Ethiopian Security Forces Arrest 15 Individuals Suspected of Assassinations in Oromia

Oromia-EthiopiaDecember 24, 2018 ( - Ethiopian Security forces have arrested 15 individuals suspected of assassinations in Oromia regional state, according to FBC report.

According to the report, the suspects have been assassinating civilians, government officials and members of the security forces.

The individuals in question operated under a group named ‘Abaa Torbee’, and are linked to outlaw, armed forces operating in the western part of Oromia, according to the Oromia state communications bureau.

The group was arrested by the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) security officers in Addis Ababa, where they came to commit murders,according to the government.

The group .

The suspects in custody include Gadisa Negasa Chala, Merga Tefera Bulchu and Anisa Getachew. They are accused of coordinating assassination of civilians in Dembidolo, Nekempt and North Shoa zone. Various pistols, hand grenades and weapons were also seized along with the individuals, the bureau said.

Ethiopia is currently experiencing a breakdown of law and order in some parts of the country, especially in Oromia, where there are areas where the safety of citizens and property rights are not guaranteed. There has been several reports where armed vigilantes seized people and properties unlawfully. Representatives of an Indian company were detained in November this year inside their compound for failing to pay employees on time. A country manager of Dangote Cement was gunned down in May this year by unknown assailants.

Recently, the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) reported that its forces were battling the Ethiopian national defense forces in western Oromia. The OLF was supposed to be disarmed soon after entering the country to pursue peaceful political activities. However, it remains armed and operating in Oromia regional state to this day. The OLF claims the central government did not honor its part of the agreement and that they are not negotiating with OLF in good faith.



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