the Council of Ministers passed decisions to reorganize the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA).

The draft bill will re-establish the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) and enable the agency to have institutional autonomy and disseminate reliable information accordingly.

The Council also deliberated on Ethiopian Space Policy, Constitution and Federalism indoctrination center, and civil society organizations (CSOs) law.

The Educational of Center of Federalism is meant to create better awareness among citizens on federalism and national values and strengthen unity among diversity.

The bill related to civil societies is meant to ensure that people know their right to associate and organize.

The council stressed the space science policy should be harmonized with the country’s direction of economic structural change.

The various bills have been sent to the House of People’s Representatives for approval.



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