Foreign Minister of China, Wang Yi, in Ethiopia Today

China-FM-in-EthiopiaJanuary 3, 2018 ( - The Foreign Minister of China, Wang Yi, is in Ethiopia today for talks with Ethiopian officials.

The Foreign Minister of Chinamet Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed today.

In their meeting, the Ethiopian Primier is said to have acknowledged the longstanding relations between the two countries and China’s immense contributions to Ethiopia, according to Office of the prime Minister.

In addition to infrastructure development, the Ethiopian Prime Minister sought China's assistance in new forms of technology.

Wang Yi on his part appreciated the successful reform initiatives undertaken by Ethiopia recently.

The Foreign Minister of China also met Ethiopia’s Foreign Minister Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu today.

During the meeting, Wang noted the historic relationship between the peoples and governments of the two countries.

“Ethio- China relations is unshakeable and unbreakable as it is based upon solid political, economic, and social foundations,” he said.

“We support the economic reforms Ethiopia is undertaking. Ethiopia continues to be a strategic partner and reliable ally in Africa. Friendship and cooperation will continue and there’s no policy change towards Ethiopia,” he added.

Dr Workneh apprecieted the strong Ethio-China relations that have gradually developed into a strong win-win situation.

Wang Yi also delivered an invitation from President of China Xi Jinping to Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed to attend the 2nd China Belt and Road Initiative to be held in Beijing at the end of April.

Since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came to power, there has been speculation that the new Ethiopian administration is tilting more towards the United States andaway from China. However, although that can be the case politically and in the areas of security, China's involvement in Ethiopia has taken hold and its involvment with the overall development of the country is expected to remain strong. Easy financing and far cheaper development costs are not something the United States will replace any time soon.



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