Ethiopia Establishes Reconciliation Commission

Ethiopia-Reconciliation-CommissionDecember 25, 2018 ( - The Ethiopian House of People’s Representatives (HPR) today approved bill to establish a Reconciliation Commission, according to Ehiopian News Agency.

After thorough discussions, the bill was endorsed all members but one vote against and another abstention, it was learnt.

According to government briefings, the Commission is tasked to work to maintain peace, justice, democracy, national unity, consensus and reconciliation among the Ethiopian peoples.

It is expected to investigate and identify disputes betwee groups, as well ashuman rights violations by taking into consideration social and economic circumstances and the view of victims and offenders. Among other things, the commission is expected to hear from a various peoples, groups and regions.It will also attempt to reconcile groups or enties that have disputes and narrow down their differences.

The chairperson, deputy chairperson and members of the commission are yet to be determined. According to the bill, the Ethiopian Prime Minister will recommend individuals for approval by the House of People’s Representatives.

The proposed commission will be accountable to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

Following the recent change in government, Ethiopia is going through unrest and inter-ethnic clashes in various parts of the country. The are signs of breakdown of law and order in some parts of the country, especially in Oromia.

Ethiopian oberservers are concerned by these developments and whether the current government in Ethiopia has the ability or the will to stabilize the country and bring back law and order.

The proposed commission will surely be welcomed by these and many other groups.



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