Eritrea Closes Border Crossings Partially

Eritrea-closes-border-partiallyDecember 28, 2018 ( - Eritrea has partially closed two border crossings that opened this year after the normalization of relations with Ethiopia, according to the Associated Press.

Following the normalization of relations that started in July this year and the opening of borders in September 2018, thousands of people have crossed the border that was closed for two decades.

In addition to traders and family visitors, more 25,000 Eritreans have come to Ethiopia, seeking asylum and potential route to Europe and other places.

The exact reason for the partial broder closure is unknown.

Spokesperson Liya Kassa with Ethiopia's northern Tigray region tells The Associated Press it is not clear why Eritrea closed the crossings to Ethiopians. She says Eritreans are still crossing freely.

Liya says the Zalambessa and Rama crossings were closed as of Wednesday and preliminary information "indicates it was closed from the Eritrean side."

According to the report, Eritrean border officials are now asking Ethiopian travelers to provide a travel document issued by federal authorities, which creating problems for many Ethiopians.

So far, there is no word from the Eritrean government regarding this development.

Also, there have been reports indicating General Sebhat Efrem, the current Minister of Mines, and former Defense Minister of Eritrea was shot near his home in Asmara. It is unknow who shot him and what his condition is currently. It is also unknown whether the current partial closure of the border has anything to do with this development.



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